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  • You'll notice the typo in the menu link bottom right corner "How to get here" should be "How to get out of here."
  • New, rather cool what's on website for Aberdeen at music, arts film, that kind of stuff, better than the local papers anyway!
  • - pictures from the Aberdeen International Youth Festival
  • - For anyone that travels out to the rigs.
  • Aberdeen based ceilidh band Iron Broo have a reputation as one of the liveliest and fun Ceilidh Bands on the Scottish folk scene. Having played at well known festivals such as "T in the Park" , "The Glassel Gig" and many a folk festival, the "Broo" have recently played sell out ceilidhs at the Aberdeen Music Hall. Not surprising, as the band have played in their native North-East of Scotland for quite some time now and have established themselves as a favourite band for many a "Doric - Spicker". They are in huge demand to play at weddings and ceilidhs throughout Scotland.
  • Music memorabilia - WWW.PHUNKYPHONO.COM Vinyl, retro, artwork
  • My history of Aberdeen has changed its URL from to
  • discounts, prizes and online diary
  • SAVE money shopping and Eating-Out in aberdeen
  • is a comprehensive review of the red light district in Aberdeen, should you be so inclined
  • See: and(wait for it) I am a sad sort of person and this is the best I can come up with. Check out the somethingcorny site though, since Elaine is my neighbor and her son is quite cool, hangs out with Steve and Ben and does punk disco's. !! Duncan
  • Just came across a new website with an aberdeen skate theme. it's got all the best skaters from aberdeen in all the local spots, there's pictures as well as video clips. looks like it's still under contruction though, but well worth a wee can find it at
  • - skate/surf shop - thee skater shop - aberdeen band
  • I have written a little history of Aberdeen which might interest you. Its at (I'm afraid its case sensitive so the whole address must be typed in lower case even the a in aberdeen!).
  • The Rosemount Centre for Complementery Therapies, Aberdeen, Scotland is at Offering courses and workshops plus a very wide range of therapies from Homeopathy to Colonics also discounts for student/unwaged.
  • THis is a site for energy workers (and those who want to use energy work for personal developement and wellbeing)
  • Eating out,pubs etc. in Aberdeen.At -
  • and the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies are at BUT they are unable at present to afford a PC - can anyone assist? If so please e-mail
  • Brilliant website for the junglenation nights that were at the Pelican, then Glow303 and unfortunately looking for a new venue soon!!!
  • Junglenation
  • The Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies
  • Aberzonian for lots of good stuff
  • The Red Final and The Granite Kipper The Dons plus other fine culture

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