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  • me and ma crew blud
  • For anybody who has been a regular/occasional customer at Harvey's Newsagents/tobacconists in Andover High Street, sadly it will be permanently closing down on February 17th 2007. The shop has been there for decades, one of the first shops in Andover I believe and it will mark the end of an era. The shop had been up for sale for a long time, but there have been no buyers. :-(
  • We visited a Thai Food shop at the top of Bridge street it's small but has a wide range of thai food products and other foods from the South East Asian region. After just visiting Thailand on holiday and loving the food out there and having to travel as far of Southampton to get these food products, it great to know Andover has a shop of it's kind. the shop is called THE THAI WAY it's at the side of the shop repair shop near Sainsbury's.
  • people to get drugs from? try the many dodgy estates
  • classic characters James JIMMER Fleet Roy SKINNY Goodhall MAXI Lane add to this
  • hey give andover a chance yeah?i have lived here all my life i have tried to move away thinkin it was this town that was town drivin me despare but now i know its not!my friends are always here for me where ever i decide to go n wen i cum back its nice to see friendly faces n places!yeah its true everyone hates flicks but everyone goes but thats coz ur friends r there!give this place a chance it aint that bad!full of tossers n arseholes but there are a few nice ppl!try it u mite like it!
  • Thursdays Cheese nights have just started and are going down a storm, LOADS of decent birds like me and blokes with more money than sense...Cant beat Chaplins for an early drink, it's open @ 8.30 fri and sat and is only 1 a drink. Better than spending a fortune anywhere else. The Dj's a complete babe, she manages to make Karaoke sexy, but then when you can win 500 anything is sexy!!
  • Tescos challenges: These have been a tradition of ours for years, though I'm not gonna say we started beofre Jackass and CKY cos I don't think we did. They are original though, see how many you can do:(we get bored, this is entertainment....) 1 pint milk + 10 OXO cubes (or equivalent). MIx and drink in 5 mins (never been completed. I was sick. Many times....) 1 pint milk + 2 jars of beef paste. Mix and drink in 5 mins. (has been done, lots of vomit again though) 4 pints milk, 5 minutes WITHOUT puking. Record is under 2 mins at the moment... 6 raw eggs, 3 minutes. 1 tub curd cheese, 5 minutes (has been done once by myself but oh my god, you're not sick you just retch. a lot) 20 slices value cheese, 2 minutes. 32 fish sticks, 5 minutes (the guy who did it said he coulda done more...not such a good challenge then. Try 64...) 1 pint double cream. 1 minute. 2 rollmop herrings, 2 minutes (2 raw pickled fish that smell like nothing on earth- yeah you go try that if you like. I never have and never will..) 1/2 pint milk + 1/2 pint orange juice + 6 ready eggs (those werent supposed to be in there) drink without being sick...We failed. Jar of prunes in 2 minutes. Easy to do until the next morning when it all comes back to get you.... Dog food sausages. They are so gritty and foul smelling there's no point even trying to attempt eatng them....So that's not really a challenge, just if you feel smart and clever for thinking of it one day. Just remember we warned you... Thats about it. Boring and sad you may say, but when that's all you have then you don't see it that way....Oh many happy hours outside tescos making bets on whos gonna chuck and whos gonna win....Time of my life.....
  • Andover seems a lot nicer when you come back and visit it - coming in on the train from London it's nice to see the green fields, then the familiar buildings and the nice train station. It's still small enough to feel homey... just don't actully live here.
  • Just don't go there - it's ghastly and so is its population.
  • Some fascinating local history to be found if you dig just a little, some important Iron Age settlements and fascinating places within a short disatnce of Andover.
  • Did anyone know that theres a Disco shop in Andover, Visit for more information.
  • Bashir Hunt is a funny as muther Fuker!! I ain't lyin' junior!
  • Thruxton Race circuit and airfield. Please go there. Find out what goes on. If you look in the right places you'll find loads of stuff suited to all ages and hobbies. Fly a helicopter, aeroplane or model aircraft. Race a ferrari either on the track or on the simulator or get yourself a model ferrari and go round the go-kart track. They also hold a load of music events there - festivals in the grounds or jazz nights in the Jackaroo. The place is fantastic. Unless you're a townie shit head in which case stay in Andover.
  • Andover Round Table is a goup of about 15 men who enjoy meeting on a regular basis. Our diary is varied and there are always great nights out. Recent events include go karting and clay pigeon shooting and we normally manage to visit breweries and vineyards reasonably regularly! We organise great parties (this year's is at Tedworth House) and also enjoy some success at Area sporting events, albeit mainly the snooker tournement held annually! Visit our full Website for full details of our diary, information on the club and pictures of recent events. Jim Toole, Chairman of Andover Round Table (ART), and everyone at ART would like to welcome you to our next meeting. So if you're male and aged between 18 and 45 why not call our information line on 0870 787 22 70 or visit our website at Round Table - the best young man's club in the world!
  • skatepark
  • It is such a shame that the only people who can see the good in Andover are the ones that move away. People write so many negative things about a town that has the potential to offer so much. A town is just as good as the people want it to be. What does another town have that Andover does not? Pubs? Cinema's? Bowling Alleys? Golf Courses or maybe it's the shops that are not good enough? The problem is when good things come to the town they are turned into trash by the people that use them. They are also usually the people that complain about the town! I was one of those people too, so I'm not putting anyone down, but maybe you should step back and take a look at what could be. I hear that the Cinema has now closed down too. I rest my case.
  • Well what can you say about Andover! Apart from the fact that it is the biggest pile of crap that the world has ever seen, and is ever likely to see! It is full people with their heads so far up their arses that they spend the rest of their lifes looking for the light switch. Apart from tarts and squaddies, and tarts shagging squaddies there's not much else! If you like living there your probably one of the many that are inter-breeding in Andover to re-populate the world with your limps and humps and dodgy eyes! To sum up, I would rather cut of my ear with a rusty bread knife than live in this flee infested armpit of the world!
  • i think andover's a great place and i've heard good things about it from people who have visited. i'm from andover, massachusetts, and my town is one of the most boring places in metro boston even though it's the same size as your andover, cause it's run by our version of a thick-headed council who won't allow anything fun to be built in town. just mentioning this because your mayor or whatever visited us on our 350th anniversary and said it was great. don't believe him. your andover is better, by far.
  • If you are buying a new digital TV or VCR or any Audio system you`ll get a lot of help and information in the Upper High Street in Andover in a shop called BAKERS.
  • In Dickens time Andover had a workhouse. Human Bones were found in the soup!
  • Andover has a very progressive Scout and Guide Movement. Around 600 children between 5 and 18 are involved in a wide range of activities. This includes Caving, Raft Racing, Climbing, Hill Walking, Abseiling, Go Kart's, Swimming. Camping etc. For more information, visit the 9th Andover Scout Website at
  • Very important, when being on smeg alert, you should also be on alert to all of his friends - yes that's you Tuson, Milton etc
  • Andover is a growing market town on the A303 between Basingstoke and Salisbury. It has suffered because of the government's 60s and 70s overspill policies which landed a load of Londoners on the town, causing it to rapidly outgrow its infrastructure. Despite this it has maintained some of its charm.
  • Crap town... Avoid at all costs. -- Rael.
  • I left Andover five years ago, and moved to Canada with my parents when I was 17. Andover was cool then, from what some of my friends tell me it pretty much sucks now. Flicks is still the Cattle Market it always was and the Town Mills, I need not mention. The Danebury was getting to be pretty happening and Chaplins was the place to be even though you couldn't move an inch, for all the tramps. Flicks is where I met Mark Compton, I HATE HIM!!!! Bye.
  • There is Town TV. Unique to almost any cruddy town in England, Andover can boast the birth of its own cable tv station. Andover had its chance to be one of the first towns to have this service, but this is Andover, and it couldn't be bothered. How unusual you may say, but sad though Andover is, Town TV was born there. Now it may just up and leave. This cruddy town doesn't deserve its own TV station, Town TV tried but has greater response in Salisbury and beyond. Good riddence to Andover and its Sealed Tuna Sandwich mentality. As the Knowhere report says and I reiterate in other terms. Don't go to Andover, if you do ,Don't buy a house there and lastly, if you do go there and live there please don't leave cause the rest of us do not want to be infected....
  • Hammicks book shop in the Chantry Centre. Must be one of the best book shops in the south - very good stock of most titles and regular guest signings by famous authors.
  • Chantry Centre - A really modern shopping centre with a good selection of shops.
  • I have lived in Andover for 28 years, it's a nice medium sized town with friendly people, not perfect but what town is???
  • I live in Andover, ok, so it's not as happening as some places and yes, Flicks is a complete dive full of young girls but since we don't have another nightclub in town, it's tolerable. Apart from that, Andover is alright, the surrounding countryside is even better. I have only recently ventured out into Andovers wilderness after dark. My opinion on the hot spots of Andover read as follows: St. Mary's church after a piss up on Christmas eve. This my friends is the only exciting place you will find in a crap town like Andover. As for the other pubs and club, HO, HO, HO, the Foresters is where everybody goes. More so if you are learning to drink!! True Flicks is a dive but give us some credit not all the totty are made up of squaddies and tarts. Some of us just go for a dance and a flirt... One last thing to remember about Andover, and it is vital that you girls listen, the men, or boys, are total shit heads with nothing better tio do than lead girls on. Stay away from them, they are easy to spot, believe me. Warning : SMEG ALERT. BEWARE.
  • Loads of supermarkets - the Tesco supermarket on the edge of town is massive.
  • Worst: doesn't have any decent games shops.
  • Best: Everyone knows everyone! Everyone hates Flicks - but still goes! Everyone drinks far too much! The Taxis are cheap. Worst: Pissed up travellers who stumble about with manky dogs! What the hell is a Tesco Metro anyway? A word of warning: don't go down Micheldever Road after dark!
  • Sports Clubs:- Andover Rugby Club, for up and coming young fit men in and around Andover, well maybe.

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