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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Time Nightclub, The Octagon... the Hen Glan however has the best selection of music, despite being a pub.
  • main bar is a fantastic night out on satuday only 3 and NUS.Havent had a bad saturday night there yet! Athletics Union every other thurs is also top night in main bar. Time on monday is cheese night, if you're up for a laugh good place to go, though Time is better on friday night for R&B...gotta be good if Trevor Nelson was there in october! Also offers Trash on wednesday nights for rock, etc. Occy..possibly one of the worst "nightclubs" ever...too small, too many people and too long a wait at the bar, but not much else on on a Wednesday!
  • Hendre, tie on a monday night i guess is ok.
  • Time Nightclub is the only place to party on a Mon, Fri and Sat. Mon is 60s 70s 80s & 90s music and cheap drinks all night. Friday night hosts the biggest RnB / hip hop night in North Wales, 3 to get in but be early if you don't want to que. Check out the new cocktail bar with the best cocktail bar tenders in the area. More details see
  • Elevate is the most prolific dance night in north wales and has been running for 5 years. Catch Elevate 4th saturday of the month in TIME yes, the club that has had such positive reference....ahem. Time is a fabulous venue and the worlds top DJs that have visited Elevate say so. Check out our website for full details and up & coming guests,
  • Time and Occy for clubbers main bar for non clubbers
  • Time is ok but I prefer clubs with less students and more locals. You dont get many fit students in Bangor. The local lads are waaay better. They play good tunes on monday to hav a laf to but they shud knock out more garage, hip hop that sorta thing. It needs bringin up to date. We've heard enough f*****g bon jovi, queen now alrite??
  • octagon good for students and for havin a boogie no trouble if u dont provoke itgotta go now cant be arsed anymore
  • Hendre hall - freezing cold cow shed, stinks of horse shit, rip off entry prices - 10 to get cold, wet and covered in mud (or is it cow poo?). usually very bad dj's and even worse sound systems, the owner walks around with a sound meter complaining that it's too loud. It isn't. it's just nasty.
  • TIME NIGHTCLUB has possibly to be the worst place that you will ever go in your life. Full of pissed up scallies from the local villages on the weekend :-( Adidas track suits absolutely de rigueur. Music is horrendous, out of date 'hard dance'. Few students go near the place on a Weekend due to fear of violence/having to talk to a moron. Notable for its total lack of atmosphere and absolutely terrible sound system. Sad.
  • Occti bob.. if u wantto get decked by the local scallies from MassG estate authough most are all talk. Time if you like Cheese Main bar for some refereshing beats if u have NSU card.
  • Amser/Time info is out of date! check
  • Time used to be the place to be. Now, however, a small taxi cab fee can take you to Hendre Hall, Talybont. THE best venue for music and liberal taste in North Wales if not the World.
  • Well you have Time. Sometimes I go there and I think its quite bad. But other times I go there and I think it is really Bad. The thing is I keep going back.
  • Euphoria-Holyhead well worth a go, good tunes, good atmosphere top blokes running the place, they are also holding Euphoria in Hendre Hall with Fantastic lineups and also a fantastic venue , check it out Time/Amser-Bangor could be so good but unfortunately isnt, its already been said here but rugby lads, alot of beer, bad atmosphere, bad attitudes staff and punters, try and avoid if you can Squeeze-Clynnog Fawr refreshing to find a club for clubbers, amidst all the rubbish there is nowadays. Fantastic atmosphere, Friendly Happy People top class, DJs Stomping tunes from Hard Trance through to Pounding Hard house, one of the best nights I have had in say four years, people are here to enjoy music and come together with friends, made a whole host of new friends and couldnt stop grinning for days FANTASTIC reccommended to anyone, i will be going back THANKYOU CLUB SQUEEZE FOR PROVING THERE STILL ARE GOOD CLUBS AROUND Club Medi-Caernarfon lovely looking club,nice atmosphere but everyone I met wanted the music to get a bit better. Its all a matter of taste but I thought it was very commercial/cheeesy
  • Octagon is the city's biggest, wednesday is student night and always lively, otherwise Time is open on mondays, wednesdays, fridays (v. busy) and saturday is usually house music. Main Bar is a student club which you need your NUS card to get into, but saturday nights there are a fantastic mix of cheesy pop and RnB.
  • Students union is excellent - esp. on Monday nights when its free and plays 60s 70s and 80s stuff. I hadn't been for 10 years since leaving uni and found it changed but still excellent fun.
  • Good nites out in Bangor ....'Time' nightclub is a state of the art venue with a 970 capacity... recommended nighes out are 'FUTURE FUNK' now a household name in the north - resident DJ's Mike Herdman, Dave Draig Goch & KWJ provide some of the funkiest house grooves month after month along with quality guest DJ's like Stretch & Vern, Nigel Benn, Matt Cassar (Slinky), Danny Slade (Escape) - dont miss it - 1st saturday of the month Also 'Oblivion' -(3rd Sat of the Month) - a night of pumpin hard house and trance - future funk's spin off night - resident DJ's Dave Draig Goch, Dewi Williams & Mike Herdman - guest dj's like Lisa Pin Up, Big Al, Nick Rafferty, Nick Sentience - a big atmosphere, bangin tunes, ..........nuff said!
  • Octagon maybe? But it's only for trendies ... never been to anything else, being only 15.
  • Students union is alright,the main bar is generally dance stuff and occasionally drum and bass/hip hop.There is 'jocks bar',which is a rock/metal bar downstairs at the union,need to get somone to sign you in though.
  • Dinorben.Amlwch - pathetic!!! Time, Bangor is amazing & always has much more than 30 people!! :P
  • Time is the best studenty club with different nights to cater for all tastes: 60s, 70s, 80s on a Monday, Jukebox (recent chart and dance tunes) on a Friday and dance on a Saturday. Drinks are cheap and entrance is fair. For those with a NUS card, Main Bar is very good on a Saturday night as it is more like a small nightclub than a bar as it hosts a dancefloor and a good atmosphere. The uni rugby team are guarenteed to be there dressed in shirt and tie and dropping their trousers at the first suggestion. Lots of fun, despite Main Bar being quite dark and a bit small.
  • The Octagon is being refurbished for the first time in 15 years. Now has M.Monroe pictures on the wall and an "over 25's" upstairs.
  • About a year/two ago, The student's union opened up a new nightclub "Time/Amser" which is now open to 1am, cheapish nasty drinks (1 Foster's, 1.20 Worthington's etc). Slightly harder to pull than in the Octagon (fewer slappers), but always worth a laugh. It's cheap. And as us students know, cheap stuff always tastes so much better...
  • The OCTAGON, well what can I say? It's OK I suppose if you want to have a dance. The beer is rubbish as it is the dregs from the brewerys but what do you expect for 50p a pint?
  • The Students' Union, while not being a 'club' as such, is the best place to go for a good rave: alternate Saturdays during term time sees 'Juice' the best dance night in North Wales. Look out for other events with 'Open access' for members of the public. Of course, anybody with a valid NUS card can get in to any event anyway.
  • The only club in the vicinity is "The Octagon". The scarcity of clubs means The Octagon is ridiculosly overpriced costing 5 or over on a Saturday, with watered down beer in the region of 2 a pint. Clientele are checked-shirted farmers and tarted up fourteen year olds! Go there if desperate only!

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