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Cheap Food
  • Sonny's Riva MVH The Depot.Annie's The Tree House The Tapestry
  • The Thai food served at the restaurant behind The Bulls Head is very authentic and you can sit in the restaurant or be served the same food in the pub bar.
  • Riva is the best restaurant for miles around, a bit expensive but you are getting River cafe food or better so it's a greatplace for a spoecial evening out. Sonny's is also good but better than Sonny's is Redmonds on the Upper Richmond Rd in East Sheen )ok it's not exactly Barnes but it's only 5 mins away by car). Rive & Redmonds that's my recommendation. For a simple lunch also recommend The Depot at Tideway Yard. The food at the Thai restaurant behind The Bulls head is also very good and authentic.
  • Strada is a very good Italian restaurant, it is where the old Caffe Uno sight used to be. Huge Pizza's and very good value for money. Also, The Depot is a great location on the river. Very good food, but a bit pricey and sometimes the service is a bit slow. Nice views if you can get a window table! Had a good meal at Sonny's but very expensive.
  • The restaurant you mention as "Sunny`s" in Barnes is actually "Sonny`s".
  • Bar Estilo in Rocks Lane. Good Good Good. The Thai also in Rocks Lane, Good Good Good Good.
  • The Barnes Womens Institute Market on Friday Mornings from 10am sells the best sponges,flapjack and cakes home baked by the nice well off ladies in their expensive ovens. Its the only one and the best in London. The prices are about 3 per cake but they are excellent. Real eggs and butter etc.Light sponges .Londons best kept secret. The market is in white building in the centre near the pond but dont forget that Hammersmith Bridge is indefinetly closed to traffic but is crossable by pedestrians and cyclists (single file riding not easy)
  • Barnes - top area for food! On the 1/2 mile long High Street are a host of quality eats. Bellinis (Pizza) - cheesecake; Tootsies (American) - milkshakes; Sonnys (Posh) - small food; Monzil (Indian) - everything!; Delice de France (French!) - posing; Ask (Pizza) - Pizza; Pukkabar (Indian) - quality Indian; Tania's (Chippy) - 11:30pm.
  • ASK PIZZA on the green by the pond in the old post-office does good pizzas in an attractive setting. Pizza Express does lousy pizzas in a cold drafty converted shop with no ambiance. Glaisters opened late 1999 in White Hart Lane. Third in a chain. Other two Fulham,Clapham. Food bland Brasserie stuff. Good reasonably priced wine. When more than half full noise level exceeds that in Kensington Place IE only possible to converse by shouting at your immediate neighbour. Browns opened by Hammersmith Bridge in Summer '99. Smart efficient brasserrie with attractive garden for eating outside. Upmarket fast food. Always busy.Fun for grown-ups. Riva is a real Italian provincial restaurant. I've never been to Italy but all the food writers say so and it gets mentioned in the Sunday Times about 3 or 4 times a year. Expensive of course, but a great experience. Italian owner (perhaps justifiably?) full of himself. San Remo friendly, chaotic, crowded little Italian restaurant; a bit swamped by Browns round the corner. Food variable, owner (Joseph) delightful.
  • Sunny's is justifiably popular
  • Don't forget the nice restaurant, Sonny's in Church Street, for a good (but not cheap) meal.
  • The Depot down by the river on the Mortlake borders is nice and has good views. Caffe Uno has opened on the corner of the river and High St. Noisy upstairs at weekends.
  • Bellinis pizza is good - pizza express under different name
  • Delice de France Cafe on Church Road - very expensive but good coffee, sticky buns etc etc

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