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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • Basketball off top end of Brick Lane
  • Every Sunday, around 3 o'clock, there's an open-to-all-comers game of football at the northern end of London Fields, next to the old lido. For people who like a good game but can't be arsed with the week-in-week-out commitment of joining a proper team.
  • Swimming at York Hall, Old Ford Rd E2 Football pitches, tennis in Victoria park,E8
  • Kings Hall - run-down but still stylish, and not intimidating like some pools. A barely competent swimmer like myself is the fastest thing there!
  • Please can you run info on hackney rugby club this season we train every thursday and tuesday, need new players - our website is and i can be emailed on if anyone wants to join. the Hackney griffins have been in hackney for more than twenty years and our pitch (formally used by upper clapton rfc) was one of the original pitches eused in the rfu - ie dates back to the 1890s. we also finished 2nd in the league this season - we have posters (one is attached) - we are in dire need of new players - which is a reflection of sports facilities in hackney - many thanks matthew lary
  • Then: Hackney Marshes for obviuosly saturday & sunday league football MANY sporting footy battles especially between two local teams, then 1978-82: GILWARD F.C Vs HACKNEY GENERALS F.C (Anyone out there remember these teams?) Then: Hackney Stadium Friday night at 8 "Hackney Speedway" fantastic BBRRRIIIINGGG IIITTT BBAAAAAAAACCCKKK !!!!!
  • CAPOEIRA CLASSES IN HACKNEY The Space centre 30 Falkirk street, London N1 Mon 8-10pm INFO WWW.CAPOEIRA-ANGOLA.CO.UK 07779 031 273
  • Badminton at the Britannia Leisure centre in Hoxton
  • sometime the basketball courts near bethnal green road are worth a try when its not too cold. the asphalt is crazily uneven which makes a quick one on one very ionteresting and funny :)

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