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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Benny's
  • Beverley Music Centre on Norwood have a fantastic violin department upstairs.
  • There are a few musical instrument shops. The one nearest the bus station specialises in guitars.
  • The Guitar Shop just off Ladygate has just moved and got even better. The Music Centre for a more general instrument shop (violins, flutes, ect and some guitars)
  • norwood i think.
  • one decent guitar shop. the rest is poor.
  • seems to be some confusion over The guitar shop in Ladygate beverley and beverley music centre. The guitar shop is a serious guitar shop full of guitars run by people who know about guitars. Beveley music centre sells penny whistles etc.
  • i bought my flute from there-ad vegan
  • i love the music shop on norwood it is were i bought my flute from
  • Beverley Music Centre if you are a trainspotter, if not then go to hull. if you don't know if you're a transpotter than please answer the following question. you like watching trains. 2.are you currently wearing an anorak if yes then you are a trainspotter.
  • Beverley music shop and guitar shop. Guitar shop is cheaper and better for guitars and you can learn there.
  • The Guitar Shop in Ladygate Beverley
  • Beverley Music Centre on Norwood
  • I think theres one on Norwood
  • Beverley Music Centre, Norwood
  • Theres the one on Norwood, Beverley Music Shop, I wonder what that sells...
  • hmmm. There is one on Norwood. It looks like there is new management there now coz it is a lot friendlier than years gone by. They are prepared to order music books for you too. OHM
  • Blue one on Norwood
  • Beverley Music centre on Norwood worth a look.

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