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  • There's only one! Central cinema, with the ghost george. Who is apparently a nice ghost..
  • Central Cinema - It's a close to a multiplex as you'll get for around 50 miles. Its not bad I guess, if a little expensive.
  • astor - barn cunningly disguised as state of the art multiplex, currently showing police academy 1 or the the empire strikes back.
  • Central cinema - ask for joe
  • our cinema has been done up in the past few years to one of those snazzy multi screening ones with new seating usual drinks/snacks are a rip off so get elsewhere beforehand.its slightly improved that wre getting to see new films a bit quicker than we used to but still could be better.
  • OI! this obvioulsy aint been lukd at for agez.... i work at the now CENTRAL CINEMA (not the dredded astor *shivers*) and its gr8 now!...i mite just be saying that cos i wrk ther but its all new n woohoo u knwo wot i mean. theres 4 screens now, we get the films ON TIME, air-conditioned, gr8 service *wink wink* ;D and its just dam better than the others around the area. trust me lol but dnt buy the hotdogs please god dont buy the hotdogsssss!
  • cinema in barnstaple is fucking price
  • Now refurbished the old Astor has 4 screens, 3 of which are small(and really cold) but the choice of films is better!there is even a mini bar upsrairs. But the ushers get really arset when you put your feet on the chair in front, and they crowd you in, sitting next to complete strangers in tiny seats is not fun!
  • 1 in bouport st, 4 screens used to work there, hi jill?
  • Much improved cinema, now that it's been taken over by another company. Better seating, choice of films and it's clean too!
  • Astor. just been rebulit with 4 new screens. pretty shit but the only place to go to see a movie. otherwise its the option of a dvd on the sofa with just popcorn and the dog.
  • they are a bit antiquated
  • astor cinema - its much better now with more screens, much bigger and has films when they are released - no waiting.
  • what used to be astor cinema - is SHIT. i mean dont they bother hiring cleaners?? plus they charge - get this - 1-80 FOR A MEDIUM PEPSI???
  • Asor Cinema (Now called CENTRAL cinema or something).
  • North Devon Go cart centre is great
  • The Odeon is no more, in the hands of Scott Cinemas it's become The Central which has twelve zillion screens (but each one's about the size of a toilet cubicle) and fancy new ticket machines but is still managed by the bloke who looks like Luigi from Super Mario Brothers without a hat. Also, on Pottington industrial estate is a Superbowl with a Laser Quest thing. There's also Paintballing near Torrington. All three are fairlt risky.
  • astor cinema
  • You have already described how crap Barnstaples cinema is do I REALLY need to explain more?!
  • The cinema here is not designed for Aussies or people over 6 feet in height. Otherwise a cheap venue. You must wait a few weeks for the latest releases.
  • Astor cinema, 1 screen and the sound never matches the talking. Bowling + quasar on the Braunton road
  • I have to say that the Astor Cinema is probaly one of the smallest cinemas you will ever go to But even though its not anything great it gets us by and eventually gets the latest releases (4 months later)

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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