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  • The Falcon is a must and the Revolution is great for cocktails and better than the Slug and Lettuce.
  • I love The Masons Arms - it's inbetween Battersea Park station and the dogs home. Just don't order the nachos, they are stingy with the cheese.
  • The Fox & Hounds on Latchmere Rd at Battersea was missed out in your mention of the area. It is in some peoples opinion of the area one of the most up and coming gastro-pubs, and leaves some of the other modern pubs in the area for dead, especially as far as service and friendly faces goes.
  • Le Quecumbar not a pub but a civilised 1930s French style wine bar with live music 5 nights a week and Sunday lunch time
  • Not many normal pubs left now - most are either Identikit chain bars or hyper trendy 'alternative' type places. the Castle bottom of st johns hill is still normal with normal clientele. The Falcon (longest bar etc) has sadly sailed in to identikit land now but is still doable during the day. The best traditional pub in the Northcote Road area is called The Eagle, tiny and unique - again - still has normal clientele , presumably the plastic londoners missed this one entirely thank goodness
  • The wood man pub original is no more, and will re open as the Quecun, more later
  • Shed loads of good pubs, the best being: The Latchmere (on, er, Latchmere Road would you believe) - sizeable spruced-up traditional pub that has has a big-ass open fire and it's own mini-theatre where comedy nights are held. Al Murray (AKA "The Pub Landlord") previews his new material here. The Duke of Cambridge (on Battersea Bridge Road) - decent pub, quality food (if you get a few of you to order chicked on Sundays they bring the whole chopping thing out for you to carve yourself. The Castle (on Battersea High Street) - spacious and airy with a big conservatory this gaff has got an Egon Ronay badge on the door. It does decent beers but the food we had wasn't all that to be honest. Decent though. The Woodman (on Battersea High Street) - quality little place run by a northern bloke who keeps a good selection of real ales. Also got a pool table. Not to be mistaken for 'The Original Woodman' on the next block which is a cess pit.
  • EGADS! The Dog & Duck is now a Pizzeria, a sad day, nice looking chairs tho.
  • Dog & Duck Battersea Rise. Ignore the previous remarks bigging up the epicentre of relaxed drinking, pool playing and cheap food. This former retreat from bottled beer, dull jazz/funk dance music and Sophie and Harry excitedly discussing their skiing holiday is currently beING disfigured and turned into ‘The Duck’. This ridiculously named venue will break new ground but combining a ‘bar’ with a ‘pizzeria’. As an unnoticed protest I am moving from this part of London. For those who like to go to the Pub, as opposed to a ‘bar’ (or indeed a ‘Pizzeria’), can I suggest that do likewise and leave an area that is quickly becoming a white, middle class Fulham overspill.
  • The Dog & Duck Battersea Rise - This Imposing if slightly grubby building offers the perfect Sunday afternoon 'must get rid of change from Saturday night' hangout. Replete with 5 (count 'em) high quality, comparative low price pool tables, 4 large, flashing video games (ranging from the ubiquitous 2 player driving game to a bizarrely popular fishing simulator) and a menu of hangover food (everything under 3 quid). Staffed by a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Australian backpackers housed in the many rooms above this refreshingly ungentrified boozer is never packed but always busy.
  • Be@One on Battersea Rise - Happy Hour cocktails 2 for 1 - cool place.
  • Loads-all great drinking.

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Last updated: 2012-08-07

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