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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion*

Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire

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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire
  • n/a
  • Piano "practice rooms". Read: damp and COLD dungeon in the forgotten And once beautiful but now neglected Laura Place building
  • The place is loaded with recording studios,rehearsal rooms, going under the same brand HMO
  • The place is loaded with recording studios,rehearsal rooms, going under the same brand HMO
  • LTS Recording Studio in Llanon.10 miles south of Aberystwyth.32 and 24 track ProDigi Mitsubishi/Alesis digital recording studios. 16 ,8 ,4 ,and 2 track analogue reel to reel tape machines for retro sound recording. Industry valve and AKG/Calrec condenser mics.Westlake/Crest monitoring. Large selection of rack units and instruments. For artists and musicians encompassing all styles of music. LTS offers a comfortable large split level studio space with daylight views to the river valley.A professional recording service established in 1984, is provided in a friendly, and creative atmosphere. Demo deals, Post production, Engineering, Mastering, CD Duplication, Tape Transfer and Archiving. phone 01974 202759 Other services include public address 14Kw Martin Sound System for hire, 8 way onstage mix with monitor engineer.8Kw lighting system and Scanners
  • Dow and Joy at LTS Studios in Llanon, Pro 32 track digital studios, tons of outboard...valve mics and cd duplication They also do Sound Systems for bands...installation comes with experienced engineers
  • art centre!....good techies up there....they know what they are doing but they are ugly as sin
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre, after a 5m lottery grant now have good facilities available to the community, also DJ workshops. Uli Jon Roth, guitar legend has private recording studios 3 miles from town.

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