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Cheap Food
  • Chippy by the Last Inn, good nosh when its open, crab fish, pint, fish and chips 'appy dayz
  • The locker, Baldi is the 'chef' there.....say no more.
  • not cheap but be amazed and marvel in wonder at the hugeness of the bread in the joe cocker
  • you can tell how good a restaurant by the reccomendation by the locals... we were directed to the sagor indian restaurant by the locals at the talydon pub and were not dissapointed. the restaurant was very busy (another indication)the food was wonderful and the staff very good we ate twice more during our brief stay
  • The Promenade Cafe, not a burger in sight. Offers a large menu full of traditional well prepared tasty food at a good price. Not only is the food great the people were lovely tending to our every need and polite and friendly. Not many children, just a lovely quiet, relaxing meal watching the sun set over the sea. 10/10 for food and reception.
  • The kebab house is a shit hole.You find hairs in your chips and once my mate found a bolt in his pizza. They are unhygenic and the meat is made of piguins from the back yard
  • Go to Alisons for pukka tukka
  • barnmouth harbor chip shop has some of the best fish and chops in the uk
  • Isis, no competition there
  • Isis , superb !
  • gullivers is good for home made meals, none of this packet crap! bistro the same. the balti indian is very popular. the indian next to the crown is hit and miss! the chinese is VERY poor. two kebab/pizza houses which are both good! lots of chip shops, with the mermaid and the harbour fish bar being the pick of the bunch. tell gary or paul that you are a liverpool supporter and you might get bigger portions!!
  • For the best fresh food in a pleasant atmosphere why not try The Bistro in Church Street. It is Taste of Wales accredited and has a varied menu with a daily extras board. You can be sure of a friendly welcome and will be remembered on your return visit. Dont forget to book your table.
  • Go to the Wayside, its WKD man, innit!! top quality nosh in the pub and chip shop
  • Go to the Wayside, be seen with celebritys
  • The Last Inn was delicious last time I went
  • I just want to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I am the daughter of the owners of the Promenade Cafe in Barmouth. I am very very proud of my parents and love them very much. They have built up one of the best reputations for miles around with customers from all over Britain and other areas of the world. The food is unbeatable and the hospitality even better. Well done guys...I love you loads !
  • Ty'r Graig Castle Hotel on Llanaber Road is a charming spot to eat. The restaurant is a bit special, delicious award winning menu specialising in local produce. We had three belt busting courses and a delicious bottle of wine and staggered to bed v happy indeed. Forgot to say we also loved the view from the bar.
  • Try going to the Last Inn as they have a new menu coming out after Easter. If the place looks full go to the bar and ask for a table, they will find you a table and the wait is worth it, especially for the steaks!! Oh and of course you always get a better service if you tip the Bar Staff, trust me it works!
  • Promenade Cafe & Restaurant, went there for a Steak dinner, magic, really good stuff they have a lot of puddings to choose from as well. Caters for the older and more down to earth people who like to get away from the crowds. It's a mile from the town up the North end of the Prom, well worth the trip though.
  • Promeande Cafe & Restaurant. Great place for real food, steaks and gammons fresh from the local butchers not out of a packet like others places. All cooked while you wait, and the puddings are really good. More like a social club that a restaurant.
  • You can not beat the Mermaid Fish Bar, It greats you after you drive to Barmouth no matter what time I have ever hit it I have been presented with good hot food. I a regular visitor (Every Week) and also The Caddogan youll see it in detail at Barmouthlink (Food is Great) Staff are Very Nice.
  • Using the recommendation given for the Last Inn we decided to give it a try, what a disappointment, expecting something a bit special we decided to avoid all the usual scampi/chicken/cod etc with chips and ordered the pork in cider sauce, what we got was five chewy lumps of pork in about a pint of sauce with peas that looked and tasted as if they had been boiling in the pan all day.
  • The best places to eat are found in the barmouthlink guide to the town. In some of them you can click your way through the door and meet the propriators and see the sumptuous interiors. There's always a welcome in
  • The Indian Clipper Balti House does wonderful curries, especially the creamy lemon chicken, take your own drink, family friendly
  • Isis is the best in town for food and drinks with lovely views and staff
  • Many Restaurants and Bistros. Best place to eat in Barmouth is the Last Inn, located next to the Harbour. There are also other good places to eat : The Crown offer nice bar meals, Brambles do nice food and for something upmarket then theres the Ty Craig on the way out of Barmouth
  • I have visited Barmouth twice, now, and must recommend the bistro called The Last Inn which is on one of the main streets, but I cannot remember exactly what street name.

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