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Hookup Spots
  • Le Shack
  • Ashbury shops like have to be the winner, now they have gates n all up in linear is shit like but still can be good, with the peelers still coming and going lol But u get ur 3lt of frosty jacks and sit in the hot spot or else the domes has to be a winner
  • starting off with a 3 lit at ten in the morning then headin out to get the next carryout beofre goin on the search for narcotics. by this time you dont have a fukin clue whats goin on and wer yall end up, ward park, strickies, peir or crashin some
  • Castle Park
  • nice place to hang about is around the marina, can sit on the end of the pier (around the big rings) round the stricklands coast and round the mckee clocks
  • Ballyholme Park
  • dont get a flat in suffern avenue some wipped out sucidal fcuk will blow you up
  • bangor is just full of steeks who think they are hard (you know who you are) and they are really not best place in bangor to hang out is probably in a sports club or a bar unlike all these underaged pricks!
  • ashbury shops on a friday night get lit la fuck on la old bucky!!!sat nyt house party!!!ward park is also pretty gd
  • oh aye bangor is mad as fuck always people to get lit wiv, or wiped out to fuck everybody knows DOC whens he not inside hes great 4 a laugh real good crack every night of the week !!! yee ha ha U.T.H 2006 !! smoke on !!!
  • watching ashbury boys playing football !!
  • at the top of drumglass park were the tony bradley lives
  • ashbury shops is da best
  • hanging around louise , joanne, and hang about ashbury !!
  • down da street lyk! its da place 2 be! ask ne1! it consists of different places in bangor.usually changes afta da feds discover it!meeting place...palladium at bout 7! get ur cary out den off ya go! ders bout 100 ppl hu belong 2 dat we crew! u wee legends!
  • hey my name is kyle im looking for gay men or groups 4 sex contact me at oceanis gym ... luv u boysxxx
  • The power box roof at strickies or down the bronx(brunswick), both good 2 waste away the hours.
  • The small dip right on ballymac point where a good fire a 3 lire bottle of cider and Garth Lindsay could always be found !
  • we luv Ashbury yaaaaaaaaa for sum shewine its "death" lol also while ur round why not make fun of we skull thats the one in the burbury hat n is bout 3 ft tall
  • ashbury shops was the place to be for years and if i was young enuf i wud b straight back. for generations the teens of the ages have passed down leadership to the new hoods at the shops as the younger kids got older and started to mix with the older and then the older moved on and the new young leaders were left to pull rank! now days it is just a load of kiddies(execpt for dody and andy who will never leave)but we love them!) but the days of nigel,foote,hinty,neggy,suzy,danielle H and all the girls are all over and they were the days, they were brilliant days of peeler hideouts and fast drinkin we knew all the spots and the craic was brill. we are all still mates but just not at the "shaps" anymore. kids hang out in ashbury for parties riots,burnt out cars,bongs,drink and fun times. up the ashbury butchers!
  • town hall along with all the tossers who laughingly call themselves councillors
  • Tara's Bed!!
  • Ashbury is were the spotty peadophile alan gallager lives
  • Silverstream is the best all tho all the girls are dogs, its like Battersea dogs home and the guys are frickin weird
  • Bangor is a shite house there is even turds in the sea dont go cause all u will get is the smell of shit it has to be the worst town in the world and it is full of gays
  • umm the park by the tech has to be one of the best places to hang! an piggie or pickie - wot eva its called - the marina is an alrite place to hang an have a laugh an fck about!
  • rose and chandlier if you are into gay football men.
  • Look you dicks the reason the Boom Boom Room won Bacardi Club of the Year 3 times was because Bill Wolsey CHEATED! Dave Pache by the way was a fucking paedophile! I know, I worked there!
  • bangor cp's!!
  • The spides seem to like carparks on a Sunday fact any night.......GET A LIFE. You couldn't beat the flying blue yaris.
  • kfc yicken fryer, the guy chris is soooo hot!
  • Coyles
  • Strickies Glen at the workies hut roof or up by the stepping stones..many a lumber and a bottle of Thunderbirds was had there!! The rain shelter on the 17th hole at Carnalea Golf Club or "Spooky Woods" Big fires and cider...oooh to be young again!!
  • springhill shopping centres trolley bays....dandering round rathmore with a special breed of with a litre of bucky and one with a droning voice!!! haha
  • pickie. Its where you can loudly sing the old favourite"I'm a cider drinker..."
  • hamilton house is great.really cool caretaker stevie and the tastiest two teachers anywhere in bangor
  • i love pickie park it is amazing it just had a new park and is brill bangor is not well kept and should be all shops are fab we all love it and hope a new swimming pool will come as the wone is crap has no slides just a diving board put a bit like lisburn swimming pool
  • there are TONNES of hot guys at mckee skating on saturdays
  • back of the flagship like!!!!!!!!!
  • Ashbury shops
  • gransha school with your bottle of buckfast
  • down the o's to get wiped out and of ur head like a pac of shity wombles
  • down the o's to get wiped out and of ur head like a pac of shity wombles
  • Ballyholme!! its crap donnnnt go there!!! come and join us wit all the A.Y.D!! UP THE ASHBUYRY HOODS AS BUBBLE SAYS!!- HES SUCH A FRUIT!!
  • The tree in castle park u cant miss it, its b'n painted blue and white. The rockerie a whole lot of rocks in castle park. The logs in the DARK part of castle park. The river at bloomfield playing fields were u go 2 drink your delta or concord. The green sea cadete hut in ward park you can't miss it it is covered in griffetie. The tennis courts there is a wee whole in the fence u can climb through or just go over it. Death hill at the valentines, just don't go down it in a car there is poles at the end. The dome a dome of trees in castle park it can get a bit muddie and dark but if u put firelighters on the branches its great. The old glenlola great for fires, the cinima is close to get munch just what out 4 the hill. The tech forest beside the tech great for fires and u dont get the peallers up much.
  • If u wanna end up in hospital go to ballyholme and bring ur drink wit u ull definatly end up in hospital with ur drink spiked and a boken something a stitches somewhere!!!! trust me its already happened to 2 of my mates!!
  • ashbury place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when at the grammar, round the back at woolworths, beside clifton snooker hall was always a good meeting spot to see some arse getting his balls rolled, ie bogle by sam speers, or pollock by alan wilson
  • beside the spar on the rathmore road, jesus, we were all in our twenties and didnt have cars
  • 'The Kebab Seat'. To quietly contemplate just how lit you really are.
  • ashbury is cool as fuck parties all the fuckin time and u r not out on the street 4 the pealers to hassle u!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • monument at ward park round pickie back of ashbury shops
  • car park on a sunday night! all the young arseholes watching cars getting stopped by the peelers they are begging to be able to drive the wankers
  • For a hidden drinking alcove, as well as all the other places mentioned, up in the trees behind the bowling club in Ward Park was pretty popular in my day. Spent many a night there...
  • Down da fuckin Twilight to see Junior waste his fuckin money. He's da guy wit da burburry hat at da tupenny nudgers! Watch out for Sharon, she might bar ya!
  • Towerview Primary or the Grammar Playing fields
  • Walk past Pickie, past the bandstand, wee bit further. Look left, see the REALLY high wall (castle like innit)behind all the bushes. Climb up through bushes and find low wall. Spot the FEDS coming and swallow your 2 litres of Kingsacre or Merrydown in peace.
  • i recommend ashbury its good round there for gettin hassled by the police but there is always places to run and finish downing your buckfast or if you go to ashbury you would call it swine.
  • car park
  • The car park on Seacliff Road just before the Kingsland tennis courts; so many cars there at weekends you just know what's happening inside them ("don't come knockin' when the car's a rockin'!")
  • aaaaaaaasssssssshhhhbuurry
  • Oh yes the infamous shelters.....ah the joys of a miss spent youth!!!!! The sea wall, well the sea is there some where, mainly over run with steeks in their boom boxes on wheels.
  • behind the spar
  • Castle Forest is always good for a swally any night of the week, especially if you can find some good firewood for a good old stoker. Another favourite of mine would be the back of the Vennel.
  • am beside the church+bank in bangor town!!there is a twirly metal fingy which wen pullefd out +a blanket put on it isd fun and interesting
  • THE GREEN SHELTERS !!!!!!!!- ameeting place for the most experienced white cider and buckfast drinkers for over a decade now!!!!
  • Girls High, sorry, i mean Bangor Academy, fresh faced chicks, well hellloooo
  • The top car park by the peeler station is still top for steekin it up with the rest of the homies in the ghetto but if its a bit of true hood action you're looking for then head down to Halfords or the new Homebase car park for that oh so legendary green micra thats been knocking baout doing the most amazing donuts this time around! it look deceptively standard but has all the skills...don't be fooled. watch out for posers in their flush buses!! they won't move so you can park up, you'll have to kiss their motor first.
  • Bangor Car Park up by the police station, opposite the Train station...always good for antagonising the peelers and pissing off all the steekies with ur Evo 4 when the rest of them rock up in the biggest collection of Nova SR's known to man. You also get a great insight in what not to wear...if you want to avoid being a milly then pick up tips on what clothing to avoid at all costs by observing the slappers that hang off the arms of those boy racers who frequent the car park every night...oh no..not just a Sunday!
  • What hotspots!!!!!!
  • Marina up past princetown where the old pickie park used to be
  • mckee clock- where all the Ho's go.
  • Outside Mc Culloughs on a friday night about 10pm where you can stand and take the piss outta Michael and the rest of God's army, saying that you read on a newspaper that you read the romans saw Jesus *rip* himself off the cross and walk away is always a good conversation starter. Ask to borrow their microphone and start singing kum-by-ah for them and make sure you get free jesus leaflets for laughs.
  • The New Bus Station, With It's Chairs, Cool Security Guy And The Gay Cleaner, He's A Good Crack ;)
  • If you're looking for a fight, High Street at closing time on the weekends. The ss ruc won't stop you attacking innocent people. Apparently its not their job.
  • the only problem with the windsor bar is that the pool table has disappeared. bring back the life and soul of that once truly excellent watering hole!!!!
  • The Mc Key Clock: were all the skaters and goths hang out and dream of death
  • dont stand on a street corner for too long you mite get picked up
  • Bangor Car Park
  • Bangor seafront for those boy racers "magnificent men in thier spidey machines"
  • Round at the bandstand past pickie is the best place for boozing in the sun if you get troubled by the police (A rarity) there are plenty of nice alcoves on round the coast.
  • In the the benches near the bandstand round past Pickie is the place for boozing in the sunshine
  • Ballyholme beach, down by the point, definitely, is a great spot for lounging on a balmy summers evening with your 2-litre bottle of Old E or Kings Acre (sigh!). Always interesting whenever the law arrive, you can just leg it round the coastal path and hide in the gorse or in one of the numerous fields!
  • NITEZONE, Saturday nites from 11pm til 2pm, come along and have a free cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, friendly chat, and the opportunity to discuss God, along with free books, videos and literature
  • Outside the Maxol, High Street, with about 50 of your mates, for about 6 hours.
  • Tech at the weekends, check out Rob and Dave those Surf Mountain boys who just SKATE!
  • Third Bangor Presbyterian Church is fantastic for taking a slash against or playing put out a stained glass window with a bottle of empty Buckfast
  • I recommend the corner of Boots as a good meeting place, nice and central.
  • The school gates are always a friendly place to check out the talent
  • Clifton Snooker Hall's the perfect hang out for drugs, before school smokes and senseless vandalism. But a camera has toned it down.
  • Bring your Buckfast to Ashbury shops
  • The monument
  • Back of the BGS bikesheds!
  • The monument is the place to be as night life in Bangor reaches its all time high. Get to know Laura Lav the die hard free stater and the gang.
  • skate spots fuck bangor head to Saint Anne s or ask cool boy paul mccarthy about it hes a friendly fellow who rules the Grammar full stop keep it real paul
  • For all the Steeks, Ashbury shops (P.S. If you are setting up a new business, it is a false, repeat, false econamy to set up a businesss here.)Aslo the BusyBus' in Bangor, a great place for Steek who have had a little too much cider (I.E. One can of WHITE LIGHTING, the steeks favorite drink.) Also The Padock for your "give us a go on your scooter needs."
  • Ashbury shops if you say things like "your a deck liake" "would u go in the offys and get us some wite lightenin' cider laike" or if you just generally want to get slabbered at and arrested
  • Round the back and front of the Tech. Good rails and steps, also near Cineplex, etc.
  • The Cineplex, Castle Park.
  • The sea front. People come from all over N.Ireland to Hang out here. Neon chassis lights are pretty much essential though. It really does become a big out door party some nights. On sunny days going to sunbathe on the piers is pretty popular too.
  • Queen's Parade is the place to be on Sunday nights in the summer, always packed. Northern Ireland seems to have acquired just about all of Vauxhall's stockpile of SR Novas...boy-racers-a-plenty. If bass-tubes and big-bore exhausts light your candle then you'll think you're in heaven...

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