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The Best Things
  • Abbey Wood Comprehensive School in the early '70s - Lots of visitors including the King of Tonga (Staff reckoned it was because 'Abb' put us at the front of any lists) - Lunchtime lying under willow trees around the side and front of the school - Interesting old London map based wallpaper outside the hall - The mosaic alongside the centre block's central staircase - Headmaster Mr Stewart-Jervis being pulled along by his dog - Being let into VIth form with only 3 O levels (=GCSE A-C)so I had the chance of leaving with A levels. It'd not happen today. However, University wasn't mentioned... ALSO, walking for miles on public green space of woods, commons, burial grounds,golf courses etc and, of course, the sewer pipe path though pillbox land on the marshes.
  • Our lovely local plumbing and heating (and DJ!) man kevin with the long beard! always does a great job.
  • Abbeywood was a fun place to grow up. The village was once a main terminus for trams and later buses. The bostall estate was built in the early 1900s by the Royal Arsenal Cooperative society. (the CO OP)One of the original buyers of this land was Alexander Mcleod, of which a school was named after.Many of the roads around this area are named after some of the founders and words associated with the CO OP. This estate was considered at the time a major advance in social housing. SO if you lived in this area you should be very proud of your heritage.
  • Lessness Abbey Ruins are quite pretty, as are the woods in spring. The station is served regularly for services to London.
  • The Co-Op is lovely shop the staff are very friendly and the prices aren't too bad The staff at the Railyway station are great very friendly and helpful
  • The Abbey Woods and ruins. pretty pretty pretty.
  • The Community - yes they are rough around the edges and they speak their mind, but they are as honest as the day is long (as someone once said). Just don't go out after the daylight is gone.....
  • Buff Gypsy boys
  • Good housing stock and still relatively cheap for a London borough. Lots of greenery (woods etc) for London. Good/fast rail links to London.
  • Alexander Mcleaod School I think is one of the best schools around the area. I have fond memories of the teachers there ; Mr Orchard, Miss Odell, Mr waller,and the caretaker Mr Kelly. I lived on the estate for many years and remember the street parties we had on the Queens Jubilee in 1977. The park at Penmon road also use to have a travelling zoo. Abbeywood school is not as bad as was stated,I remember Miss Moser, Mr Briggs the music teacher, Mr Dell, Mr Maple. I remember the day when the Whole school walked out in protest, and marched over the Flyover, stopped and then walked back in again, why we did it I cannot remeber.
  • Alexander Mcleod school,built by the LCC in 1903 has some great history. I remember the caretaker a Mr carpenter telling us how during WWII the sloping roof was destroyed by bombs. The roof was never replaced it remains flat to this day. Bostall woods is also a lovely venue for walking. In the afternoons our teachers at Mcleod school {Mrs aires, Mr waller ,Miss odell, Miss Divers) would allow us to go on nature walks.
  • the best thing i remember about living in abbey wood was "the woods". It was beautiful. especially in the spring when the daffadils and bluebells were coming were blooming. If I were ever to visit ab again it would have to be in the spring. cheers mrsthursday
  • Did you go to Bostall Lane School [Alexander Mc Leod] and Federation Hall,Wickham Lane School,The Woolwich Poly in Mc bean St,The Methodist Youth Club in Mcleod Rd,The Lord Kitchener,The Oak Barnhurst,The Green Man Plumstead,The Swing Club Woolwich,The Railway Tavern,The Shakespear,Burtons Eltham,The Bandstand Bostall Heath,Do your shopping in Woolwich on the bus or tram?from Abbey Wood when the good shops where there Cuffs-Garrets-Alf Harley-Co-Op-Furlongs-Drink in The Harrow Inn and Abbey Arms The Leather Bottle in the 60`s [drive a car with whitewall tyres on !]then clickon
  • Lessness Woods and Bostall Woods I dont think the local population appreiciate it or maybe they dont even know its there!!
  • Reasonably cheap housing. A good cosmopolitan mix of people and cultures. Less than 30 minutes from London. The Woods.
  • I was born and bread in Abbey Wood and attended its secondary school. Yes Abbey wood has its share of problems but no more than any other area of London.Abbey wood was a great place to grow up and I have only good memories. I worked in the Abbey Mead social club near eynsham drive in the late seventies. Also the Infamous Peggy a pup next to Contobs on the Estate. I also attended Alex McCloud primary School. I have great memories of playing on the old Royal Arsenal site. And of days spent at Lesness abbey Which has some great History associated with it. Abbey wood Comp was a good school in my estimation with good teachers, and many students went on to attend University. So don,t knock the place until you have all the facts.
  • Good community spirit
  • The Bostall Woods,Lessness Abbey,Federation Woods,Any Road leading away from Thamesmead..
  • Umh........
  • Decent campsite and frequent trains into London
  • I have lived in Abbey Wood for about 11 years. The best things are 1) hearing so many languages on the train in summer (all the tourist-campers). 2) the woods - Londons Secret! blankets of wild daffodils and wild blue bells (at the right time of year). 3) being near to greenwich and the West End.

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