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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Famous for what. Everyone should be famous for getting out of this unflushable toilet!
  • brains behind Topshop, Jane Shepardson
  • Bobby Moore, Sir Trevor Brooking , Billy Bragg and U2's The Edge (Dave Evans) all born at Upney Hospital Barking. Jason Lenoard ex England Rugby Union international also Barking born as was Frances De Costa Footballers Wives actress.
  • Sandie Shaw grew up in Dagenham, she who sang barefoot in the 1960s and later sang 'Hand in Glove' with the Smiths, Morrisey being a big fan. I think she now works as a psychotherapist. Five Star also come from Barking/Dagenham. You might want to say something nicer about Billy Bragg. Thanks! (Incidentally, I found this site because I was looking for Flintlock, who my friend couldn't remember.
  • Decca Records Mike Smith, infamous as the producer who rejected the Beatles in the early 1960s lived on Melford Road at the time. In fact, Mike had auditioned both the Beatles and Bian Poole and the Tremeloes and wanted to sign both groups. However, senior management told him he had to choose one and he chose the Trems because they were a local group. I knew Mike well, and soon after Brian and the Trems showed up with him at a party at my girlfriend's house in Barkingside. I was the local hero for a few days.
  • The 70's pop group FLINTLOCK were born and grew up in Dagenham. Mike Holoway of Flintlock and more memorably the tv programme THE TOMORROW PEOPLE was born and bought up in Dagenham.
  • Nevermind the Buzzcocks' Phil Jupitus comes from Barking. Eastender's loser Grant Mitchell was played by Barking born Ross Kemp. Vera Lynn lived on Upney Lane. Phillip Scofield opened the shopping centre. Essex Dogs, the Sean Bean film was filmed here. The advert for The Link, mobile phone shops used the Barking branch as a set. William the Conquerer 's son went to the Abbey, to learn. Curly, the sidewalk commando can always be found near the video stall in the market. He changes his look each week.. at the time of writing, he was wearing wetsuit trousers, and tuxedo jacket.
  • Off course there was dudley moore,'ll get back to you!!!
  • Brian Poole is from Barking, and the Tremeloes were from Barking and Dagenham. Brian stayed n Barking for many years.
  • That useless leftie tosser Billy Bragg who has spent less time in the charts than Mr Blobby
  • Has anyone seen the nutter who hangs around the Evening Standard seller at Barking Station every nite, does he actually sell any papers or what. Has become a topic of conversation for us on the 87 bus home.
  • William the Conqueror lived in Barking and Captain Cook got married there. It used to be a bustling fishing town. Once upon a time.
  • bobby moore, trevor brooking and a few others ...also billy bragg if you think he fits as a celeb
  • One famous dude is Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Kelly Brook and of course, Bob Holness. Bob has often ben seen trying to kick off a game of Blockbusters in the town centre, but has often been seen lookign rejected when no one wanted to. Busy people have places to go, see?

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Last updated: 2014-02-26

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