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The Worst Things
  • The Long Serving Labour Council has degraded and destoyed Barking socially, and economically. The area has high crime, unemployment at double figures, high welfare dependency and mediocre shops.
  • It's still there. It needs wiping off the map
  • the worst thing about barking is the fact that looking at previous posts....none of the (so called) locals can bloody spell
  • the worst thing about barking is the fact that looking at previous posts....none of the (so called) locals can bloody spell
  • All the fast food take aways that have opened up in place of the lovely butchers, comic shop, etc... The Barking Dog, Town Centre, Barking in general. The amazing ammont of immigrants that have apeared and have opened up their own club house. The fact that there are too many fast food take aways, there are 28 alone from the park to the station - which is only a 10min walk.
  • The 369 bus ride from Barking Station to the Thames View estate. It is tooth-grindingly awful. You can guarantee one or more of the following: screaming schoolkids, youths smoking dope on the top deck, youths smotking fags on the top deck, boringly offensive 'nigga rap' music being played at high volume on someone's mobile, smelly food, people talking loudly into their mobiles.
  • The crime rate! If you come to Barking don't wear jewellery or carry mobile phones or handbags, don't drive a car less than 50 years old, don't critisize anyone no matter what they do wrong and don't look anyone in the eye! failure to obey these tips may result in mugging, stabbing, car jacking or death!
  • Oh where do I start. The council, the river being contaminated and nobody caring about it, All the people taking the michael out of our government, RUDE BOYS, dirty little girls dressing up like 30 year olds, then trying people for assault, estate mums with their screaming uncontrollable kids who know every swear word there is. The smell. OOh yeah and what the hell are these so called landscapes???
  • The Royal Oak. Full of ugly girls and pikey blokes.
  • Barking existing.
  • Teh worstthings have got to be the dam asylum seekers, a group of them mugged by girlfriend (big men). When we went to have a word they screemed racism
  • Renwick Road traffic lights in the morning
  • The litter, grafitti, assylumn seekers, rough looking women with 7 kids each and fags hanging outta their gobs! Crime and the new classy lidl store.
  • The Gypsies
  • the refugees, the cretinous one-way system, the filthy litter strewn streets. the parking.
  • Tony Blair has got a secret tunnel which runs from Downing Street to Barking Poice Station and he can often be heard running along below the streets of Bartk9ing at night, screaming his youthful face off and singing drunkenly. Many hav complained, but they don't listen.

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Last updated: 2016-02-22

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