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The Worst Things
  • You're likely to get stabbed.
  • Congestion on tube (even at 7am!)
  • Closing down the Hackney Downs school.
  • Smack addicts using my mums stairs as a shooting gallery :( Sad idiots with aggressive natures. Litter louts.
  • Litter on the streets - an old fried chicken box for every inhabitant No public toilets. Hackney Council finally getting better, but still deserve every brickbat going for incompetently fasiling the good people of the Borough. Elected members and paid officers as bad as each other. Knife gangs in London Fields
  • all the buses that stop at Hackney,the whole scummy place,infested with drug dealers/users,drunks and all the loud mouths that no other council wants.
  • The Illegal Triple parking every Friday & Saturday nights outside the RnB Clubs Lower Clapton Road / Wick Road, no thought for anyone else,the Police can't perform their jobs or the law properly, and so they get away with it week after week (Ignorant C***s) The many Brand new houses, built,furnished and carpeted and given to Asylum seekers in the E8/E9 area. The general disintrest/care from a high percentage of Parents or Parent, who just dump their children out on the streets of Hackney at a very early age (Latch Key Kid Phenomenom)which leads to most of them getting caught up in street crimes. The massive under age crime problem, drug related and non drug related is caused initially, solely and purley by the parents who don't give a damn.
  • Haccney Council - treats us all with patronising contempt.
  • Tecso's, the scum druggies outside my flat and last but definatly not least the lovely local council.
  • rude bastards, racists, the beggars in bethanl green tube that have turned begging into a systematic business, they even have shifts. Bethnal green tube staff are a bit dim! motorcades of 8 8-buses instead of being spaced out. woolies which is awful, the guys on brick lane that offer wine to tempt you inside. the complete bastards that rent out flats in Cityview house, and all the leeching estate agents near the tube station. If the world didn't have estate agents the world would be a better place.
  • Road humps around the heavily Bengali tenements of Bethnal Green.
  • Pikey boys around Haggerston park, get down to Job Club.
  • I went to Rushmore Infants school which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found people alot nicer in general in Hackney than in Canning Town where I later went to school. When we left Hackney I went to school in Custom House near plaistow. My sister and I absolutely hated it, the kids and their parents were racist, two faced low-class individuals. The schools were also racists back then. The school dinners for muslim children was consisted of cheese, cheese flan, mash, carrots, processed peas eh all week..(they call it quiche now since neighbours arrived in UK)Fish finger or cod with chips on Fridays which was a god sent!!
  • Too much rubbish on Mare Street, Broadway Market and especially Bush Road, where some idiots dump their old bath tubs!
  • Everyone dumps their rubbish on your doorstep Abandoned cars from joyriding
  • The litter, and the person who pees in my mum's lift, she's 80 and shouldn't be clearing up after some dirty beggar can't wait to get into their own home!!!!!!
  • The person that said about the male posser from bow, i think i no who you mean and yeah i make u right!!! He thinks that he is gods gift but belive he isn't all that!!!! Where have u seen the posser from bow? Leave a message here next time you visit this site coz i reckon we are on about the same fella
  • "Renovation" of the old Lord Rodneys into a chrome-effect bar. The 8 bus. And the N8. Edman Farm. The central line.
  • All the violence and a male posser bow
  • F*cking parking attendants and finding parking. Without a permit you might as well burn your cars and stick it right up their A**holes.
  • Market - sells lots of cheap stuff in a hectic atmosphere
  • Bethnal Green being full of racists. The 236. No-one, but no-one, seems to be able to drive without almost killing pedestrians.
  • All those bloody art wankers that have moved into Brick lane area. Turning the area into the "new Notting Hill"? My arse. All it means is that people who have lived here for years can't afford it any more. Bugger off back to west London and take your Japanese Denim and rare trainers with you! Then I might be able to get a seat in the Golden Hart again!
  • The male staff at the Samuel Pepy's The councils's inability to manage their finances
  • Hackney Council - a bigger bunch of lazy, stupid, useless bastards would be hard to find. They are unutterably contemptible. Love to give away £4.4mil of property to squatters who think the world owes them a fucking living and then spend my poll tax on renovating them while my property crumbles around my ears. Also like to filter most of the traffic between Dalston and Hackney down one street - my street. Famous for having the worst schools in the country
  • Distinct lack of decent pubs. Quite a few Œdodgy¹ areas. Locals can be a bit Œin yer face¹ cockney at times (but you get used to that) Not knowing if the bloke you accidentally spilt your pint on is a major gangster. The number 8 bus! Meant to be about a million an hour. In fact, about 3 an hour. Staff at Bethnal Green tube station are a bit thick. All the bloody trendy types moving in with trust funds, trying to slum it and patronising ther locals. Edman Farm Mini Markket on Bethnal Green Road. Smells of BO in summer, too. No decent non curry restsurants
  • Not the place it used to be, everyone moves further east along the district line as they become more affluent
  • The worst thing about Hackney in my opinion is its reputation!!
  • The stereotype that 'Posh' people give it. Stoke Newington Police, the most corrupt police in the world.
  • crime
  • going back in 1979 and being disappointed with the changes, although it was probably my conception of change
  • No tube

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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