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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Matthew Poulton.
  • Philip Drury lived there once and was the worlds most famous rotten yellow butter teeth c*nt!!!
  • Michael Jacksons family i.e brothers Tito etc and parents have been living in Appledore, 3 miles from Bideford.
  • EMF's Derry
  • Derry of ex EMF fame now semi resides here, with his recording studio as part of Yard 1.
  • Stuart from Bideford Bay Guitars used to be in Cradle of Filth, but he' moved back to Bideford because its better than the rest of the world. I don't know anyone else who was as well known that would be relevant here!
  • Marc Edworthy, footballer currently at Derby County but formerly (in reverse order) of Norwich City, Coventry City, Crystal Palace and Plymouth Argyle (feel free to add any I've missed out or got wrong) is from Bideford. His mum until very recent times used to be a dinner lady at Bideford College.
  • Just Joss Ackland I suppose, although my dog did put her dirty great fucking paws all over Rick Wakemans trousers when he came to visit his son.
  • Steve College, Local Legend
  • David Beckham owns a house between Bideford and Barnstaple.
  • Gaye Advert - the 'face of punk rock' in the late 70's and member of The Adverts was born and brought up in Bideford. Then she was called Gaye Balsden. She has changed her name to Gaye Black now and works in social services in London.
  • I'm not a resident, but I was surfing this page in search of background info. for a project I'm doing on Rudyard Kipling. I think he's worth a mention as having been to school at Westward Ho, and having featured Bideford quite heaviily in "Stalky and Co." Re. Noel Edmonds. NOT Sheepwash. It's Jacobstowe he lives near.
  • Joss Ackland (the actor) is often seen walking around the town. You cant miss him as he wears a big hat. Nice bloke!
  • I'm afraid that I have to report that Eggo is dead! I should know as i was a pall bearer at his funeral
  • Stuart from Cradle of Filth used to live in Lime Grove, home of Lime Grove records (Children of Glen, Saunders and McGovern) and the growing Hornstar project. Rick Wakeman's son lives there too. All the local bands are either called rug or something that rhymes with rug and are shit.
  • Jos Ackland lives nearby and con sometimes be seen ponsing round town in a top hat and cape.
  • Seth Taylor
  • Caleb Jarvis - Poet and Raconteur
  • Dave Cann - London Graphic Designer
  • Famous ex-resident "Eggo", What-ever happened to him, eh? Another current famous resident, Mr M.J. McLoughlin. Known for his egg-like head & bespecticled face like a baboon's arse. John "Rup!" Blackmore, mad-man of East-the-Water, can been seen in nothing more than paint splattered shorts most evenings, telling of endless bartering for bargains, and how everyone who's disagreed with him "needs a bop"

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Last updated: 2009-09-15

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