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Cheap Food
  • Buddha van in Truman Brewery does duck rolls and summer rolls
  • PELLICIS iTALIAN CAFE-Bethnal Green Rd E2. World famous italian noshery, previously visited by the notorious, now very respectable.
  • Kebabish on the corner of Well Street, does a very good cheap curry and is open REALLY late.
  • Barbizarre under the arches by Hackney Central station. Wonderful Moroccan food, great Moriccan wine (believe it or not!!) and they'll let you sit over a coffee and the papers all afternoon. Hai Ha is the best of many good Vietnamese places on Mare Street / Cambridge Heath Road; Thang Long on Brooksby's Walk is also good - their vegetarian "mock crispy duck" is astonishing
  • chinese fish and chips on old bethnal green road. really good. as you come out of bethnal green station, go all the way down, pass tescos, the chemist as well.As you pass valance road, it should be on your right, next to a newsagent.
  • Wick Fisheries Wick rd; E9, Then & Now, still can't be beat for quality & customer service. Adam's Kebab Well st; (Hassan's) Well st; can't be touched / equalled Then: The Venus Steak House Bethnal Green Road E2 (Wicked) Now: The Venus on the Park Mile End E1 (What can I say) Now: Frock's Lauriston rd E9; Class act! Then: Kelly's Pie & Mash Kingsland High st;(Fan - F***ING - tastic) Now: Kelly's Pie & Mash Roman rd; (Very very basic but lovely) Then & Now: The Great Wall Chinese Takeaway Wick rd; (Established name) Now: Pizza GOGO Morning Lane E9 (If they only had their own restaurants, Pizza Hut would go out of business)
  • Central 1 in Hackney has fantastic food - namely thanks to the owner now cooking it from fresh. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Perennial on Columbia road has some amazing food which although not cheap is really good value and they have a great garden to eat outside if the weather is good
  • bar Central next to Hackney Central Station - the turquoise monstrosity - food is cheapish, but tastes cheaper - only go there if you like haute cuisine fresh from the microwave, via the freezer. NoodleXpress (amhurst road, near the junction with dalston lane) -cheap, tasty and fast...can't go wrong. LMNT (Queensbridge Road) - Truly excellent food/decor/service & value.
  • Royal Inn on the Park does good lunches. That new place next to Gibbons Furniture shop on Amhurst Road isn't bad. Frocks on Lauriston road is very good. Unfortunatel,y my favourite, Cafe Alba on Mare St has closed. Their veggy breakfasts were the business.
  • Pelechies on the bethnal Green road is great, and top noodles at the Dokoma in Morning lane is great for Thia noodles. I suspect I've spelt both wrong!
  • the shampan is quite ok actually. Its crowded but the food is good.
  • The restaurant you were trying to remember the name of on Broadway Market is Armadillo (latin American) would not say it was pricey myself - really really good food. Also the Russian/Georgian Restaurant and cafe during the day is brilliant - also i cannot seem to find the Dove Pub on Broadway market in your website - probabley on eof the best and cosiest pubs in London. Barbaran is also good as are the restaurants on Columbia Road such as the Perrenial and The Globe Cafe
  • LMNT - Queensbridge Street. An adventure. Go check out the decor for yourself (make sure you check out the toilets too). Food is the best quality you will find for the extremely reasonable prices. Great value for money and a great night out.
  • Best V places are split between a). the Vietnamese town where Well Street meet Mare Street. Green Papaya's food is tasty, fresh and relatively cheap (but then all the Vietnamese places here seem to be). I think Indochine is now closed. b). The 2nd large Vietnamese area on the Kingsland Road stretch starting from the Hoxton end, particularly Viet-Hoa Cafe. c). The Stoke Newington area which has a massive concentration of places to eat, some good and many bad. Best are Istambul Iskembesi (Turkish) and Rasa (South Indian). Both authentic, with stand-out dishes. However much i spend, i don't mind the bill.
  • Correct me if I am wrong but are the Traditional Pie 'n' mash shops nearing extinction??? I don't see as many about as before. I went to secondary in Canning Town and there were was one in Rathbone Market and one in Hermit Road. My english mates loved the stuff. Becuase I am muslim but British by birth I would have only the lumpy/smooth licka (have I spelt that right?)and chips. The pies looked great but I felt mega guilty if I tried it. My plate of chips and licka was lovely actually. I would shake the hell out of the salt and pepper to bring out the unsurpassable taste. That pie 'n' mash shop was always buzzing at lunch time..packed to the brim. Cake & custard was always good at school, you really can't beat a better pudding.
  • Damn, I can't remember the name, but its on Broadway Market, is Latin American and really really good (albeit a bit pricey). New Noodle Bar on Morning Lane. Cheap, big portions, yummy.
  • - Indochine on the corner of Mare Street and Westgate Street. Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai food like you've never tasted it before... Design is bare but trendy, and prices affordable, if not cheap. - Little Georgia serves great Georgian food and Armadillo Brazilian-influenced food, both on Broadway Market. - Chan's Chinese takeaway on Mare Street is cheap and better than most! YOu can also eat in. - Wild Cherry, vegetarian cafe on Globe Road in Bethnal Green. They've got a lovely back garden to sit in if it's warm.
  • Laksmi (Indian) restaurant in Mile End Road beats any found on Brick Lane. Wick Fisheries on Kenworthy Road for the best fish and chips in the east served by the friendliest owners you'll ever meet
  • Kebab shop at the Mare Street End of Morning Lane,Chip Shop in Well Street
  • If you want A great Curry at a great price with fantastic staff(Say hello to Aklas)then you must try the Sheba on Brick Lane Bethnal Green E1,TOPS.
  • MOJO's - a fantastic hip & happenin place has now opened on 132 Lauriston Road, Hackney. The atmosphere is funky and sophisticated and the food is to die for. I highly recommend a visit - you will not be disappointed. Call 020 8985 5864 for further information.
  • Macdonalds in bethnal green! because Kaz works there!
  • Forget about eating at Fay ..... Victorian Oven in Spitalfields Market. i took 5 friends there last Sunday. About hallfway through the meal we began to realize the our plates were just the scappings left over from other people. The food and service were disgusting. When I complained to Victorian Lady Fay .... she said, "Well yer ate it dindya?" Screw the Victoria Oven, Spitalfields.
  • Frocks - a restaurant just off Victoria Park on Laureston Road (I think) serves the best food for miles around. The menu has a British feel with strong influences from French food, reflected in the decor, the music and the service. If your hungry after a walk in the park you can't go wrong (20 a head before wine). I should know - I ate there last night!!!
  • unbeatable greasy spoons everywhere, try bagel shops in brick lane
  • Hai-Ha on Mare Street - cheap and cheerful Vietnamese. BYO as well, added bonus. Stunning waitresses. Bagel shop - of course.
  • Try out Viet Hoa restaurant on Kingsland road! The catfish is absolutely unbelievable.
  • The Vietnamese Foundations Canteen
  • You have to go to Nico's on Cambridge Heath Road right by Bethnal Green tube just for the size of the portions. It actually had a write up in the Guardian about 6 months ago. Sweet Chilli (the Thai restaurant on the corner of Cleveland Way and Cambridge Heath Road), good quality food (if you like Thai - I don't personally). One of the classiest restaurants in the Bethnal Green area.
  • The City Cafe in Hackney road is a real treat for Hot Cherry Pie, and Ice Cream
  • The Tiger and the Frog on Bethnal Green Road - excellent French cooking.
  • The Gallery Cafe in Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, is terrific and easy to find - just a few yards from the Toy Museum (aka Museum of Childhood) and from Bethnal Green Tube. Prices are modest, the cooking is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly.
  • For real East End Cockney Roots Food go to Cookes' pie and mash shop in Kingsland High Road. Real sawdust on the floor, spoons and forks that were probably new when Queen Victoria was a boy, and real live eels for sale in the window. Check out the guy selling the eels - he probably has some trouble picking his nose.
    [7.97] Cookes Ell & pie shop is closed.
  • The Sweet Chilli Thai Restaurant down on Mile End Road even does take-away orders via the Internet. Haven't checked it out yet, but will soon.
  • The two best places to eat are the Cafe Alba, where you get huge portions of divine grub for around a tenner or £12 per person; also the Fang Cheng Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant - excellent Chinese for reasonable prices. Both are on Mare Street.

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