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  • Head on down to Nambuca, about half way between Archway and Holloway Road stations on Holloway Road. Good indie bands in a very grungy atmosphere.
  • The Drum and Monkey my favourite pub in Archway - the best bet for a quite Guinesss or ten. Has a mad karokee night on a Friday where all the postmen sing their blues away to Scott Walker songs. Look out for Archway Elvis with the biggest mutton chops this side of Wales
  • The Archway Tavern used to have 5 pool tables and 2 full size snooker tables upstairs in the late 80s. So easy to play leisurely for hours at a time.
  • Recently opened up Archway Rd., The Settle Inn has a laid-back decor, is fairly clean and bright and serves decent food. Whole roast chickens available on Sunday.
  • St John - good atmosphere - Drum and Monkey (Junction Rd.) - not for the faint-hearted...
  • Ah - the Crown - where to start? After a grim pre Christmas visit to the hospital I felt in need of liquid refreshment and went in for a relaxing bevvy -However - I was somewhat unprepared for the sight (and smell) of the jovial gentleman sitting in a pool of his own piss and people cheerfully wading through the river of his steaming urine as it crept its way across the floor.
  • Check out The Mother Redcap - beautiful boozer with 'original features' which you can enjoy as you attempt not to make eye contact with any of the resident loons (if you're a 'lady' a fun addition to the evening could be an arm wrestle with an old navvy whose not too bad for an ageing alky - he beat me anyhow)
  • Oh dear....Whats happened to The Dog (the last stop off before the bridge)? It seems to have turned into a trendy wine bar, for who? Although at least it is safer now...well at least until they install giant wooden "connect four" games like The Marlborough (Holloway Road). I miss living in Archway, as a lad I have fond memories of meeting pavements (self inflicted or otherwise). Signing of... the one-that-got-away
  • The Bull and last Nice pub great food just off junction road some where!
  • St Johns - groovy coloured walls and nice food Lord Palmerston (near-ish) fantastic food lovely chips
  • Archway Tavern serves Stella Artois at a mere 2.10/pint
  • The Archway Tavern is legendary. It's dark, grimy and serves the Best Guinness in North London. It also has two pool tables and is far more friendly then the outside suggests. Currently being refurbished so this will need updating soon. the St Johns on Junction Road is the total opposite decor and clientele wise but is also very nice. A great place to veg out, read the papers and have a good meal. On Dartmouth Park Hill is the Lord Palmerston. This is similar is layout and clientele to the St Johns but is slightly more laid back and feels more 'lived in'. All three are excellent, depending on your mood.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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