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Favourite Building
  • Hackney College in Falkirk Street off Kingsland Road - an oasis!
  • Just before you go over a railway track on Dalston Lane, number 122, it's old and gorgeous and I want to live there, and I think they're going to tear it down and turn it into crappy modern apartments. ARgh.
  • The tower block I lived in on the Nightingale Estate. It is still standing.
  • London Chest Hospital (soon to be sold off, so I'm told)
  • Sutton House - Nationla Trust property and Hackney's oldest building. Well preserved and restored, and not at all stuffy like many NT places Springfield Park Cafe is a lovely setting, despite the slow service and overpriced food. The new Central Library is really well done Chats Palace - an over-the-top little mock-Georgian gem in the middle of Homerton's squalour And the Empire of course
  • the last one I'll see when I leave Hackney for good
  • Hacney Empire. Even under the scaffolding it exudes an air of dignity. Like an old duchess under hair curlers.
  • spitalfields market is a nice building, also the houses standing at the top of bricklane and the houses of Fournier street
  • I love all the remaining cobbled dingy alley ways off the Cambridge Heath Road. The arches are fascinating on Dunbridge Road. There was a pub on Three colts near Brady street that has closed now, converted into flats I believe. It had a cute roof top garden which overlooked the park and school. shame. The Krays drank there. That was the 2nd closest pub to Vallance rd after Carpenters Arms in cheshire street. St Matthews Church is very tranquil, you would never believe it was so near to poverty and slum living back in the early 1900's. It looks so peacful now and a haven from over crowded east end streets. Paradise Row is my favourite street just near the Salmon & Ball pub which was build in 1700 and something.
  • Hackney Town Hall.
  • Mabley Street (off Kenworthy Road) if you want to see one of the last authentic Victorian terraces left intact after the war (and it's still got local people living there as it hasn't been bought up by the trendies - yet)
  • The much history
  • The Public Baths,we had no bath room and the toilet was 3 flights down and at the bottom of the yard.We use to go once or twice a week depending on the money and the rest of the week wash in the sink with hot water from the copper.
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children ( now closed so pop along soon before they convert it into another block of luxury flats we can't afford to live in).
  • Dalston Lane Chequerboard Flats
  • Edith Cavell Sec. Modern
  • Hackney Empire in the 60's. what a place
  • The Cafe in Clissold Park.

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Last updated: 2008-02-22

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