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james eccles/david joseph duncan by alexandra duncan (Member 10298046) on 23-Nov-2014
Hello, I am looking for a james eccles who lived in bellshill with a david duncan in 1987.
The last known address I have is 20 senga crescent.
David joseph duncan was my uncle and I would really like to know the whereabouts of his ashes.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Alexandra duncan
Robert Moffat lived at liberty road by Julie Gibson (Member 10294899) on 9-Aug-2014
Hi I am looking for my family of moffats. Robert Moffat used to live in liberty road bellshill. His mother and father were john and Charlotte (Anderson) Moffat. Brothers and sisters were David, james and Cathy and agnes. I no agnes married and her surname changed to weir and lived at westend drive but passed away in 2003.
I believe David Moffat married Cathy and are still living in bellshill Cat... more >>
  • Re: Robert Moffat lived at liberty road by pauline stewart (Member 10291177) on 10-Nov-2014
    Davie and cathy are both deceased

Looking for Gerald or Jerry Simpson by kcsaarts (Member 10294231) on 11-Jul-2014
Family in US looking for Jerry Simpson (Father) and Gerald Simpson (Son) .

Cousin William Simpson (born in Bellshill 1934 then lived in California US.)(Brother of Jack Ronnie & Sheena) looking to reconnect !!
Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by sharon jackson (Member 10229083) on 21-Jun-2014
I only found out about this lastnight,he was killed by peter jackson,does anyone know anything about it? and whatever happened to peter jackson?   
  • Re: Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by sandra (Member 10297629) on 10-Nov-2014
    hi micheal blair was murdered in 1969 , by his step grandson

  • Re: Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by sandra (Member 10297629) on 10-Nov-2014
    hi micheal blair was murdered in 1969 , by his step grandson

  • Re: Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by pauline stewart (Member 10291177) on 10-Nov-2014
    murdered by his stepson then sent to carstairs

  • Re: Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by Donna Frankland (Member 10298034) on 23-Nov-2014
    Sandra - could you please contact me I am on the same search as you.

    please email me at


  • Re: Does anyone remeber the murder of michael blair? by Donna Frankland (Member 10298034) on 23-Nov-2014
    Sorry Sharon !!


Sandra MacDonald by frank riley (Member 10290929) on 14-Jan-2014
Does anyone knothe whereabouts of Sandra MacDonald? Stayed at Orbiston Drive,brother was Stuart and 2 sisters Anne-Marie can't mind other sisters name father is Gilbert worked as Postman mother is Margaret worked at the old Job Centre.   
Deborah Good... by Derek Blair (Member 10282720) on 7-Feb-2013

I'm looking to find and contact Deborah Good from Bellshill, I met her several years ago in Salou and we struck up a wee friendship but I lost contact and hope that if you're out there Deborah that you'd reply to this advert. You probably won't remember me but if you do I hope to hear from you soon...

  • Re: Deborah Good... by Irn Bru - Exile (Member 10288160) on 2-Sep-2013
    Dont think Debbie would look on here mate, shes on facebook bit cant remember if shes under Deborah or debbie Good, hope that helps :)

  • Re: Deborah Good... by deborah good (Member 10256545) on 28-Dec-2013
    Hellllllooooooooo, omg ! How are you ? And your dad ?

Looking for info on Phil Ryan by Paul Garner (Member 10282560) on 3-Feb-2013
Hi does anybody know how i could contact Phil Ryan, he lived down the North Road and went to St Saviour's, he's got an older brother Pat, who'll be about 60-ish   
lost girl freind by john strang (Member 10266201) on 10-Oct-2011
hi i am john strang i use 2 stay in blantyre but moved away in the 1980s i was going out with a girl from beshill we use 2 go too the blantyre vicks club but we split up and i would like 2 find out how she is doing now i know she had 2 older sisters one was getting married the other 1 was going out with 1 off my mates from blantyre but they split up she also had 3 brothers i think she did work in ... more >>   
  • Re: lost girl freind by Baldrick (Member 10212514) on 14-Apr-2012
    Do you think this is a quick fix dating agency john lol?

Allan Ferguson Wilson by peter webster (Member 10265028) on 6-Sep-2011
I am trying to locate relatives. Allan Ferguson Wilson Born In 1945 and has a twin called George with a further 6 siblings. Born in Bellshill and moved to manchester in the 1970's but moved back to scotland again around the end of the 70's.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated
  • Re: Allan Ferguson Wilson by sharon jackson (Member 10229083) on 21-Jun-2014
    Did he have a daughter called carol and live at agate terrace?

Margaret Ward by hugh gourlay (Member 10264049) on 7-Aug-2011
hi my 3sisters and i are trying to locate margaret ward born in bellshill about 1937/38. she stayed with our family in saltcoats ayrshire in the early 1950s. we lost touch when our family emmigrated to new zealand. any news would be greatly appreciated.
gourlay family
Hattonrigg Hotel by Gerri mc grath (Member 10261932) on 1-Jun-2011
Anybody out there used to drink/work in the hattonrigg between 1985 & 1988?   
starting ancestry search by dprevo (Member 10258114) on 17-Feb-2011
Sarah Gallacher and William Furlong married and with children; Daniel, william, and Catherine left for the States in 1930's. Any information on living relatives still in Bellshill will be appreciated in kind.   
looking for crawfords in bellshill! by elaine mcmonagle (Member 10257813) on 9-Feb-2011
hi there, my names elaine mcmonagle, trying to track down some family from bellshill for my gran! my grans name is maria mcmonagle (was crawford) her entire family is from bellhill from her dads side! we all call my gran ray! we live in balloch just next to loch lomond. i was in touch with some of my family from up that end until about 7 years ago and we just lost touch, my cousin angie and margo ... more >>   
Freedom by bellshill_boy (Member 10149368) on 3-Oct-2010
Well thank fuck the doctors have at last said I am now safe to be let out again   
Private Lessons Wedding Band by private lesson (Member 10202649) on 11-Aug-2010   
cullen hindman by heather walsh (Member 10241251) on 18-Jul-2010
looking for descendants of ellen[helen]cullen and william hindman, married in 1930 glasgow, but also lived in the coatbridge,airdrieand motherwell areas as well.......any feedback welcome.....researching family tree   
  • Re: cullen hindman by GR1958 (Member 10249316) on 31-Jul-2010
    Have you any other info that you can share?

    I live in the Bellshill area, and would be happy to offer you help!

  • Re: cullen hindman by heather walsh (Member 10241251) on 25-Mar-2013
    hello there, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I don't really have any other info, except ellen was living in Coatbridge at the time of their marriage, William was living in bothwellclaugh ??......ellen has passed, late 70's early 80's I think. I don't know where to look for her burial place. at a bit of a loss really.......I don't think you will be able to help as I don't have much... more >>

Anybody found a Mobile fone? by GR1958 (Member 10249316) on 17-Jul-2010
I left my Sony Ericsson fone on Coakley 109 at Mossend, about 2 weeks ago.

I got off bus coming from Holytown. I dont want fone, it wasn't that new. But I'd like my sim card back. It has lots of family pics on.

Any suggestions folks, like if you found a lost sim card, where would you take it, of let folks know it had been found.

  • Re: Anybody found a Mobile fone? by bellshill_boy (Member 10149368) on 3-Oct-2010
    Depends if any educational(porn) photos on it

wee wankers by dangerous (Member 10159857) on 24-Apr-2010
i swear to god if they wee dicks try that again, ill find out where you's aw live, tie you up, and set ma dugs on ye.   
Reply by private lesson (Member 10202649) on 18-Oct-2009   
, by John D (Member 10130817) on 30-Jul-2009
  • Re: , by thebull (Member 10206106) on 6-Oct-2009
    That's what i sing when i'm drilling your mother john

  • Re: , by Baldrick (Member 10212514) on 29-Nov-2009
    Didn't know you could sing mr bull!

  • Re: , by mouthofmossend (Member 10265003) on 5-Sep-2011
    I've done johns maw a few times. She loves a good bang lol

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