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Live Music Venues
  • Cotton Club DWMC has Gambler 1st 3 Thursdays monthly . Gamber are blues mostly who have a guest player weekly like Derek Nash , brilliant saxophone player . Cotton club has ticket-only tribute bands , it's The Rolling Stoned on Saturday .
  • the pheonix in dartford but DO NOT piss the commitatus off
  • the kings arm has live music sometimes, other than that nowhere really
  • I dont think there is anywhere in bexleyheath that has live bands but Crayford has a pub called the bare and ragged staff which is great for live music and only a 7min jorney. (i live in Crayford thats how i know it is a 7min Journey)
  • Rock/Metal bands play at Flamingo park in Sidcup once a month.
  • Zero Bar in the Broadway, a bit sterile, music a bit too loud for conversation but gets very busy at the weekend
  • OHM BAR have an Excellent Music policy - different each day - Especially sundays when the have a midnight licence and it's FREE to get in. check out their garden with sounds. DRESS SEXY
  • wot r they? we neva have ne of them broadcasted or put on up bexleyheath.
  • WishBone Ash recorded one of their albums in Martin Dene (not that most people have heard of them). We don't get any good live bands in pubs or restaurants, although is you are a fan of Elvis you can go to Memphis Inn. Danson Park also does the occasional fair with some kind of music and stuff.
  • Bar OHM is one of the best places to go in Bexleyheath, the crowd are good fun and above the age of 21. The music is brilliant,and the decor is plush and modern. There is also a very funky garden for those rare british summer evenings. I went there for the first time on Bank Holiday Monday. Its only downfall is that it has to close at 1am. I could have stayed much longer.
  • the only place i would recommend as a MUSIC VENUE is OHM. Apparently standing for ONLY HIT MUSIC this place is truely amazing. it has the top dj's , bongo drummers, sax players, live PA's fron excellent singers. it actually achieves the HIT MUSIC status. A rare thing in Bexleyheath since everyone thinks GARAGE is the be all and end all of life.
  • the mick jagger centre in dartford sometimes holds rock concerts
  • FRONTIER POST for banging tunes with no ATTITUDES. Golden Lion for cracking Kareoke. Zero Bar (ex-Foggs) for a more upmarket clientele!
  • There isn't one! When Yates's was built they said there would be a club/gig venue round the back but there isn't...
  • What can I say....Frontier Post for choice!! Not much else really in Bexleyheath
  • The worst music venue that I've heard in Bexleyheath comes out of some fella's White BMW. He makes a point of having it up full blast, the top of the car down and his shades on (even in the winter), so everyone can get a headache too.
  • was that a serious question???

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