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The Worst Things
  • Issy Rivers
  • It seems that Basildon Council believe that allowing people to build extensions, conservatories and sheds in the sylvan glades of the Basildon Green Belt would be "inappropriate" which is why, when some years ago planning permission was granted for a large "shed" in my client's back garden a condition was imposed which removed the rights (which most properties even in the Green Belt) have to build modest extensions, conservatories and garden buildings. When the Council refused last year to lift this condition we took the case to appeal and we have just heard that we have won since Basildon Council could put forward no arguments to support the view that allowing such structures was likely to lead to Basildon becoming a concrete jungle (which, according to the Council it isn't)
  • A multi-generational closed and narrow minded cultural perspective. The usual New Town heritage issues (No one has more than 5-6 generations). No long term roots established. This leads to a sense of insecurity that creates paranoia, fear, ignorance and aggression. The lack of social values, community spirit, and manners creates a focused grotesque sense of rationale in working class people in towns such as Basildon. I think this is reflected perfectly by the Old-Man videos on You Tube. Architectural ugliness at a profound level. A lack of visual beauty in the town does not encourage pride or pleasure for those that life there. Planning departments have a hand in this. The police and the villains playing cops and robbers with each other. Money spent on the extension of peoples ego's such as a bell tower? How much of an erection do you need? Instead of investment in root causes of social disaffection of young people. Public transport curfew. No buses in the evening can someone explain this to me please? If a community does not have the ability to move around at the poorest level; it becomes stagnant and ghettoised. That has happened in the name of greed by the bus companies.
  • the people the area the reputation the slags,skets young mums single parentsss!!!!
  • I can't beleive no-one has mentioned the huge rats running about in the underpasses and lurking about in the bushes because there is so much rubbish all over the floor. Also Butneys. bloody hell
  • Craylands
  • Wide Boy Car Dealers Anyone Looking To Buy A Car In Basildon '' DONT DO IT ''
  • Arriving and or staying. The people. The pubs. The shops. The people. The crappy market. The people.
  • the worst thing is festival leisure park because if your 16 all you can really do is go to the cinema which is really expensive because you cant go in hollywood bowl after 8 o'clock if your under 18 u have 2 be 18 or with an adult which is stupid and u have 2 be 18 to get in all the clubs and pubs so theres nothing for teenagers to do which is unfair because we want 2 have fun you no! they should change that rule in hollywood bowl because it is absolutely redicules! they would get more customers if they let under 18's in and they should change the price in UCI because its stupid and they should do something for under 18's where they can go and have a good time! (and they should make the legal drinking age 16 hehe)
  • the attitude of some of the youngsters!
  • the councils repair policy to thier housing stock "do it your self and dont bother us"
  • The minority who spoil it for the rest of us, its a heavily working class area, so some residents are pretty poor.
  • the road leading into basildon junky needles (punchers )
  • Loud mouthed thugs and scroats who swear a lot. Almost total lack of culture apart from drinking and eatin junk food which may be why such musical talent has emerged in the past cause thats all else there is to do.
  • I moved away from BASILDON aprox 10 years ago . When i return to see my mother you know when you are getting close to BASILDON due to the amount OF BURNT OUT CARS ON THE A127(southend arterial) I would NOT consider for one moment now nor in the near feture of ever moving back to BASILDON. If my mother wasent there i would not come to BASILDON again. I DO CONSIDER MY SELF A SNOB NOW BECOUSE OF WHAT I HAVE ACHIEVED HERE IN THE EAST MIDLANDS. (GBH)
  • Totally horibble and utterly dreadful. I lived there about 5 years ago. The emotional scars are still there. The total arse of the UK. If you are an outsider NEVER EVER live will taint your view on humanity for ever....(a passionate plea !). ps also the drugs hell of anywhere...totally ruins lives.
  • rude boys, fucking trendies, busted fans, boy racers that think there "it" in there little(banged up) ford fiestas, festival leasure park ( coz its filled with the above) the fact that you cant go a day without some idiot trying to act hard and take the p**s coz you like different things compared to the rest of everyone else and there mindless drone, fresh out the factory faced nob friends. ahhhhh a lot better!!!
  • The snobbery of some of the residents in some of the areas of Basildon, e.g. Langdon Hills, Billericay, Noak Bridge etc. They can think and say what they like: if they live here they're just as much "Basildon Man and Woman" as the rest of us!
  • Basildon has more than it's fair share of young morons!
  • the houses in front
  • some shops in eastgate
  • The pricks who slag off Basildon. Get a life and a job and fuck off to another town if you can get a transfer. The miserable TAXI drivers they think that own the roads, i try to be courteous but you can only take so much! Orange and white what an eyesore. They only smile on double time.
  • A few very bad apples and unfortunately a self fulfilling image problem & atmosphere.
  • Rude boy gangstar wannabes that need to get knocked the fuck out if they touch another skater they are dead!
  • Those sad snobs from Noak Bridge who really believe they are not in North Laindon but in a quaint village. Get a life people you live in Basildon. I live in Bowers Gifford, a village which has been there since before the new town but I tell people I live in Sunny Bas. You should think yourselves lucky we let you use our shops. Whats the Noak Bridge shopping city like??? Enuff said, you are all saddos in toytown.
  • The amount of teenage mothers, Ali G wannabes, school drop-out (you know who you are)
  • "Bazzo's" innapropriate clothing - second only in the UK to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire which is renowned for its heinous combinations of stilleto heels and shellsuit bottoms- and thats just the menfolk.
  • Most of the population in Basildon!! Most either wanna be Ali G or had to leave school coz they thought a Mars bar wrapper could be used as a condom. I must admit there are some nice people who aim to do great things while the other 80% aim to goto Wat Tyler for there holidays.
  • People who cannot spell (this includes contributors to your web site). The next time I see "ANYTHING" spelt "ANYTHINK" I will scream. Lack of decent restaurants.
  • the worst things:is grungers and old people
  • Every area of Basildon has at least one burnt out vehicle - usually a Sierra or Escort. The litter problem is huge as Basildon is basically one big council estate and most of the residents are too ignorant or too lazy to use basic facilities such as bins and designated dumping areas. Schools?...oh you mean the young offenders institutes! Pubs? oh you mean the fight houses! Parks? oh you mean the green bits of Basildon covered with dogs mess and crisp packets! Play areas for kids? oh you mean the graffiti covered hunks of rusted metal! I could go on and on and on. Basildon is a Dump and will always be a dump.
  • Shame some people in Council Eastates dont keep Houses Clean Majority are lovely just the Minority!
  • I woke up 1 night , to find a prowler had enterd my home, THANKFULLY both my cildren were staying at friends !! Anyway sometime after this ( yes I managedto Escape un harmd) I decided to leave Basildon, as you can imagien it was a very harroewing experiance ! I sadly miss all my friends ad family that I left behind, and am currently going to exchange back in the new year !! I love Basildon, and the pople there, if the council had transfered me to another house at the time ( I was refused) then mayb I wouldnt have left.....Great site, foundit by accident, keep up the good work...;-)
  • People whining! We have a fantastic shopping centre here and now we have ditched our Tory council (who after 15 years in charge, thoughtfully provided us with two benchies and a new litter bin just before the council elections) we're getting new paving, buildings and shops. So quit whining and if you don't like Basildon, then move somewhere else.
  • BASILDON - It is has been dragged down by our fantastic labour government, by bringing in a shit load of 'lefties' and scum bags who have successfully destroyed a potentially lovely new town. With a few exceptions Basildon is a shit hole (I know I lived there from 3 years old until 26 years.)
  • If you hate being burgled this is NOT THE place to live.
  • The f***king trendies who hang around 'Sound Zone' playing their 'PHAT BEATS!' Nothing against garage/drum n' bass music, but there is a general attitude that these people carry around that all people who like 'grunge' music are 'freaks' or 'weirdos' GET A LIFE!!!
  • all of basildon
  • Some Basildon Councillors spend too much time cutting ribbons and giving each other medals at expensive civic dinners.
  • Oh god...this could take a lot of time...erm...First..dont like the Court as previously mentioned,or the bell tower...the people,I wont say young or old,who accuse Basildon youngsters and teenagers of all being "Yobs"....I hate that word...Im only 24,and I know there are some bad-uns out there...but there are some good ones too..most of them with more manners than the afore-mentioned older generation..least I get a grunt when I hold a door for the younger ones..more than I get when I do it for an older one.
  • Overcrowding. Crap housing layouts. Not enough for teenagers to do. Not enough paople speaking up about the things that need changing.
  • The snobs who believe that Langdon Hills is not Basildon. Ok, so it's not Pitsea or Vange, but the postman says it's BASILDON.
  • A lot of unemployement, shops that sell cheap rubbish and are only open for a few weeks.
  • Basildon. It's 'orrible.
  • Trying to park somewhere, not at the Vange Zoo.
  • Town security guards.
  • Generally Basildon is a shit place to live, and I am glad I moved here to Lima in sunny South America!
  • You're absolutely right: Basildon is a dive!!!Try nearby Horndon-on the Hill, "The Bell" pub was voted bestfreehouse for the second year running.
  • The worst thing about Basildon is the so-called Noak Bridge Posse. These guys are definitely going to get a kick in!!
  • Essex man and Essex Girl Jokes - especially as a lot of them apply to many of the people who live in Basildon.
  • The Essex Girls and Essex Men.
  • The green areas keep getting houses built on them.
  • At almost every junction the powers that be have built a roundabout so it has become roundabout city.
  • Some of the housing, built in the 60s and 70s, is really crap - especially the "Alcatraz" estate that looks as awful as it sounds, although they are trying to knock it down and rebuild better housing there.
  • For the young 'uns aged between about 13 and 17 there isn't a huge amount to do because everything is quite spread about.
  • Because everything is so spread about you couldn't do a pub crawl unless someone was going to drive you to each pub - walking from one to the other would take ages.
  • The train Service, although improving, is the notorious "misery line".
  • All of Basildon.
  • Parking at the afore-mentioned huge Tescos!
  • Every road in and out of Basildon either comes from or goes to another town in Essex.
  • The thugs and drug problem in the town centre
  • THE HOSPITAL- If you are seriously ill you would get better healthcare from a 12th century lepar colony than in Basildon DGH. Wake up Basildon! Start complaining! The rest of the country is living a hell of a lot longer than you are. .........On second thoughts best leave things just as they are.
  • Basildon Zoo!!
  • Letting the Towngate go bust (again)
  • The Liars who write about happy people
  • The violence, the boredom, the 14 year old girls drunk on Hooch and 20/20

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