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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Rico Daniels "The Salvager". I remember him playing his harmonica in the Towngate.
  • Scorr Robinson from Five still lives in Pitsea with his Wife and son!
  • Perhaps Bas should capitalise on this aspect of culture. After all, Depeche Mode, Alison Moyet and Vince Clark all came from Bas. Dep Mode used to drink in the towngate when i worked behind the bar. . The Castlemayne pub used to have cover bands etc (when I worked there) too
  • Scott from 5ive! Zoe from Eastenders (apprantly!), Denise Van Outen, Alison Moyet and a few others that names escape at the mo.
  • scoot from 5ive, lived in pitesa attend chalverdon. denise van outen performed at towngate and used to live in basildon
  • UK's leading gay rapper, QBoy - - is from Basildon. Born in Basildon Hospital (lived in Pitsea and Laindon), educated at Briscoe (Felmores), Chalvedon (Pitsea) and Palmers College (Grays).
  • Joan Simms from the carry on films was born in Laindon. Bloke in star Wars who played Darth Vaders body, was also on the Green Cross code adverts in the '80's.
  • Carla Brown from Pitsea lives near me. You'll be familiar with her if you're a perv as she used to do Page 3 and now does men's mags like FHM and some TV like Men and Motors
  • i live jus down the road from big-headed scott from 5- hes still big-headed, but his baby is cute.
  • denise van outen, scott from 5, errr thats all i can think of
  • Famous Guitarist, Producer, Journalist and Author - Phil Hilborne. He plays in the the Queen 'We Will Rock You Show' at the Dominion Theatre in London and he also reqularly plays with Iron Maiden drumme Nick McBrain. He has a website at too.
  • Denise Van Outen (?), Depeche Mode, The Bloke from Erasure, Alison Moyet, Mark Kinsella (Charlton and N Ireland)
  • ME ME ME ME Oh yeah apart from me! Scot Robinson from Five, Denise Van Outen, and Brian Harvey plus the rest of JEast 17 in Wickford!
  • GEORGIE SMITH. Dos anyone know hat became of the up and coming Georgie ? He was a friend of mine befor left Basildon 6 years ago.We losttouch, and another friend of mine sent me a newspaper artical regarding Georgie being involvd in an asult on an elderly man out side the Barge pub, Vange ! Since receiving it, I havnt heard anymore, did it go to cour ? Is Georgie still in the boxing profesion ? wold love to hear frm anyone that can help ~~~~ thanx
  • johnny darling (now living in exile) former wanderer
  • some geezer from five, denis van outen
  • Well there's the normal : Alison Moyet, Depech Mode, Eamon Martin, Bob Downes (cyclist), John Merrick (the elephant man) and of course Princess Denise of Basildon herself.
  • Allan Hibbert session drummer extrordinaire.
  • What about that celebrity TERRY MOXLEY he can sing better than Freddy Webber But he originates from Molash in Kent and only visits Basildon when he`s slumming...?
  • Freddy Webber the greatest singer of all time you wanna hear him sing some of the ole numbers now resides in the Markham Chase area of Basildon.Still makes that pilgrimage to Kent visiting Faversham and Molash around the Hop picking time when he`s not on holiday abroad.still gives out autographs..
  • Denise Van Outen is not from Basildon but from the Stanford-le-Hope area but as that place is pretty dead she spent a lot of time in Basildon.
  • Andy Blake who won Gold at the Souel olympics
  • In the first section of this section is written "Depache Mode" it's DepEche Mode (note the "e" replacing the "a"). Thank you.
  • ross kemp lived in langdon hills
  • Graham Bonnie sang Hey Supergirl in the sixties.
  • Scott Robinson from Five, who lived in Pitsea.
  • Scott from boy band 5, Alison Moyet, Erasure, Steve Jones ex West Ham footballer
  • Denise Van Outen of Big Breakfast fame
  • The band Depeche Mode and Yazzoo originated here
  • Denise Van Outen - Mmmm Luverly
  • Pop Band Depache Mode are from these parts. Blues singer and ex-Yazoo star Alison Moyet. Vince Clarke (formerly Depache Mode, Yazoo and now Erasure). Terry Marsh - former World Champion Boxer. Leah Betts who died from adverse effects of an ectasy tablet and made headline news.
  • London marathon winner Eamon Martin.
  • Scott Robinson, from Pitsea, is a member of agonising new boy band, Five.

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