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  • the CANAL-very nice walks and adjacent Victoria Park & Mile End Park.
  • Late teens were spent here, fond memories, (they always win in the end).
  • Come and help the world, meet inspirational people and get invaluable work experience with the Red Cross! For exciting, new volunteering oportunities in Bethnal Green email Jenny at (Sept 05)
  • Generally, an eclectic mix of people to be found in pubs and clubs. Some wish to perpetuate the 'aggressive' past of Bethnal Green but amongst those wnackers are some real genuine people.
  • The above "If accepted" is enough for now, this sight is fantastic, but requires more input from people who have lived in the area all of their lives.
  • It would be good if you updated this very worthwhile site a bit more often. Apart from that, a great read with some really interesting contributions I'm looking forward to seeing my contribution - eventually.
  • Viccy Park - the best thing in Hackney
  • The hackey City Farm which is brilliant and needs all the support it can get - also has a very good cafe called Frizzante.
  • Best weed is to be found from young Bengali's around Bethnal Green
  • The east end is and always was a great place to grow up even though it is classed as a lower class, struggling, deprived, derelicted area. The togetherness, bonding, pulling together really shows in those genuine people i grew up with.
  • Individual and Couple Counselling in N4. BAC Accredited and UKRC Independent Counsellor offers supportive environment to work on any life and relationship issue. 45.00 per one and a half hour session. Call Scilla Alvarado MA BEd (Hons), London N4 on 020 7359 6783
  • Bethnal Green has always been a working class area ,well it use to be. An ancestor of mine, Nancy Purkiss, was the first person to report to the police that she had heard a scream in an alley way.It turned out to be Jack the Rippers first victim so from this you can tell Im fro a family of real Eastenders.
  • Any bangoli who knows the answer to this question probibly knows me some how so get in contact! Who owns The Eastern Eye restaurant in Plymouth?
  • The marshes behind the Ice ring, LeaBridge. They have put fences round the 'magic triangle where I have walked my dogs for years. It is a beautiful little area which is part of the park. My dogs automatically walk to the fence. Why has it been boarded up? This is a 'typical" posting, but sentiments remain
  • Things to look for in Hackney:
    Samuel Pepys
    Live music, friendly (grungy) atmosphere, open late - by Hackney Empire
    Hackney Empire
    Theatre, comedy on Mondays, plastic glasses, faded Victorian beauty. Where I got married. By Samuel Pepys
    All Nations Club
    Near London Fields. At least four dance floors, assorted chill out zones.
    Rio cinema, Dalston
    Good rep, late at weekends.
    Pub On the Park - brilliant in summer, has a veranda at back and plenty of space in park itself to sit out. (See pub listing.)
    Vortex, Stoke Newington
    Great bookshop with a very nice jazz club attached.
    Abney Park Cemetry, Stoke Newington
    Gothic and overgrown with a ruined chapel at the centre. Good for romantic walks or strange rituals.
    Cafe Alba
    Art and food in equal measure. Recently reopened.
    Hoxton Bibliotech
    Publish Detour, listings and cultural reveiws. Also provide HTML and electronic publishing training for local people. Presenly looking for HTML placements for students. Going live on the Web in November/December with a new magazine incorporating aspects of the paper version but extending it substantially.
    Lively gay scene as well.
  • My Dad grew up there. I lived in a council house till it got stolen from me when I went on holiday. Worst news: I had me car stolen (as well) one Saturday night. Best news: I found it up the road a ways. Oh yeh! a walk along the Grand Canal where it goes through Hackney Marshes is great.
  • Don't forget Chat's Palace!
  • growing up in the sreets and schools of Hackney was great. football, playing fields, cinimas on a weekend, fish and chips in mare st. etc etc

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