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  • The Pembury Tavern, Dalston Lane is an interesting one, they were non-smoking well before the ban came in, and if I recall they don't play any music either? But still, it's really nice and the beers are all good, especially Titanic Stout. I never thought I would renounce Guinness, but I was proven wrong!
  • I was in Hackney and went to this Pub on the Park which is possible the worst pub I've ever been to. Not purely because of the cheap, nasty and fat bacon that looked as if it had been boiled, but ALL THREE staff members were so, so rude and they acted as though they couldn't even speak or understand plain English when I complained. I must say it is a real shame because what makes it a really horrible pub is the staff working there. This is because my friend ordered a BLT sandwich and chips, which came suspiciously quickly and there was a horrible curly hair on one of the tomatoes. The chips (2.50) looked and tasted as though they had been soaked in fat and oil. I thought this was really unacceptable especially with the sandwich having a curly looking hair in I complained. I was very polite and approached the bar lady with this and she shouted at me saying 'go to the kitchen!' I thought ok someone it having a bad day and just carried on, this time tried to explain this to the older two ladies that were responsible for making the food and serving it. The lady with the lighter hair began shouting at me 'where's the hair' she removed it and continued to dismiss my complaint....also pretending that she could not understand me and even acknowledge why I was approaching them. So I left the kitchen and that nearly ruined my whole day! I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be going to that pub again and I hope other people don't either....purely because of the staff. I would rather be shot then have to visit Pub on the Park in Hackney.
  • THE CAMEL Sugar Loaf Walk E2 gastro pub, nice food. For a talkative crowd.
  • Clapton road, round the corner from Nightingale Estate, opposite the pond, there is, (was?) an atmospheric pub where the locals play dominoes, slamming down the bricks like there is no tomorrow!
  • The Ship on Mare Street is a bit cooky
  • Hackney Central and Homerton have a DISMAL selection of pubs. It comes to something when the Wetherspoons is best for atmosphere as well as real ale. The Pub on the Park in London Fields is nice, and the Samuel Pepys re-opens in December. Interesting to see if it will be crusty central again after the Empire revamp
  • The Archers (pronounced Archies)Osborne Street off Brick Lane, brilliant Karaoki on Friday nights the singer/compare is bloody excellent, a good time is had by all, well worth it.
  • the bars next to viccy park, theres a street of pubs n stuff. trendy.
  • Then & Now: The Kenton Arms Kenton rd;(Part of the "real" Hackney Heritage) Then: The Brunswick Arms 1990-98 Well st;(Within this time period everyday/night was partytime). Then: The Albion Well st; common 1975-79 (Within this time period every night was a scream, a laugh, a party what a shame the owners sold up, the pub now caters for geriatrics and knowone else,it's such a shame a "good time" emporium for all adult age groups came to grinding halt in 1979. The Spread Eagle Homerton High st E9 (1976-82);This pub was packed Monday-Sunday for seven years,they had to turn people away on Friday & Saturday nights. Wicked D.J on Tuesday and Sunday nights (ME)
  • The PALM TREE on Averfield Rd (formerly known as Haverfield Rd but someone painted over the 'H') is a great place to go at the weekend as they have live music, and even if the music is not your prefered style, it's still a good laugh.
  • The Dove on Broadway Market would be good if it weren't for the pretentious tossers who use the place. The Pub on the Park is more down to earth.
  • The Globe on Morning lane every night but Friday, when it's the Ship on Mare St, up the little strange alley just north of the Empire by the kebab shop. The front is in another Alley that used to be rigt next door to the Empire stage door Im told. Boycott the Witherspoons!!!! The macDonalds of pubs.
  • The Eclipse (corner of Elderfield Rd and Blurton Rd - just off Chatsworth Rd) has only been open for about 8 months and has already become the best local around. They are only serving Sunday lunch at the moment due to the lack of a chef but it is well worth a visit for the great atmosphere and the rare soul jukebox.
  • The Dove on Broadway market - best beer ever
  • Two friendliest and best are The Lord Cecil (beginning of 'murder mile' in Clapton) and The Pride of Spitalfields (off Brick Lane). The first is large, lots of laughs and music. The second is small but beautiful. Both have truly great beer.
  • Pub on the Park on a Friday night cos it's never too busy and you can get completed wrecked and no one gives shit. See you there Mikey boy!
  • I mainly go to pubs for the authencity, individual history they boast, every east end pub has a story!!!Blind Beggar not the only one
  • The Cat and Mutton pub on Broadway Market is hip and happening. The famous faces of Brian and the boys is enough to attract huge crowds.
  • Bar Baran, as mentioned in this section already has new DJ's playing in the Bar on Saturday Night, playing a wide spectrum of music styles, from soul/rare groove (early evening) to lively funk and dance as the night wear on. Perfect for a local Saturday or as a starter for a big night out.
  • Prince George on Parkholme Road is fantastic for watching the rugby: good beer, really nice bunch of people (locals from all over the world).
  • - The Dove, absolutely packed all the time! Great selection of Belgian Beers. - Bar Baran, Shoreditch-styled bar and restaurant generally play good music and there are loads of free magazines. Both on Broadway Market.
  • The Palm Tree in the strange new post apocalyptic Mile End Millennium Park is well worth a visit. A strange mix of local locals and students and climbers with an outdoor gras patch near the canal. It is in the middle of nowhere ( for lLondon) and feels like it should have featured in ' The League of Gentleman'. Recommended
  • The Tiger pub on Wick Road - if you're hard enough
  • The Globe at the top of Morning Lane was ok....and I have had many a good pub crawl up Hackney Road
  • The Royal Inn On the Park - Since the new management took over a few months ago, things have really taken off at this venue. A good atmosphere with a mixed clientele is what you can expect if you visit this bar. If you enjoy relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, eating good food (they've got a new chef who is awesome) and listening to good music in a child free zone, then head on over and enjoy their Sunday Session! I've been going there for the past year, and in the last six months can honestly say this place is going from strength to strength!! Try it if you don't believe me!! (P.S They haven't paid me to write this!! :>)
  • The Earl Amhurst on Amhurst Road, basically next to Hackney Central station is really nice - I think it used to be scuzzy but now has lovely bar staff, nice owner/manager man, good music (bring your own), pool, Belgian beer etc. Only downside is uncomfortable seats.
  • Cantalope, a.k.a the pregnant watermelon
  • Inn on the park... Nice big pub for summer lounging. Not sure about the food though...
  • "Hackney circuit" of Dove, Pub on the Park and Pepys. Sebright off Hackney Road for Dockyard Doris on a Thursday, good Sunday lunch. Approach. Royal Inn on the Park. Golden Heart (correct spelling), Pride of Spitalfields in that area. Nelson's Head & Royal Oak in Columbia Rd. open 8am Sunday (Royal Oak is also the pub in "Goodnight Sweetheart" - the alleyway down the side is Nicholas Lyndhurst's vortex), as is the Carpenters on Cheshire Street.
  • The Dove, Broadway Market
  • The Prince George, Prince Albert, Dove and Pub on the Park (all within the London Fields area) are superb.
  • The approach tavern,on the approch road near Victoria Park. The Carpenters Arms on Cheshire street. Formerly owned by the Kray twins so they would have somewhere safe to take their mum (Rose), without fear of being shot.
  • Salmon an Ball, right on Bethnal Green Tube, and the Green Man a few yards along does a blinding pint of Ollie Holsten
  • The Greenwood, Royal Oak on Wilton Way, The one on Wilton Way behind Hack. Empire
  • The 'Royal Oak' on Columbia Road is the site of some of the Pub scenes from the Movie, "The Krays". Also, Rolling Stones did a video for one of their songs from Tattoo You outside the Royal Oak and up Columbia Road. Charlie Kray can occassionally be found having a pint at the 'Birdcage' on Columbia Road.
  • I'd like to recommend the Cavalier pub on the corner of Bethnal Green - I think the road is Cheshire Street.
  • Pub on the Park London Field is actually in the Park and is ACE: run by a sweet Irish guy, Bredan, and son. Has petanque cricket swings etc
  • Another pub that is great is the Prince George Parkholm Road: reminds me of a pubs in Ireland -- real fire, rugs and bare boards with loads of atmosphere. Great place to watch rugby, though tv is not on much. Best juke box in Hackney.
  • The Magpie and Stump on Church street. Pretty easy atmosphere which makes a nice change from the rest.

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