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  • want a 3d cinema
  • Apollo cinema, Roxy cinema in Ulveston
  • na would not travel miles to see film there but a lot better than the old one on abbey road proper crap!
  • Apollo Cinema is the only cinema in Barrow. Forum 28 plays movies sometimes, but it's not a cinema
  • Apollo Cinemas is where we all go to expand our imaginations with the glory of films.
  • I think there is an alternative needed to the Multi Cinema back of Currys a the sound quality is not that good, unfortunately there is a five story monstrosity where the Astra once was near the railway station.
  • i loved the old cinema, it was so cool (fantastic example of art deco), however it was torn down even though it was wonderful even though the council kept the facade of that ugly pile of rubbish opposite the custom house. anyway, the new cinema in hollywood park is fine, just like any other cinema but its really expensive and only allows student discount during the week which is rubbish
  • Apollo Cinemas. There have been two but the old one on the end of Holker Street got shut down not cause it was haunted, cause they wanted to move it to Hollywood park so get ya facts right! It not bad, but nothing spectacular.
  • the official hollywood park....very good....but VERY pricey and not really worth it.....good staff though:)
  • i used to love ging to the apollo on abbey rd, but thats just a pile of rubble now
  • The new apollo is both modern and spacious,but doesn't have the same character as the old cine on Abbey Road and is quite pricey.
  • old cinema corner of holker st and abbey road is sadly being demolished at the moment in another couple of weeks it will no longer exist.
  • shitty new apollo six screen , has smallest seats in the world,how i watch lord of the rings al way through i dont know.
  • Good multi plex cinima
  • The cinema aint to bad in comparison to what used to be there.
  • the cinema in Hollywood park is pretty good has quite a few screens and is fairly comfortable- much better than the old one ne way!
  • the one in hollywood park
  • apollo datz de onli un we got innit...dey fukin rob ya
  • Cinema? One. Price? Too much.
  • the new apollo in hollywood park, 6 screens and shows everything but barbie !! great
  • ya feet stick to the floor
  • tha apollo on Hollywood parks a pretty good cinema,they dont let u take ur own food bt wens any1 eva listened 2 tha shit
  • The LazerZone at the custom House in town is a fun night out for all!!!me and my mates had a cracking time!a real must!!!!!
  • ollywood park has a great new cinema. as well as a super bowl, mcdonalds, kfc, and piza hut
  • Apollo cinems it is quite big and near to the Bowling Alley. They are on a complex called Hollywood Park, This also has JJB sports Drive through Mcdonalds and KFC long with other shops too.
  • bowling alley is good with loads of bandits to waste ur hard earned money on!! cinema is good but to cold- take a jacket if u go or u mite freeze 2 death!
  • crap cinema n bowling but wud travel miles 2 c da bingo hall which iz good
  • Apollo Cinema, coz it's the only one! Oh.. and bowling is pretty cool. 'Cept sometimes we're allowed on the bandits and sometimes we're not.. *sigh*
  • the cinemas ok i suppose a bit dear tho id rather watch a video but at least its better than the old cinema!
  • We only have one bowling ally and one cinema these are both on Hollywood park.
  • apollo in hollywood park. its overpriced though
  • The new multi-screen cinema is very nice if a bit pricey. They have a 'Silver Screening' on a Thursday night. What a good opportunity to show some classic and cult movies, but no, alas the criteria for the Thursday night slot is that it has been shown before - ie, if you're expecting Rocky Horror or Christine, don't bother. You'll most likely get The Mummy Returns or Bridget Jones' Diary.
  • The new cinema is good 'cos it's too cold or too lound they adjust heat and sound good eh
  • Old Astra cinema is now derelict. New multiplex cinema opened at Hollywood Park
  • The Hollywood Park thingie.
  • New multi-screen cinema opening soon - Hollywood Park.
  • Current cinema is small 4-screen. New larger multiplex due in 1999.
  • Crap but the new 6 screen should be very good.

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