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Live Music Venues
  • moles
  • bath pavillion
  • Invention at Lower Borough Walls (aka Bath's Best Music Venue), now has live music every Friday night. Invention Live features the best up & coming and established bands both local and national. See for up-to-date event listings and for bands to get a slot.
  • Moles,george street
  • Purr at Fopp!, 20/21 Westgate Buildings. coming up! Catweasels, Dead Disco, Mentalists, The Ripps, The Hot Puppies, Untitled Musical Project, We Are The Physics, Los Campesinos! xx
  • Moles...check out 'Major Seventh' they're a pretty good uni band.
  • The Royal Oak Freehouse put on regular band nights, all you have to do is drop in a demo!!
  • The Kings Arms Monmouth St they have good bands regularly & if you dont want your eardrums blown out you can sit outside
  • moles
  • There is a place called the warehouse at Bath wine merchants on the London road that you can book private parties they have a full bar and you can bring your own band or ask them about bands to play there for your event - it holds about 150 people and has a small stage - I booked a birthday party there and it was very cool. The phone number is 01225337081
  • MOLES - the world famous studio and live music venue.
  • Moles in Bath and alsothe Cheese and Grain in Frome. I recently saw Babyshambles there as a warm up to Glastonbury. They where only a couple of hours late but it was all worth it. Also played there was the 70's punk band Stiff Little Fingers.
  • Porter Butt!!
  • Moles!
  • Mole's gotta be!x
  • Porter celler bar is funky right next to moles club (18+) which has an amazing live lineup, check out its histroy, they have awesome people palying there. um, porter butt.
  • Moles
  • Moles. its the only decent live music venue in Bath at the momment. Great bands from Blur to Suede and King Crimson to The Killers have all played there. Purr nigths (thursday) are very popular as are Mish Mash (Sat) where they have the big names.
  • Moles, Porter Cellar Bar, The Bell, The Farmhouse, Invention Arts. all fantastic. The Porter has great nights from Monday - Thursday (DJs from Friday-Sat and Comady on sunday). Moles has live music every night of the week except Tues (the Big Cheese) and Fri (big name DJs), they have recently started a Jazz n' Blues night on Sunday as well. The Bell has great music on Mondays, Weds and sessions on Sunday and the Farmhouse has some great jazz on Sundays. Invention has a mix of jazz, world and rock music. Great venues and all nicely different so there is something for everyone.
  • The Bell Walcot St
  • the forum sometimes has live bands, especially on bath music festival, also moles club has had some famous rock and pop bands including gabrielle.
  • Well, you could go to the porterbutt, but its inhibited by fairly young drinkers (who bring their own) and some pill poppers so its best to avoid.
  • moles!! wicked
  • Musique DaDA is an ocational music event that finds itself at various venues around Bath like Invention Arts or The Porter Butt. And is run by those lovely Zen Hussies.
  • the porters butt!
  • the porter butt always have good bands playing
  • moles is moles is moles...we realy need some better venues in this town!!
  • Moles, Porter Butt, Invention Arts, Porter Cellar Bar
  • Doolallys on Walcot Street is a really vibey coffee lounge and bar with free entertainment every night including live music, DJ nites including Stickiton DIY DJ nite (get there early as very popular), poetry, book and knitting club and loads of other fun themed nights. 51 Walcot Street, Bath BA1
  • moles, pick a band, any band, moles has probably had them at one stage. fake id works a treat too.
  • the bell and the hat and feather
  • Porter butt pub by safeway has quite big bandsin their like tiny elvis.
  • Moles cant be beat
  • the bell.
  • porter butt for new up and coming bands tryin to make it big. some of them are really good though, give it a try you cud well be surprised.
  • Porter Butt - trailer park thrash. Bath brings you Tiny Elvis, Veeba, AKO, etc
  • Moles is probably the best venue in town because it offers the most continuity. indie/all girl punk is its speciality on a thursday.dont bother going unless a band you really like plays there.notable bands to have played recently are;death cab for cutie, winnebago deal,soledad brothers, new rhodes.....but the crowd is annoying and pretentious.they think they love music so much but are totally cliquey and go their to pose. battle of the bands is always fun though. the porter butt is good for trailer park trash which hosts some really good punk/ska/hardcore bands..and its usually a good deal and the people are smiley. windows arts centre is good aswell as cheap especially for whole evenings of local its really rather relaxed and everyone tends to sit on the floor [its like a church hall]. bath pavillion often hots pre-glastonbury warm-ups noteably coldplay, but blur, idlewild among other have played there. the porter cellar bar is good for acoustic type bands.
  • moles club...but its a shit hole and you can almost see the sweat running down the stinking walls!
  • Regular Punk gigs @ The Porter Butt on London Road (at least once a month) visit the website
  • The Porter Butt looks like a skanky old man's pub but miraculously transforms into a quite cool venue for indie bands occasionally.
  • Yeah right! Mind u, best off going to Bristol - only 20 mins away - THE BIERKELLER have got bands on left right and centre. Particularly Metal and Punk bands, cool venue, decent bar prices. Well worth it have been going for ages and judging by the bands they keep putting on ... will be doing it for some time to come
  • On the topic of live music venues, doesn't anyone go out anymore - you certainly should if you are going to write some of the ill-informed stuff on this site? I know for a fact that the Porter Cellar bar has live music four nights a week, one of which (on a Monday) is an open mic night, complete with compere, booked opening and closing act and sound engineer! The other mid-week nights host some very good bands, one of which "The Fat Cats" a jive/swing band, recently brought the house down. As if that weren't enough they do comedy every Sunday, featuring the likes of Davniel Kitson (Perrier Award) Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf) and many other big name telly comics. To find out what's going on in town you have to look just a little further than the end of your nose! How people can mention "The Kings Arms" which is just a naff pub gig, and not mention the Porter Cellar Bar in George Street, is beyond me.
  • Windows Arts Centre by pigeon park on a saturday night
  • The Windows Arts Centre - A dingy little hole which is sometimes deserted, sometimes swarming with kiddies.
  • bell 2 nights & sunday lunchtime per week. hat & feather 1 night a week and open stage thursdays. anything else is for kids, really.
  • Bath is really rubbish. All of these arsehole yuppies who treat Bath as a suburb of London don't like us to have live music in Bath. Some wanker even tried to stop the Bath Festival. Can you believe it?
  • the Bell on a Wednesday is great if you just want to turn up and be surprised, the music could be anything especially during the fringe.
  • The Hat n' Feather is swinging.
  • Have I mentioned that bath sucks
  • Um: well there's the pavillion i suppose.
  • WINDOW ARTS CENTRE, Lower Borough Walls. wide variety of music...most weekends.
  • the kings arms pub. they have recently had their music license revoked for the music being too loud. there is a petetion to fight this
  • Green Park Brasserie and the Farmhouse for JAZZ. The Bell and Kings Arms for louder blues r and b etc.
  • Third Friday in every month, Walcot Palais, London Road - LEFTISM - fundraising dance gig for leftish causes Organised by locals, cheap entry, sweaty atmosphere. Good night out in the best bit of town.
  • The Bell
  • The Hat and Feather
  • Hub Club: bands and DJs
    The Hub sucks; blame the management!
  • Moles
  • The Bath Ball everytime
  • The Bell is it, sometimes the Hat & Feather. Bath could use a few more. The Hub, by the way, is no more.
  • The grandiose sounding Walcot Palais, known to all and sundry as the back room of the Porter Butt pub on London Road is worth a mention. Okay, so it is sweaty, smelly and totally uncool - but it has some excellent gigs.

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