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Cheap Food
  • mcdonalds decent , burger king at beach shit
  • Try King Street.
  • Aberdeen has barely anywhere good to eat. Stand on Union Street and say to yourself, "I'm hungry, where can I go?" You won't find an answer. Except McDonalds, and that's never the right answer. Chip shops on Belmont St if you're drunk.
  • Ruby/Chopsticks chinese take-aways are #1. Chippers are all pish in Aberdeen Snappy Tomato Pizza on Great Northern Rd does best chips
  • Low's baker in Torry (Victoria Rd) definitely did serve the best chicken pies in the toon (especially at 2am in the morning!) but has now closed. You can however get a great Macaroni pie at A G Ross Bakers down the road - although only open normal hours.
  • Lloyds bar on Union st
  • Mcdonalds all the way!! if it doesnt take ur fancie theres Pizza Hut and Burger King at the beach. Miami Beach is nice too!
  • excellent local website for checking restaurants and takeawy menus from Aberdeen
  • archies sell good food for quite cheap, especially sunday roasts
  • when i'm grabbing a lunch in town my favourite two is morgan's on market street and ma cameron's just off of belmont street, both offering good food at good prices in comfort. out for a meal at night, caio napoli on bon accord terrace is the best!!! and take away i can't see past the eagle may chinese on park street.
  • Piccolo Pizza on Union Grove do 2 pizzas for the price of one all day every day, that's 2 12" for £7, sadly the menu doesn't have much variety and they don't taste that good, but it's cheap and you get two. The best pizza in town is from La Lombarda on the corner of Union Street and King Street, beautiful pizza. For Chinese you cannot beat the Ascot on Holburn Street, it's delicious. For kebabs, you have to go some to beat that little one next door to Siberia, the one that's down stairs - beautiful food, and the spiciest spicy sauce in town! Lionel Richie's, opposite O'Neills is OK but the food is always cold. In To Go the food looks good, but never tastes of anything. If it's daytime and you're looking for a cheap and tasty munchie, try Claire's sandwich shop on Diamond Stret, huge sandwiches and bacon rolls for tiny prices.
  • The Boars Head Belmont St.
  • the indian on union street, great food
  • Buggery King-Cold stale chips and funny tasting burgers...
  • Pizza Hut, Subway!
  • Cafe52 have a varied and interesting menu. Traditional ingredients with a modern treatment. Excellent value for the quality. Excellent decor and pleasant staff.
  • The Ghoulash: small cosy place in Adelphi (near O'Henrys) doing hungarian food at quite reasoanble prices. Limited menu. Open for dinner only weekdays, also open for lunch on weekends. Regulars sometimes get invited to one of their free dinners!
  • Les Amis: heard rave reviews from a couple of friends some time ago for this supposedly upmarket french restaurant. It must have changed hands since because on our recent trip the service was abominable and the food was poor (no taste, missing key ingredients) and the spelling of the french items on the menu would have embarrassed any french ten year old.
  • The Silver Darling: right next to the sea, at the entrance of the harbour. Great venue. Pricey but probably Aberdeen's finest restaurant for seafood.
  • Update for the entry on La Paella: We no longer required 24 hours notice! Page: BTW, thx for the review!
  • Cafe 52, really unique, good atmosphere. The Foyer, great evening menu.
  • The Blue Moon (at the top of Holburn Street) does reasonable Indian Food, but be warned if you are a smoker. They'll tell you that it is OK to smoke when you ask BEFORE you order a meal, but then tell you that you can't once you've run up a bill. We won't be going there again!!!
  • Soul n Spice, plantain chips and mango juice! Hogs head for great lunch. Slains for good hangover breakfast.
  • Kury on king street ment to be a good place for a munch BEWARE of the cats in the alley way!!!
  • Best chinese is China Town, Dee Street. Best Indian is KURY on King Street and the best indian takeaway is Khyber Pass on Spital. Good Italians are Poldinos (little Belmont St) and Rustico (off Union Row). Best kebab shop is Marmaris on Rose Steet)
  • The Blue Moon Indian Restaurant at Holburn Junction serves the best food. Friendly waiters and a good atmosphere.
  • As has been said..DO NOT go to the take away on the corner of King Street/Union Street..truly awful. I have bought 5 things in the space of 6 years from them and have been sick every time..Enviromental Health anyone? For tasty food though....the illicit Still or Frankensteins for the breakfast....have one at a weekend and you get free tea/coffee/orange juice and a vodka & red bull or a pint of Gunniess all for free with your meal...sweet
  • "Sausage City" down Guild Street is the place to go for a right good big BANGER on a Saturday night
  • Best Pizza shop is Pa Pa Pizza. Well fine Pizza's and sauce from the Iranian owners beats Pizza Hut, Snappy TOmato Pizza and Heavenly by Miles!!!
  • Low's baker in Torry serves the best chicken pies in the toon'. Brilliant baker for freshly baked pies and rowies between 2 and 4 in the morning. Just chap on the back door.
  • "La BAMBA" For the BEST OF MEXICAN CUISINE, YOU CAN LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE #1 MEXICAN RESTAURANT IN SCOTLAND... TRY THE Salsa TABLE DANCING ON Friday AND Saturday NIGHTS!! Crown Terrace, Aberdeen. Tel. 01224 590088 - Bookings 7 days a week. Plus Xmas Bookings Taken.. Now, Believe ME... YULE Luv it!!!
  • Daves Pie Shop, on the neighbouring street to the Dolphin Chipper. Ace. open all hours in the morning. Alternatively, the baker on belmont street across from Drummonds where the woman has a speech impediment and cannot pronounce her 'r's properly. Curry pie a speciality.
  • tastie tattie will always be the best
  • you get a good rump steak in ma's, nice diane sauce too
  • The Hub - no doubt! Good take away food (On john Street opposite the college)
  • La Paella: Food home delivery and catering service specialising in Spanish and Latin-American food (paellas, tapas). You have to order 24hrs in advance. Good veggie range. Web site:
  • The Tasty Tattie on Schoolhill for the perfect tattie The Indian takeaway way down King Street towards Hillhead university residences isn't very good. Try the new one at the beach front instead - great food and service and they do takeaways.
  • Go to Ma's for a Bad Boy - £5 for 2 6oz burger, chips and salad. its a Lunchtime tradition
  • The Forum on Crown Street has some great veggie dishes and you can eat with a clean conscience as some of the profits go to helping local homeless youths. Also an art gallery.
  • Slains castle does a good meal
  • Illicit Still pub has the best food ever
  • The Beautiful Mountain on Belmont Street - Fresh hand made sandwiches and soup in a small, friendly and incredibly cosy cafe. ( The only place in Aberdeen that will make me cheese and peanut butter sandwiches - these guys will make up pretty much any combo you want)
  • Cafe 52 for unusual stuff, well worth it.
  • Jimmie Chungs there's one on union street now, but there's the classic in the mannofield area. It's a chinese all you can eat buffet and it's pretty cheap.
  • Poldino's is the best Italian in the city, have been going here for years and the quality of the food has always been brilliant.
  • La Paella: a spanish/latin-american catering and delivery service. They do top-notch Spanish food like real tapas and a paella that is better than the ones you had in Spain! Need to order 24hrs in advance. Have used them for private dinners and at for work parties. Check out
  • Avoid the following - Chinese on King Street is awful, the Italian place on the corner of King Street and Castelgate is awful, the Chinese on Justice Street is awful, the Chinese on Holburn Street just down from Flare and Firkin is minging, I recommend the Ascot chinese on Holburn street, it looks grubby but the food is sublime.
  • The Corner Shop On Belmost Street. If you've ever had a night out in Aberdeen you'll know what I'm talking about. Serves the finest in hot steak pies and other assorted 2am snacks at relatively low prices. The best way to finish off the night (short of dragging someone back to your place.) Gets crowded at midnight and then again at 2am.
  • Very often more expensive than anywhere else - even by normal London standards.
  • "Yates'" on Bon Accord St. does good, reasonably-priced food. "Sals" at the top of Crown St. is also excellent!
  • Sizzlers is affa fine burgers.
  • Chiquito's down at the beach is a favoutite of mine at the moment.Absolutely orgasmic Chicken Fajitas are to be had here.Excellent. Frankie and Bennys along from there has a decent menu,and in town Cafe Royal offers nice platefuls at decent prices. Khans and Sanam in Bridge Street and the Shebaaz,up the other end of town are among my favoutites for Indian food. On the Indian theme,the supreme take-away in the city is the Ayisha in Torry. Stunning food.
  • Jaws was good!!
  • mcdonalds on a saturday afternoon, lots of dishy lads!
  • Cafe 52 on the Green is excellent, as is Cafe Dag on crown street. The Foyer (also crown st)is a great place to grab a light snack during the day, but book well in advance for an evening meal. It's a good cause, too. I think that they employ some sort of disadvantaged people in the kitchen, the exact notion of their kindness escapes me at this moment in time.
  • Agree with comments about Food Court in the Bon Accord Centre. Absolutely revolting place. Food just passable. Staff usually dour, but if Iworked thre then maybe I'd be the same. Noisy. Too many folks keeping tables for their chums in queues and too little staff clearing and cleaning tables
  • You don't need to eat anymore. You are already fat.
  • Nargile for excellent Turkish food.
  • Carmines, Panino Cafe, and that place down The Green. The one opposite R 'n B. Place not to go include: Any chain place, anywhere down the beach development. La Bamba is the only authentic Tex Mex (being run by a Texan helps). The music is lound here and they dance on the tables. They server you so much Tequila that at least one person in your party will spew into their own plate. Good clean fun. The Royal Thai is good but really fuckin expensive. Papa Gallos in Holburn Street has a cult following as does Little Italy. The best chinese every was a place in a basement at the bottom of Crown Street. It was down out in pucke yellow paint and the orange carpet tiles stuck to your feet, but the food was brilliant and it wasn't licensed so everyone brought their own and got plastered. Please God bring it back!
  • Prince Regent Hotel. No-one but hotel residens eat there. Food and service are good, the place is simply under-used.
  • The ultimate food shop in Aberdeen is Sizzlers on Windmill Brae.... hamburgers to die 4
  • Shebaz in Rose Street. Do a mean Madras - it will make you cry
  • Via Milano and Gerard's - both expensive but well worth it. Stay away from La Lombardas if you are averse to food poisoning.
  • The Granary on Holburn Street is a winner for food.
  • Yes, Snappyjacks come to my work as well (they are quite good). We used to get a local baker Ivor Erskine (we called him Ivor Foreskin) and he is terrible. I cannot believe that I used to eat his stuff. I heard a rumour that he 'tosses' in his pies!!
  • If you work in Aberdeen there is a brilliant Sandwich & Filled Rolls delivery daily by 'Snappyjacks'. Check out their Pies or Pasta, the prices are too cheap!!
  • The king fisher chippy and next door chineese on KING STREET possibly scotlands most foul shitty food establishments ever AVOID at all cost BurgerKing does better chips!
  • Try the Shish Mahal at the top of Union Stret for some cheap deals on a Sat afternnon. The loveliest Curry you'll ever have, for cheap!
  • Generally more expensive than most towns in the U.K. After living here you could find Chelsea good value!
  • The Garlogie Inn has turned into a "Deep-fried-breaded-anything-in-a-basket" place over the last year. The food's OK and relatively cheap, but nothing out of the ordinary. The Grant Arms in Monymusk (about 20 miles west of Aberdeen) has good, relatively cheap food, with a touch of originality. Also often has a variety of game dishes for those who want to sample the country.
  • If you are stuck for munchies in the early hours of the morning then the Hutcheon Street 24 hour shop is your best bet. Although there are more shops and garages opening 24 hours recently, probably trying to cash in on all the late night revelers & insomniacs.
  • Cocky Hunter's - Good pub grub served during the week only, cheap.
  • Les Amis - Superb French food, expensive but well worth it, service is good.
  • The Courtyard - Excellent food, again expensive but worth it, very relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Polo Club - Expensive but good Indo-Bengali food.
  • La Lombarda's - Good, cheap Italian food. Great service and relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Garlogie - About ten miles out of Aberdeen but well worth a visit. Great food at cheap prices. Book in advance though.
  • Cafe Society - Expensive menu with absolutely no reason for it being so. Could cook better in ten minutes at home!
  • Littlejohn's - Well overpriced food that tastes like it's come straight from a freezer bag!
  • Finally an Italian to be proud of Via Milano has opened off Union Street on Bon Accord Street.

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