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Hookup Spots
  • anywhere out side bellshill lol
  • cant believe nobody has mentioned the mound, when a was you thats were everybody went and met, and the amount people who started goin out who met there was loads. R.I.P THE MOUND.
  • The wall at entrance to Cardinal Newman HS (not there anymore)
  • the stairs at rockburn park always brings back memorise. you can actually still smell the wine and muff when you walk past!!
  • Fuckin doon the auld hattonrigg ashie, chilling on the hill way a bottle yas
  • ysf ya BASSS run yer shire
  • the wee forie or the table wids n the north road, mental in the 90,s,changa yer a legend.
  • down the westend tunnel it cardi and up the bing :L x Great nights mahn x fleetooo !!
  • Hanging aboot doon the hasher at clay road (the swingie). Goin tae rumours and playing pool in the hattonrigg hotel on a saturday.
  • Their used to be hunners of us up the big park, we used to get some laugh man, a still keep in touch with some of them to. used to get chaced with the plod every other week. they were the days eh .
  • Jaws!!
  • Jaws!!
  • JIMPY'S on the Mansfield Boulevard is the place to be!
  • when WE were younger our place was the ymca that was the place to be then around 35 years ago it had a disco upstairs we loved it .. then as we graduated to the the disco downstairs WELL we had arrived :)
  • em...Franklyns--at least you now need to 21 and not 15--but alas it has burnt down--em don't know-wish they would open a nice coffee shop-we deserve that much!
  • fuk yir nrd, ynr n aww yir mossend cunts sparky youngson runs this place ya bassssssss a went 2 eh academy but left cz nobdy lyked me viewparkkk BRINGGGGGG ITTTTTTTTTTT
  • the black bridge excellent out of the way from the police.
  • everyone get a grip .fuckin hell the best place to be is the ghost bridge thats where we use to hing about the music wis wild we use to hiv our ain music on a getto fa the stone rose to chemical bros to the who man and getin mad with it na cunt bothered us and we didny bother any cunt . we were the mad cunts and the only time the police came down wis when they wanted a splif and they got none cause it wis all smoked .and we where fucked man,we had some mad times fuck the law!
  • everyone get a grip .fuckin hell the best place to be is the ghost bridge thats where we use to hing about the music wis wild we use to hiv our ain music on a getto fa the stone rose to chemical bros to the who man and getin mad with it na cunt bothered us and we didny bother any cunt . we were the mad cunts and the only time the police came down wis when they wanted a splif and they got none cause it wis all smoked .and we where fucked man,we had some mad times fuck the law!
  • everyone get a grip .fuckin hell the best place to be is the ghost bridge thats where we use to hing about the music wis wild we use to hiv our ain music on a getto fa the stone rose to chemical bros to the who man and getin mad with it na cunt bothered us and we didny bother any cunt . we were the mad cunts and the only time the police came down wis when they wanted a splif and they got none cause it wis all smoked .and we where fucked man,we had some mad times fuck the law!
  • Well the main places 2 hang aboot in bellshill have not really changed still gaurenteed to find the young teams in the usual places like the bing were u will find the fleeto but like every where else that is gettin knocked down in 2008. Down the North Road u will find the troops dwn Clay Cresent and dwn at the black bridge and the Mossenders will b found up the sandy or up the bing or rnd the handy stairs. so as you can see any night of the wk u will find troops in all these usuall places!!!!
  • up eh bing obv! were the fleeto stand and through there empty vino (bucky) bottles doon! sadly the bing is gettin knocked doon..dnt go to charlies if yi dnt want guys drooling over ya!
  • !hahahahahahaha! this is belllshill! there are no hook up spots
  • Bellshill junkie bastards look at the stait a yees runnin aboot shaggin the shit oot a ppl u pervie gits. best hing ta day if your in bellshill GIT OUT WHILE U STILL KIN
  • i think that the best place of all would be sexgods house.. if u stay in bellshill u will no where that it.. the rest of its just a shithole..
  • FLEEEETO !!!!!
  • how well you lot of stupid uneducated morons have summed up bellshill.
  • The Tranquil are a great up and cumming band with members fae Bellshill Joni Gray, Campbell Findlay and John Dunbar sorry tae the other one I dunno your name
  • The place was sommerfield benches!!!
  • north road tht wiz the bestest place ever 4 me n the troops!!!! MOAN THE TONIC!!!!! NRD aw da way
  • doon eh bovy, place tae b tap ae the rid road that takes yi doon eh park drink as much as yi want n yi canny git caught av the polis coz nae matter were yi doon that bovy theres always a place tae run :P
  • the only good thing aboot bhill is the 240 oot the place V Y T...
  • my grans
  • Though I've been away from Bellshill for over 27 years it will always be my home. I remember so much of the old town...the baths,the tennis courts beside the West Churh.....loads of happy days.Went to the 'old' Our Lady's High in Motherwell and had a great time.So much apparently has altered about Bellshill,and, later this year my wife(a Londoner) and I will visit to see for ourselves.My sister and husband live in Mossend,so we shall have a good get together.If anyone recognises me from the above they will be more than welcome to get in touch. All my best to all Bellshillonians out there, Dan Tait Millar...formerly from Hamilcomb Road,Orbiston
  • Kelvin Wine stores A.K.A Mohamhead's. Home and meeting point of the world famous NORTH ROAD DERRY. Make sure your not adicted to herion or the young team will probably kill you,as they are 100% against it,unlike any other area of Bellshill.
  • When I was ayoung 'un it was 'doon the black bridge' for me of a Friday evening! Bottle of Buckie (no.7) or a bottle of gold label merrydown if you didnae get enough pocket money that week!
  • Bellshill is a pikey shithole
  • Cheers bar - take your partner there if you plan on breaking up but dont have the bottle to say it.Guaranteed you will go for a piss and someone will be into your partners pants before you get back.Good place to have an affair and let the whole town know about it before you leave.To get to the point here its full of nosey sad bastards who want to know your business, then slanderize you behind your back. The beer is good and so is the house.
  • Awrite people! Dj James here troopz fae doon eh North Rd in Bellshill! Da fukkin shittest place oan earth man! well gd but 4 a laff n tht n gittin pished oot ay yer face if yer only 15 like me! bit watch oot 4 da NRD {North Rd Derry} man u widny wnt 2 git oan da wrang side ay them man pure fukkin crazy! honestly man ye jst widny! go up da bellshill academy man aw da wanz fae ma skool up there every friday n saturday nite man well gd if yer ma age n ye wnt 2 git oot yer face man! pure cider man eh bst drink in eh wurld! jst watch yer arse fae aw da gothz n mosherz man aw bum basherz a fukkin h8 da lot ay dem! well ova n oot troopz fae Dj James fae doon eh North Rd!
  • eh well oan a friday n staurday nitee !!!they mad wee fukin blak mohammad n nermos shops r packed man wae aw ae tha Y.N.R !!!!!!we aw meet up aboot 5 hoff five mibee wiat tahre until 6 tae verywan cumes stawn thare tae git sum kunt tae go in fir fags n drink !!!! n then go a wee doss up tae eh underpass doon it sumerfield whare we thn meet up wae aw eh 4th n sum 3rd year wanz !!! mast ae uz go intae tht mad wee t n a chippy fur druth juice n munchiez n normally chewingyz tae git eh fag breath away !!! we then goa doss up tae drinks world up mossend presink cause a fite wae aw eh stuart street wanz !!! doss bak doon n ahng aboot eh underpass aw nitee !!!aboot 500 ae uz by then en by eh end wen everywanz are normally aboot 800 aw eh giva tha sid cum n eh police n ye jst fukin run !!!
  • eh oan a friday n saturday nitee yell find a wee gang ae ppl tht call ther selves YNR!!!it eh wee mohamads n nermos pakky shops aboot 5ish tae 6ish they wait tahre oan everywan cummin n tae git sumwan ate go in fur gaz n drink !!!efta everywanz thare they aw head up tae tha underpass it somerfield up eh street n aw eh accademy wnaz fae 4th yr n aw thtz up thare!!! n sumtimes they aw heed up tae drinks wurld up eh mossend presinks tae fitee aw eh kirklee n stuart street wanz!!!!!!!!!!theyrez aboot 80 ppz !!!mastly mare thn tht bit !!!!n the sid n police r alwayz bangin aboot !!!!
  • Down the back eh Mossend bowlin club or doon it the ashy across fae Holy Family. Stay away fae the Point though. Some scary shit goes on there.
  • more like shoot up point
  • Bellshill Fucking rules. If you love to be stabbed it's the place to be. Such cultural hotspots as the bookies and aladdins are not be missed.
  • The best place to "hook up" is my CELLAR. I have a very many nice sharp point hooks in my CELLAR. In my CELLAR i have other impliments. These are alot of fun. I spend most of my days in my CELLAR and most of my nights looking for people to "invite" back to the CELLAR. You only ever go to the CELLAR ONCE. its very nice...... if you want to go to the CELLAR type the following into your bar. forward SLASH back SLASH forward SLASH back SLASH stab stab stab
  • fuck the nrd, fiddles gonnea get it......ya wee grass
  • go round the cardinal newman gates or the legion, get pissed, stoned and nutted
  • Everywhere is ok as long as you are not a ned ,grass or think you are a hard man with a big mouth
  • Whilst looking back on Bellshill we forgotten tae mention the pavillion @ rockburn where all the culture began in the north road. The only way you could get away from the divisions after purchasin a bottle @ moe's was The tanker was also a great place to get full of it. Although an alternative route (furries) was established after the new wisemans dairies car park was built? Why? did they drive? It would be a concern after we used to steal all employees buckfast planked near the site before and after they went to work! It must have been a long shift for them!
  • The Alhamnra Bar has to be the sadest pub in bellshill and charlies is full of school wains.
  • YME ya bum!! mossend runs the show
  • the stairs at rockburn park always brings back memorise. you can actually still smell the wine when you walk past!!
  • up the table wids in the summer drinkin "tonic" wishin it was cold so we could apreciate the warmth of the wine or up the gate on the dirt track wishin it was summer so yer hands wouldn't stick to yer buckie bottle
  • There isnae 1 specific place in b/hill anyone goes at 1 point in vry1s life they wiil have hung around the sandy whether it be b4 tramps or charlies but if all yous say b/hill is a shithole and full of neds then why waste ur breath speakin abot it some of the best times iv had were here.
  • Awrite troops. the best place to go is drinks world where the ethnic minority(who is always stoned) serves any cunt way a pulse. then once u have the carry oot u head doon the sandy where u will find some local underage talent. if u want some young burds u could also head doon the rema road and u will find plenty of young burds way their wee bottles of 20 20. Head is a F*cking F*ggot
  • charlies nightclub,franklyns or carousel
  • looking at this it just shows what a bunch off bum-holes were in good old B-HILL. looking at the recommended spots I'd avoid them all! for christ's sake the ammusies, the sandy, dalys hill, liberty road!!! I'd feel safer in larkhall wi a tri colour wrapped around me on a saturday night!! if your meeting anyone from bellshill meet them in the copper station across from the crucible (mind you, ye'd probably get yer heed kicked in in there tae!!!)
  • we would all stand up the sandy under railway bridge, drinking our bottle's a wine and poppin the pills every friday night, it's where every1 in my year at the academy hooked up after school to get mad wae it, and out of it.
  • get tae fuck, i try to at least stay close to home in case some of the locals decide that the buckie's just no enough
  • The stairs round at the handicapped centre or the long wall just before the stairs is the place to be.Go round anytime after 6 any day and your gauranteed to see a plook
  • bellshill in two words - fuckin piss. u cant even hang aboot doon the furries any more cos the bastards buildin hooses on the maternity site have taken them annoyin is that then?
  • the nrd hing aboot ootside kelvin wine stores. cheers mohammed 4 tendin tae aw oor buckfast needs ya dirty cunt.£4.50 a bottle, i want a fuckin blow job tae fur that fuckin price.FIX IT NOW OR FEEL THE WRATH OF ME. north road derry aw the way.
  • in my mates where we'd sit n smoke dope drink n pop a pill before watching a lep zepplin or hendrix video or go to the dancin or an aimless walk(usually in the persiut of fags skins drink dope or pills)
  • the place where the legion pub was is where w.e.d. or weyt hangs , your basic neds
  • The Rockburn park. Or maybe the old maternity hospital. Buckfast is pure boggin. Long live aldi's ouzo.
  • The middle bridge off the Hattonrigg Road was the place to be,it was home to the juniors(no names mentioned we know who we are)who drank their mad dog and bucktan. They would stagger to the chippy at the academy for some drooth juice and some munchies after bein visited by the seniors from the 1st bridge who couldn't keep away!
  • Well Id like to say that its obviously a buch of old moany pensioners who have submitted their opinions here. I was once one of the buckfast drinkers you speak of and I practically grew up up the sandy and drank up the j.c b4 heading to tramps (it was the viper room, like 20 years ago). Never done me any harm!!!
  • The Clay Crescent swing park covers an opening in the trees which leads to a part of the (toxic) burn full of broken trolleys, tyres, rubbish, etc etc. You can be sure to find a few steamers there on a Saturday night, as they marvel at its beauty. Also, Dalys Hill and the surrounding area is always guarunteed to be full of the ned population. these places are reccommended as tourist attractions (as a sort of circus show thing)
  • not all the youth in bellshill behave like scum. the army cadts has been on the go since 1947 and many a young man has forged a good career and life from this organisation. you can see these kids all over bellshill doing everything from picking up the litter to collecting for worth while causes. if you are looking for a real life hero within bellshill look towards jim kerr who has saved many a young life through his work with youth in the army cadet force and running youth clubs within the community education centres.....keep up the good work guys bellshill is proud of our young people.
  • sir matt busby sports complex(bellshill baffs) the local nuthouse, home of legends, such as tam "the bam" boyes. del boy, baldy walker, big barry' jimmy mac, big gerry and the list goes on
  • the underpass at cardinal newman, the underpass at the shell garage, the cross
  • Sir Matt Busby Centre, the life guards are okay, and the swimmers from Bellshill sharks are great especially FR.
  • when i was 16 am and ma mates hung around on the corner of crofthead cresent and busby road, it was bomb, there was a street sign we used for playin basketball against... also there used to be a hidden corner in lawmuir primary, you could go there and get high n shit, its was dope... and 'up the bing' was always good...
  • any bus shelter,frankie roonies converted loft on a thursday night for a game of cards and a bottle of wine
  • Theres nowhere to hang out about bellshill, its crap - well except if your a ned then bellshill main streets are the perfect place for you, cause ive seen many a ned collect around the benches at somerfield-what muppets!
  • bin ladens cave down kelvin road a lot safer now 4 young girls now 1eyePeps has left the scean
  • north road swingy were the north road lunatics hang aboot
  • Theres always been the wee lane next to roman place where it leads to a wooden swing park known as "THE WIDDY" Its been popular for years and its a place where the neds(kenny and davis) drink the new formula of alcohol "The Buck shake"This is a mixture of buckie and a pint a milk...(try it, it stops the hangovers) The spar on mansfield rd is where anyone under 12 will definetly get served if you have a 'safeway card' (Dont ask)This we would usually include bout 20 neds on a friday and saturday night.
  • bellshill is a great place and you can hook up anywhere but the sandie park is about the most popular
  • up the bing me n all ma pals gettin pissed amazing
  • The corner of Babylon Road and Liberty Road. This is the spot where obnoxious idiots play football and use the cars as opponents to dribble past.
  • during the summer go down the "halfway". the picnic area behind the golf course for a good swally. watch out for the parkies!
  • wait outside the lawmuir shop for your carry-out, if your 15 or over he'll serve you any way! check you change that robbin bastart Naveed will bump ye. dont ask me but cause am no gone on for ye!!
  • up the bing is amazing all the byt getting drunk!!!!
  • the corner of babylon road and liberty road. played fitba there fur many years noo and the empties tell the tale of other pursuits there too.
  • in ma day it was the corner of Babylon Road and Liberty Road, that's where ah met my ex-wife ah think she still hangs around there looking fur helpless young men tae frighten.
  • train station saturday tae go tae majestics tae fight the nmyt.
  • Does anyone really want to hook-up with someone from Bellshill?
  • Bellshill Boys club if u want to meet up with the pesky pork choppers!
  • The penny swingpark at the bogs brae, but only if your under 16!
  • The Rockburn with the carnage crew
  • The Sandy Park next to the railway, the perfect place for a piss up before going to the Bellshill Academy disco's. All the underpasses has a great tradition of people hanging around with no where else to go.
  • Outside the (Old John Mann home sitting on top of the trees!! You know who you are!!
  • The Hattonrigg Ash Park is a central meeting point for the North Road posse and the middle bridge. Homeless Viewparkers even make their way up to it on Friday and Saturday evenings because there is nowhere in Viewpark like it. Aye right!
  • there are hundreds off places hang around u just look round the back of the bank next to the academy and you've got 2 smackheads giving it to each other
  • If you want to find anyone why not try outside Franklyns or accross the road at the world famous 'Pacitti's' mind you you might not be too pleased with what you find!
  • "Somerfield Benches" the place where all the twats hang around wae their bottles of Vodka, Buckfast and cider.They are only 15 for gods sake. They think they are great, standing with their fags.
  • The under pass down the North Rd. is a good place for all the riff raf of the day, but a key element is your Buckie bottle and Addidas trackie.
  • Ned city, there are kappa mankys everywhere you go, an army of mindless, escort-driving morons who cant think for themselves. Franklyns, charlies, the carousel, all full of posers, underagers and hairy Marys. There are no rock or metal clubs in Bellshill because metallers have the decent sense to go elsewhere and leave it to the neds. Also there are too many churches, chapels, orange lodges and mindless chrsitians running around like the sheep they are, demolish them all!! Neds are a disease of biblical proportions, you will be asymilated, fear the kappa. Hail Satan.
  • The sandy was a fave for a good few years, also the old broo (sadly now demolished), the hattonrig hotel (also now demolished), the cross, the amusements, the bing, the ghostie, the steelworks, the river calder behind the joker and of course the old school dogging fave the black bridge, where many a doobie was puffed. Yes I do admit I hung around with neds (and I NEVER EVER wore kappa) but you were better off to know them than to get your face smashed in by them. Now I have a ned free life, apart from the ones I have to drive past whilst ridiculing their peculiar kappa “fashion”.
  • How about round the back of the business centre in orbiston. Seems really busy thses days,
  • I lived in bellshill until i was 23 (now 42) and im still in therapy ,bellshill is the biggest shit hole on this planet .I came back a few years ago to see my family and couldnt bieleve the dog shit and broken glass. Thank god i got out
  • The underpass at the west church. The gathering point of the merging clans-the NRD and the amusment mob. Where the peace pipe and good music brought us together.
  • hi about the butcher, no he didnt put his wife ~thru the mincer it was a workmate workmate they were both on the fiddle(no xcuse mind to be minced)
  • the bridge at the sandy park - empty buckie bottles, ripped up fags for joints, every tracksuit in town there on a friday night - need i say more!!
  • Lots of local scum hang about outside Somerfield, drinking the hallowed Lanarkshire tipple, Buckfast Tonic Wine. Neds.
  • I applaud you, you have managed to sum up Bellshill ever so nicely. As I read over your cracking wee story I couldn't stop laughing about the sadness of how it is all so true. I too was a follower of the Viper Club and had to go every week to see what is happening. Unfortunatly I havn't been to the sticky carpet, whores den sometimes called Charlies.
  • A nice place to go is probably down to Strathclyde Park but not the big one everyone knows...a wee path runs down alongside the Calder that leads to a wee waterfall. Have often seen swans and other wildlife but sometimes get neds there. Just down beside Danny's hill, across from The cousie on Motherwell Rd.
  • If your a sad goth and want to see some satanic graffiti- look round the back of the Church at Belshill cross. If your under age and want to look dead "Cool"- the black bridge down Clay Cresent is a must. Dont fall in the burn or you could end up growing another head.
  • No-where 'cause I aint gettin' any recently. Franklyn's pub is full of slack drunk under-agers though, if your into that.
  • Certainly NOT the cross (unless you want to hook up with nutters and get your head kicked in). The "white church" isn't white any more either.
  • The Sandie Park
  • Up the bing.Lots of youngsters hang about in the summers up the old coal bing in the orbiston area of the town.However watch out for a certain family(no names mentioned,but their quite like zombies.
  • A regular spot is at Bellshill Cross, easy to spot as the Local Church is situated here and it's white spire can be seen for miles around.
  • Outside the Amusements, in the bus shelter, if it's still there. Strathclyde Park (Bellshill end). Lots of tacky rides, bars etc. It was a lovely country park until they erected this bigger version of "Taylor's Fun Park" on it. When it was quieter, this area was a popular gay meeting point.

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