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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Bloomers Cafe and Sandwich Bar is the best cafe in Batley. Fresh cooked breakfast plus tea coffee toast £3.90 great stuff. Also top fresh coffee. Try thier Gammon Steak egg and chips £3.90, got to be a 10oz steak.
  • Bloomers vastly overpriced for mediocre food, very rude blond waiting on !
  • UPDATE... there is now a STARBUCKS in birstall. THERE IS A GOD!!
  • the best cafe in batley is poppys cafe. and thats shit.and half of the locals dont even no where it is!
  • You must be joking... theres poppys cafe in batley... but its none too posh.
  • Fantastic sarnies, from the only decent place (near the famous bradford road shithole) is Jordanelles coffee shop and sandwich bar.
  • Redbrick Mill just out of Batley venturing into Deswbury. Yorkshire Mill village has a nice coffe shop.
  • oasis is run like a cafe the second rate slum!!!
  • The Corner Cafe, funnily enough is on a corner, and is a cafe ! this is where the dreggs from the bottom of the barrel spend thier time drinking from cracked and chipped pots that dont get washed !!!
  • No coffee shops although (shame for the stoners) just have to make do with the root of the leaf from kirkstall
  • R's restaurant was doing a great job up to recently the food was really nice unfortunatley it has changed its menu and now lacks choice it also is a bit over the top price-wise. Bring back the old menu and I'll come back, otherwise I'll go to The Bath Hotel in Dewsbury.
  • No decent cafes Watsons on Bradford Road but this can only be described as a cess-pit. Decor is pre-1980's, chairs are uncomfy, very pricey, cold and staff are unfriendly and rude Westerbys Corner Cafe on Bradford Road but the people who go in there put me off I.e. Beggars, Tramps, Vagabonds, Alkys, Druggies etc...... Bus Station Cafe - the ultimate s**thole cafe. Seriously don't go in here, in fact don't even go near the bus station.
  • For a very short period of time a coffee shop was opened in Batley. A really nice place with a good atmosphere. The intention was to have bands playing there, but unfortunately it went bust within a month due to lack of interest(They weren't showing the rugby on the big screen).
  • A couple but they're a bit dodgy and since Bately doesn't have any food hygiene regulations... oh dear.
  • Watsons plus many more.

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Last updated: 2008-03-12

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