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  • Bucc. O'Briens. Bassette. Castle. Savoy. Whitchell. Billy. Royal. Mariner. Admiral.
  • Bucc. O'Briens. Bassette. Castle. Savoy. Whitchell. Billy. Royal. Mariner. Admiral.
  • Castle Hotel. Top landlord and landlady. Top crowd too!
  • the bells in cadoxton is ok. in fact, most of them are fine if they are not situated on holton road. wear belts, not skirts and be prepared to "scrap for yer maaan, lurve" if you want to fit in there!!
  • The Park Hotel has gota be the best pub in Barry, lots of characters and decent beer. Some decent places in the Vale such as the Plough and Harrow in Monknash, full of proper farming types and middle class sorts but nice to get away to for the evening.
  • this is not a real pub but it brings the drinks to you at home. an internet based alcohol delivery service, 7 days a week until 4am, prices are fantastic with a small delivery charge. fantastic
  • I wouldn't bother. Go out of town to avoid the knobheads and the arseholes.
  • All pubs in Barry are frequented by halfwits, morons, wannabe gangsters who couldnt knock a fart out.
  • blue anchor
  • blue anchor
  • usual
  • Cubanas in high street..the old hiratios..been refurbished very nice
  • Try Cardiff on a monday nite! Cheap as chips (which u can get from chip alley...hurry, whilst shops last!)
  • Avoid the Bassett Arms. Its full of dandys and homosexuals.
  • horatios a pint and a punch.....
  • The Ship! Im 20 and I feel ancient when I go in there. Full of 10 year olds with babies.
  • Fresh faces usually entertain themselves in the Ship the Dolphin or Horatio's
  • There is another new pub in the old Barry hotel vaults called EZE bar, nicely decorated bit of a sterile atmosphere, and they only serve Brains bitter or larger, there is one larger that is served very cold, it has ice floating on the top, ok on a summers day (if there ever is one) not a great taste though.
  • Witchill Hotel
  • Windsor be upgraded, no more zoo now called the longbar
  • The Ship...always packed, nice atmosphere most of the time, the borough is ok but a bit small.
  • The best pubs are in Cardiff and they are used by decent people, well worth the bus fare or borrow a neighbours car he wont mind.
  • The Savoy but if any towniwe is reading then please DO NOT TURN UP!!!!
  • The Park of course.
  • the park is the best place for a good night on a sunday...packed with tarts!for the best and cheapest pint i reckon the railway club on broad street is hard to beat..a pint of label for 1.45,thats cheap!
  • Ship, Horatios and The Park. Don't listen to people badmouthing, everyone in Barry is really friendly. Honest!
  • I bring to your attention the Glenbrook Inn at Dobbins Road Barry that is worthy of mention as it is a good friendly sports and family pub serving superb draught Brains SA & Bitter and also a large range of bottled conditioned ales.
  • The Park...for real
  • The Park would be my local I suppose. The trouble is it's a far walk to be a local as I live on the Gibbonsdown side of town. The Admiral's alright on a Thursday, especially when the Kareoke's on.
  • The Dolfin a new pub with alate licence seems to be the place to be in Barry at the moment. It's next to the pleasure park over the island oppersite the former Majestic camp. Saturday night is the best night and if you get there before ten you get in for free, otherwise it costs you about a fiver! NO trainers aloud but skirts seem to be optional! On a Thursday night the Admaral in Vere street is quite a good place to be, at least it always used to be.
  • The Ship (very attractive to the FRESH FACED crowd), Horatios, The Cwm Ciddy...there are too many fab pubs to mention!
  • The Park Hotel serves a great pint of Brains. Go upstairs for a cosy evening. Also, the Marine on Barry Island - nice bunch of people.
  • not a drinker but maybe the ship hotel
  • Look above at the Borough Arms, High Street. Good ale and friendly atmosphere.
  • Cwm Talwg taking over where the Park left has the Old Record Club on Fridays....check it out
  • The Ship Inn is the best in Barry. Daryll the bouncer is a really nice guy he won't trouble you if you behave yourself. They serve a great Snakebite and black and it is a great place to get wasted, I should know!!! Great beer garden to have a smoke in (if you know what I mean). Horatio's is also a good pub which also has a beer garden, but stay away from the pool table and the dodgy looking geezer's at the back, if you won,t to go home as you arrived (in one piece).
  • The Cwm Ciddy- On your left on the way to Cardiff Airport. This is an alright pub, pretty quiet. Karaoke on some nights.
    It's quiet and pleasant. It has an eaterie and a seperate lounge bar. Quiz nights etc...
  • The Witchell - Bottom of Barry Road; good laugh sometimes.
  • The Park - Half way down Park Crescent; packed with slappers on a Sunday night.Three bars.
  • The Colcot Arms - Far end of Colcot Road - only been in once, full of old grippers playing cards.
    Recently refurbished, very nice inside, family pub, large playground, good food. On Colcot Road just before main round about with port road
  • The College Inn (I think) - Top of Barry Road - Just been done out when I went there last. Not bad.
  • The Royal, The Admiral - In Cadoxton, dodgy and alright depending on who you are with probably.
  • The Windsor (or, 'the Zoo') - Not a popular tourist attraction.
  • Quids In - Supposed to be good (opened after I left).
  • The Friars - The only late licence in Barry (I think), with Buster Blood Vessel doing the doors. Opens till 1 on weekends. Plays no dance music, got pictures of Bowie on the wall. Get pissed first.
  • High Street. - loads of pubs down there but I can't remember their names. Meet the Black Prince of Wales in THE BASSETT.
  • Horatios - Recently renovated. Very busy, loud music, close to central area of town. Kind of a party atmosphere. Pub licencing, except for on special occasions.
  • Ship - Quieter, more mature version of Horatios. Bottom of Ship Hill, last pub before Barry Island.
  • Als bar - No, don't go in there man, don't sacrifice yourself.
  • Bindles is on the sea front at the old harbour

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