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The Best Things
  • relaxed mix of languages and nationalities getting along with each other quite well.
  • Hackney Empire, Mare St where a stock is still preserved. Dalston market. Pubs at Stoke Newington. Taxi workshops near the Downs.
  • Pie and Mash Shops. Kelly's Bethnal Green Road and the Roman Road. Best ever is Cooke's in the Broadway Market (Hackney). Area completely open to immigrants, it may be tough for them but they get accepted. East Londons real 'melting pot'.
  • Growing up in Bethnal Green immediately after WW2, when bomb sites [the 'Debry']were playgrounds, kids swam in the Regents canal off the Viccy park bridge in Approach Road [with no ill effects], chips and beans upstairs in the other Pelicci's cafe in Green Street for 9d on a Saturday or pie and mash in Kelly's OR Cooke's [we were spoilt for choice] - the best grounding a youngster could ever have, but please, as any true Bethnal Greener should concur, we do not wish to be associated with other so called East End boroughs - the Green is the heartland, always and forever, it's bad enough hearing that areas east of the Lea are now regarded as the East end, what's it all coming to? London Pride is not just Noel Coward's great song but my feelings about my spiritual home, and I suspect, the feelings of many other contributors to this commendable site
  • Great atmosphere for such an economically ravaged place Brilliant cultural life, with four decent and varied theatres, Ocean and a squillion galleries
  • all the buses that leave Hackney behind
  • Police back on the street beat, still not enough though. Cardinal Pole school, the best secondary school by far. It has nothing to hide, it never has had to change it's name to make it attractive, the results prove show year after year. The discipline should be benched marked by every other primary & secondary school in this problem area. If I ever won a large win on the Lottery, I would donate some of my winnings to this school.
  • Great to see all sorts of colourful characters on the streets as soon as the sun comes out - got a real 'brooklyn' feel.
  • The sense of community that still exists round Tudor Grove, Well St (apart from the odd shooting on Shore Road}
  • Whats left of the Sally army building up in the back of Clapton.
  • the best thing is Brick Lane, it is soo close to work in the City, so no relying on the crappy tube, the wifi collective Freetoair and spitalfields.
  • The Hackney Empire (currently under refurbishment). Great fun in there. It takes risks with the bill and it pays off.
  • Parks in the summer and walking to islington or Viccy Park along the canal.
  • Even though my family and I moved out of Hackney and Bethnal Green when I was 6 years of age, alot of my most treasured memories are still there. We lived in Elderfield Rd off Chatsworth Road. We had a large house which spread across 3 floor. I can remember sliding down three sets of victorian banisters a daily ritual for me and my sis. Also playing in the dirty washing pile, we had loads and loads of washing back then, don't know where it came from as there was only my sis and me at that time. Playing out side and knocking for our friends who lived nearby. Walking on the astro turf near the ley bridge road fields(clapton pond end). Shopping in Chatsworth Road on Saturday. The school fetes were brilliant back then, the gorgeous biscuits and fairy cakes those mums would bake were heaven. The jumble sale were decent enough to scoop a bargain too. My dad would bring me and my sis to the wimpy near chats palace for a strawberry sundae. Our local hospital was Homerton Hospital, very gloomy it was. The ice-cream vans were regular too and you always near when they were coming. There was an family ice-cream company just off chatsworth road that sent out there vans from there too. can't remember what the name was. I honestly loved my teachers at Rushmore, Ms Stamford, Ms Garber Mrs Frith teachers were usually young pretty women back then. There was one evil indian teacher with her multi-coloured sari that would scare the hell outta us little uns. I really appreciated harvest day too, we were all told to bring in some food preferably non-perishable stuff to display in the main hall. They were piles and piles off tins and boxes collected over the weeks, I never ever found out where it went to at the end of the festival. I use to go to Chatsworth Road library, the pop -up books there were awesome. The book bus would also visit the schools in Hackney in the summer I think. There was never enough time to see all the great books especially those pop-up books which I was obsessed with. The best ice lollies came out in the 80's...funny feet, scary face, rocket, fab, screw balls and they were cheap too.
  • New bars, restaurants and shops opening up almost every week on Broadway Market!
  • Cycling through Victoria Park in the morning on the way to work
  • My Mum cos she still lives there after 80 years, you get less for life..but I still call it home
  • Childhood memorys.
  • Pat Brookman lives there.. when not travelling ...
  • Cafe Alba on sunday morning. The Approach. Is it a pub? A gallery? Fantastic beer & food, great quiz night & the most random mixture of customers. And a strong Arsenal theme. Brick Lane market. The Carpenters Arms. BackYard club. Edman Farm. The way people actually talk to you occasionally. Victoria Park. Everyone knows the Krays.
  • The fact that the majority of people i know come from the Bethnal green area and the Macdonalds serves great burgers!
  • Market - sells lots of stuff cheap in a lively atmosphere
  • Hackney being full of lefties. Sandra in the Golden Heart. Lorenzo in the Pride, especially if he's pissed. The beer garden (!) of the Pepys. Viccy Park.
  • Walking out of my front door and arriving in Victoria Park in the early morning as the sun burns off the mist.
  • The female staff at the Samuel Pepy's
  • The locals are the friendliest in London, no question, especially older folk. Therešs no pretention. What you see is what you get. Brick lane Bagel Bake. 24 Hour bagels, and sunday papers on a saturday night. Brick lane Market. Columbia Road Market. Nearness to town. (20 mins by tube. you can walk in less than an hour!) The Chutney Balti House on Bethnal Green Road is the best outside Bradford. Reg the old chap on Ramsey Street. Top East End Geezer. Even has a bent nose! The Golden Hart on Commercial Road (or is it street?) Near Spitalfields Market. Spitalfields market, especially the cuury stall, despite, miserable staff History: Absolutely AWASH with it
  • Still a chirpy atmosphere, if you can get the old boys to come out
  • The people of the 60's
  • london fields with my brother bryan, taking my dog for walks, and playing football with my mates
  • The market on a Saturday
  • There's a house on stilts by the railway tracks behind Bethnal Green Road. Well, it's not really a house - it used to be a signal box or something - but it would still be a wonderful place to live. I once read a thing in a magazine which claimed that someone was living there, but I've never seen anyone come or go.
  • Stoke Newington, where the best parts of Hackney collect without to much violence. Clissold park is lovely in the summer.

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