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  • The Kings Arms, Leaves Green. Reasonably good food if you can hang around long enough to get it, because the service is absolutely lousy. Also, they aren't too good at honouring reservations. If you reserve a table for lunch, and actually find it available when you get there, well count yourself lucky.
  • Flying Machine, Black Horse - some well 'ard chappies in there.
  • only two, ones the social and the others the flying machine, so called because if your not careful you'll be flying outta the window.
  • The Crown at Leaves Green. Stunning in many ways! Menu & food, range of real ales and the landlady, Lesley. All of them poetry in motion. Good conversation and a bar staff who can tell a Bordeaux from a Welsh Claret. Mixed aged customers and an absence of large men loaded with gold jewellery. Ample car park and occasional 'themed' evening of the quieter variety - recent 'Diddly diddly' evening great fun. Not so enjoyable showcase for local group, 'Headbanger & The Nosebleeds'. Did I mention Lesley? Wonderful lady.
  • The White Hart mentioned is in Brasted ...A25 head towards Sevenoaks. Other localish pubs worth a visit are the Three Horseshoes and The Harrow both in Knockholt. They are trad. english pubs with good beer and food at reasonable prices. Both friendly, apart from the landlady at the Horseshoes... The Crown with the lovely elfin girl is actually Leaves Green on the Bromley road, although, like the White Hart, its closed and partly demolished for a major upgrade.(28/3/02)
  • Fox and Hounds, on the road to Westerham. Has guest real ale and is a friendly pub. excellent food. Food is fair price but beer is expensive. Up to 40p a pint over some other outlets.
  • The 'Tally Ho' in Knockholt is a superb place for a good real ale. Recently built new kitchen & restaurant serves 'real' hom-made food. Extensive beer garden, Bat & Trap field,childrens play equipment and coming soon....Boule area.
  • The Ship PH in Tatsfield, has good beer,great food, and friendly Atmosphere .
  • Hmmm, I have frequented almost every pub in Biggin Hill. The Black Horse, a dingy place, gone down in my places for lunch list since it was re-born with its dining section. The Kings Legs, has a nice barmaid. The Crown does very nice food, check out the Suasage, mustard and marmalade sandwich. plus theres a nice elf-like girl who works there. The Jail, nice food, but I'd like today.
  • If you are over 18 and whant to raise the average age of other customers considerably, go into the "Flying Machine" in the Valley. Don't drink the beer though - you might be well advised to stick to imitation American trendy bottled lagers - they can't be messed up at point-of-sale.
  • Maybe, just maybe, you could include a word or two about "The White Hart", a pub just a little way outside Biggin Hill, where there is a board, which was once a darts scoreboard, but carries the signatures of pilots from the fighter station which was a front line defence in WWII. The board now in the pub is a reproduction, the original was donated to the RAF museum at Hendon but it has on it the names of famous aces. During a recent visit to the UK we had a hell of a job finding it, but maybe there may be others interested too. However, I doubt they include the imbeciles who contribute to your noticeboard, who don't seem too interested in anything. Pity, since without knowing it, they came pretty close to submitting their entries in German.
  • The Wheatsheaf - friendly enough average beefeater.

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Last updated: 2011-10-08

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