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  • Heaps of places depends what your into
  • Drummonds
  • Music Hall where I've seen a lot of bands but who knows what goes on in there now (watch out for the CCTV cameras). The sort of place you'll catch the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines and Chris Rea. Oh yes, and The Lemon Tree (constantly closing and re-opening under new management) - the sort of place where you can catch Shooglenifty, Saltfishforty and Walter Trout.
  • The 'venues' are plagued with shite bands. Cafe Drummonds and Lemon Tree are my favourites. There is no music scene whatsover in Aberdeen. Go to Inverness.
  • the malt mill and cafe drummonds
  • AECC, Music Hall
  • moshulu have loads of great bands coming through, i saw dresden dolls there last year, and 65 days of static.
  • Moshulu
  • british collective play at club mono in aberden
  • the lemon tree is good i suppose.
  • Again , The Blue LAmp is the bees' knees.
  • the lemon tree is brilliant for up and coming and gets some good stars there also, very cozy place that's been around for a long long time. there's the music hall which has balcony seating but better for standing on the ground floor, and for the big concerts at the aecc in the don.
  • Drummonds, Kef (no atmosphere at all), The Tunnels, The Malt Mill.
  • I have to second that! It is very impressive that Opera Garden achieves such a high level of music making, and presents productions that are such a delight theatrically as well. I first discovered this Aberdeen treasure two years ago with their production of Carmen set in a smokey nightclub. It was a slick and stylish evening which could have packed any "popular" venue for weeks. Last year's Magic Flute was no different. The piece was set in a world of bold primary colours on a simple yet striking set. I have seen The Magic Flute in five or six different productions, and found that this one struck a beautiful balance between the many themes that run through the opera. I am a reasonably seasoned opera-goer, and can say that the standard here is impressively high. If you are in Aberdeen at the beginning of August - run to see their show! I'm trying to change my summer plans to make another visit possible. This year they are putting on Falstaff - a true masterpiece!
  • The Lemon Tree but it's not normally cheap.
  • Moorings Bar (at the harbour), Malt Mill (Holburn Street).
  • LEMON TREE! near the premier lodge
  • drummonds,kef,lemon tree.the moorings thats where to go
  • the globe good for young and old minded for a relaxing venue.
  • Kef is the best place to go for live bands, tickets available most small record stores near to the place also i think you can buy outside on the night too! Pick up brochures from Fopp! I dont think this gig takes place anymore but The Glassel Gig was the best place to go! Just outside banchory.
  • Lemon tree, still one of the best live music venues in the north east, hosting everyone from local bands to big names
  • The lemon tree has good acoustics and supports most local bands and tribute bands
  • Big Venues: 1) P&J Arena @the AECC - Travis, Stereophonics, Keane etc. 2) Music Hall @Union Street - The Charlatans, Feeder etc. Smaller Places: 1) Lemon Tree off King Street - local bands, less mainstream talent 2) Kef @Belmont Street - underground sorta club sorta venue 3) Drummonds - kinda the same 4) etc., many wee venue places
  • lemon tree - gets all the big (ish) bands. Look out for driveblind, local band, go see them if you possibly can! Good mixture of music tastes, plus it is the ats venue, so comedy, theater are also on offer Cafe drummonds - open mic nights, usually good. O'neill's - irish/folk music, great laugh! Billy bundys - just opened where the stush bar used to be, saw the miserable sinners in there, great gig. Think they have music regularly. O'donnahuges (ya get the idea) Saw one band in there, very good, apparently relably good music
  • Kef have decent bands, mainly new things, Cafe Drummonds, and Dr Drakes.
  • Dr Drakes, just off Ship row has regular bands, as do the Irish pubs
  • The Malt Mill does not get the credit they deserve. Starsky often play there and it's a cheap night out!
  • Drummond's seems to be the epicentre although we do need another venue apart from the Malt Mill...bands are usually good..the same cannot not be said for the beer on tap!!
  • Aberdeen mostly sucks when it comes to live bands but DR. Drakes on Shiprow (just off Market Street) is the exception. This tiny bar has live music from locals and from around the globe. Mostly seems to be rock/goth music but they have such a wide music policy that I never fail to be surprised. Reasonable entry fees when bands are on otherwise it's FREE! The Malt Mill - If you like 60s cover bands.
  • Drakes on the castlegate. Support the local band scene but also demand that they all get better at what they do. The quality of 99.9% of aberdeen bands performance is very poor, badly played unplanned sets with poorly structured out of key tunes.
  • KEF its the best, drakes is smaller than my livin room
  • The blue lamp is a quality place with live bands on most nights!! Drummonds is also pretty good but they tend to get bland bands that nobody likes
  • Live jazz on a thursday night at the Vaults nightclub on carnegie brae and live country bands on a wed night. Other live music randomly on so is worth keeping an eye on the web-site ( Jam sessions every sunday 3-6 bring your instrument and join in....a free drink for everone who does a turn!
  • The Lemon tree is the only one, Malt Mill is full of pervs and old men
  • Lemon Tree is good..Exodus is total shite cos you cant see fuck all and everyone at the bar is too noisy for you to hear anything anyway. The bouncers are up themselves there too.
  • Drakes, Lava, The Lemon Tree and The Forum - Drakes and Lava give a lot of local bands a chance to shine in amidst acts from all across the country. Lemon Tree shows loads of brilliant acts - Free jazz on a Sunday lunchtime and lots of rock groups, such as Cooper Temple Clause and Biffy Clyro. Forum's just cool - Evan Dando played there, what can I say?
  • The Lemon tree, many a good gig in there.
  • Lava on belmont street, has had a recent crackdown on underage drinking :s good for them! sofas upstairs for just chilling, and a pit downstairs where they hold small gigs of upcoming aberdeen bands like xs fear and incendo and have even housed lost prophets on their humble beginnings. Portlethen Jubilee hall plays a few decent gigs at times aswell. Concerts and stuff happen at the music hall or the exhibition centre but aberdeens concerts are pretty poor, i think travis were the last band that played.
  • Drakes on the Castlegate has live music every night, pity its so damn small though. Lava sometimes has cool bands.
  • The Lemon Tree you would be suprised how much big acts have started off here.... Barenaked Ladies, Supernaturals, Travis
  • the lemon tree is quite good but a lot of weird and wonderful things to choose from. The Music Hall for gigs ocassionally but no good bands come up here hardly.
  • Lava the old Glow 303 has top class up and coming acts !
  • Lemon Tree is number one, or Drakes on the Castlegate
  • The Lemon Tree is universally acclaimed as having a superb sound system,but the pillars in there can make viewing a pain in the arse. Music hall is my favourite of the present venues,uninterrupted view,decent sound and,erm...a lovely cieling. Glow can be okay for gigs,but is very small.Beer none too tasty in here.
  • Lemon Tree, Music Hall, Capitol are all not bad but I miss the Venue saw Zodiac Mindwarp, Mamas Boys, Tigertailz, Sabbat, Napalm Death, The Cult all at the Venue it was the place to go and was the original mosh pit in Aberdeen.
  • No Ten on the last Saturday of every month has some good acts
  • Glow 303 brings some good bands in all the time.
  • Live bands can be found in: The Blue Lamp, The Moorings, The Malt Mill, and The Lemon Tree. The Lemon tree also caters for racial monorities banging on oil drums and stuff.
  • There are live bands at the Malt Mill every night, some of them arent bad too. And the Lemon Tree gets some big names, like Terrorvision and Elastica
  • Drakes - Young Rock... Lemon Tree - Everything Mud Club - Grunge nights etc
  • Classical - Cowdray Hall, Music Hall
  • Lemon tree gets most of the good middle bands, as well as some local talent
  • Triple Kirks hosts Fudgenight first wednesday of each month. Night consists of bands vs dj's and is usually a good laugh. The fudge boys are also planning a new night just for bands in the middle of the month.
  • pelican, malt mill, drakes, east neuk, top quality metal madness!
  • The Lemon Tree - Good for up and coming bands and some of the more well known ones as well.
  • The Capitol - What can I say, Daniel O'Donnell, Dominic Kirwan, Peter Andre, Ant and Dec, Boyzone. Cheese, cheese and even more cheese !
  • The Capitol Pt II - Good for comics though, Billy Connolly, Newman and Baddiel. Bit few and far between though.
  • Cafe Drummond
  • The Palace

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