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  • the Quays is nice, its near a lake so very picturesque in the summer, you could almost be inanother country!!! nice food too!
  • the railway.. billericy!! havvit!!
  • steer clear of ALL basildon pubs unless you go in tehre with a regular first! Saying that, the Beehive is a very nice civilised pub with an older set of drinkers.
  • The railway famous for being on tv in britains worst pubs
  • The pubs are rough generally. The retail park pubs are typical of the type and the service can be dire with barmen spending so much time flaffing around with cocktails that you can wait 25mins 4 deep at the bar for a drink. The original Towngate was different and interesting and safe but its shit now.
  • Bar orginal in Hollywood Bowl over Bas Vagas.
  • lots in basildon
  • Believe it or not, the Joker in Laindon Centre - scruffy but has air conditioning (great for non-smokers) and their draught Guiness is to die for, it's so well kept! Never seen any troube there, either.
  • castlemayne
  • yates in town is great pub to hang out in 1. its not a dive like most pubs with there sleezy old men 2. its cheapish which is always a good thing. one other place i gotta big up is eversley lesuire centre bar its 2 secs from my house so for a quick drink or somewhere you can crawl home to its cool!
  • Don't go or be careful cos they are very much locals pubs. Strangers can make some volatile people paranoid (or is it the other way around - who cares?). Go to Southend or somewhere safer like Brixton.
  • The Towngate is known hereon as the "ClownGate".
  • Pubs in Basildonia are synonymous with over zealous bouncers, sadly. Avoid eye contact at all times. There are no wine connosoiurs amoung the clientele of Yates Wine Lodge and it is not a lodge. THIS IS BASILDON AFTER ALL!
  • The castlemayne pub-er-sometimes have... bands...playing on a thursday night. Its worth going there just to get a glimpse of people transmutating into weird monkeys.
  • Remember he old Bull ? I use to love the live bands and atmosphere, then it had a huge tramsformatin into the Power house, better known, as the posers pub ha ha I recently went back "home" and saw tat it no longer exists !!
  • the bull in vange (powerhouse)the first place i got pissed with my mates and saw hedgehog live
  • Some new 'chain' bars (Yates etc) opened in the town centre can be quite good, if a little packed.
  • If you want to drink with a 100 fifteen year olds I suggest any pub in Basildon. They are all pretty poor and the festival park is no exception, with it's share of over zealous bouncers and 15 year old scroats. It's a congregation of factory workers and doll queue dropouts
  • honeypot
  • Fresh faced crowds can drink in the Moon on the Square, it's violent thought! The Towngate is far better, although they don't allow steel toe-capped boots in (boo!) or trainers (hurrah!)
  • Moon on the Square....and thats the ONLY one Im putting in
  • cant beat the crown.....was better when it was just a pub though....also boasting the added advantage of being on the top of a hill, dosnt matter how much you drink becouse you can always roll home!
  • Try the Crane in Denys Drive for a nice hassle free night out
  • The Crown Pub- Good traditional pub with restaurant. Nice and lively in the summer. It has a Wacky Warehouse for the kids to enjoy themselves in while the parents have a drink. The music is generally good and not too loud. As I work there I could promote it so call (01268) 414233 for bookings in the restaurant.
  • The Moon on the Square & Market Tavern are the two closest to the town centre. Try the roof Gardens Opposite basildon bowl
  • The Honey Pot. Nothing special, typical modern eatery / pub. Also TFI Fridays next door if thats your thing. Why not travel west to Ingrave to the Old dog. That's a free house with some interesting beers.
  • TGI Fridays at the Festival Leisure Park, Watermill Pub/Restaurant between Pitsea and Basildon and the Crown at Langdon Hills (previously mentioned)
  • The Moon on the Square is a Witherspoon pub located nr Basildon Market, cheap drink good atmosphere and food served round the clock
  • Towngate Theatre Bar - closed from Aug '98 due to non-payment of VAT.
  • The Fortune of War in Laindon, but try to go in there with a regular the first time, otherwise it can be a bit hairraising. T*tt*enh*am shirts are sticktly out of the question
  • Why not try the five bells, just off the A13 it is out of the way yet still fairly busy, and it does nice nosh
  • Good pub is the Roof Garden, especially on a Saturday night, but get there before ten or you may have to queue.
  • Drink in the Towngate Theatre Bar. It's the only sane pub in the town; by this, I mean that spilling someone's pint is not a first-class ticket to Basildon Hospital's A&E department. In the armpit of Essex, avoiding aggression can be a full-time occupation.
  • The Crown is nice in the summer - it has a nice garden, has a nice view from the hill-top over looking Basildon and is family friendly during the day. It is on Laindon High Road at Langdon Hills. In the evening lots of young people go there. They also now do food.
  • The Castle Mayne on the Knares has good live bands and a good atmosphere. For the day they are becoming more family friendly, weekends can be very busy, especially in the evening.
  • Moon on the Square makes a vague attempt to improve upon the dire standards of the area, but only partially succeeds. It's hardly a great pub, situated right next to the market with expensive food, a limited selection of beer and, last time I could be bothered to go there, no pool table.

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