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The Best Things
  • great open spaces, including norsey woods with its bronze age mound - lake meadows park for children, and fishermen - queens park country park and lots of green gardens and people who care.
  • Few pretty girls I rememebr
  • the park woods and outside places 2 hang out- but not enogh inside places 2 hang out
  • It's better than Walthamstow.
  • train station!
  • Lake Meadows. No concrete labyrinths. Near enough to Basildon and Lakeside to use the shops but far enough to get away. Ditto London for work.
  • The event of glanville getting done by a younger, taking the alleged attacket to court, and losing the case!!!!
  • glanville gettin jooked in the neck
  • Community spirit in Outwood Common. It's not the most prestigeous place and the Community Centre is a pure eye-sore but the people are charming and very neighbourly, not like some of the more 'wannabe upper-middle's on Queens Park.
  • best fing bout livin ere iz da gr8 ppl arnd! bare good m8s, luvin all mi m8s! u no who ya r!xxx also luvin mayflower,mainli cuzza reiss(sooooooooooooo fit!)im sure u wld agree!
  • Billericay is such a friendly place, generally people are very kind and pollite - my street has to be the nicest place in the world for a child to grow up - i have loved every second of my childhood here, and it is a shame that i have moved away to uni now!
  • I'ts quiet,away from High Street
  • Plenty of pubs bars and restaurants at hand as long as you know which ones to use.
  • Those walks home with your mates after the blue boar with a hearty cholesterol fest c/o twighlights to keep you going.
  • Bein out on the friday and saturday nights wiv the boys and of course the girls espicially the bill school yr11 girls of 2003-04, The crew from the mayflower School
  • cotchin bout up da high st, outside one-stop! and dwn da station, also dwn lake meadows. i feel safe, wit da bradsahws and tel bennet, because they know so many ppl, also da bradshaws have wel hard cousons from london and essex, so u dnt wana mess wit dem or tel bennet cos he has well hard cousons!!
  • The best thing out of Bill is the 6.30 into Liverpool Street. From there Brick Lane is only a wet fart away where you can sample some of the best curry dishes available anywhere in the world.
  • Billericay is situated in a brilliant location. Near the A127 & A12. 8 miles from M25. 30 mins by train to Liverpool St. Station, 25 mins to Stratford. Near many other towns: Brentwood (town) 5 miles, Basildon (town) 5 miles, Chelmsford (town) 9 miles, Romford (town) 12 miles, Lakeside shopping centre (W.Thurrock)13 miles, Southend-on-Sea 16 miles.
  • lake meadows beatin da pussies up dat walk through1
  • Just a small correction, it's milly meadows, not minny meadows. It is named after the windmill that used to be in the grounds of the house at the top of the hill adjacent to the meadow.
  • When all the kids are at school, mmmmmmmmmm peace
  • Crackpuppet come from billericay (remember their name cause their gona be big)
  • people having the time to be friendly, seeing that girl you always hated in a dead end job.
  • The best blokes caome from Billericay :-p my ex bf lives down Norsey Road .. we ended up going out for 16 mths :-) and well ... Norsey Woods.. ;-)
  • Going back to Billericay after being away for 8 years and knowing that you're going to see half your mates at the pub or in the high street at some point. Walking down the high street after you get chucked out of the pubs on New Year's eve and buying some chips on the way. Norsey Woods when the bluebells are out. Sledging down the tiny hill on the golf course at Lake Meadows when it snows. Going down Upland Road on your bike. Knowing that no matter how long you are away fro, there will always be someone to go for a drink with you when you get back. Standing on the platform with half of your school mates to catch the train in to London in the morning.
  • The change of hands of one of the town's more 'up market' mini cab hire services. The old operators once refused to give me and my mates transport from the Red Lion . *We are not a taxi service* said a surly voice on the other end of the phone. WE WEREN'T EVEN DRUNK !
  • cheap pubs fit guys that's bout it
  • cheap pubs fit guys that's bout it
  • Loads a rich people good for carol singing!
  • I remember the evil Black dog that haunted the meadows. Me and my companions (one has written on the subject already)spent many a long night trying to find the Dog, but to no avail. Surely many of the good people of Billericay have heard the tale? Very Scary!
  • Open spaces
  • We should consider ourselves lucky we live in a town with such minor problems. It's unrealistic to build huge clubs and cinemas in a small town like Riccay so the young'uns will have to be content with going further afield. God forbid a Macy D's! Nice and friendly, quiet, real community spirit.
  • Not Going to the outwood common comunity center
  • Norsey Woods, Catar Museum, Potash Road and round that area. Walking around the lake in Lake Meadows Park on summer evenings with booze bought from the newagents by the train station.
  • Green Park Bench. They aren't arrogant like -ISM. The know how to win and when they do the do it well! They don't go mouthing off in the Yellow advertiser because they thought they'd won. They are also really kind and deserve to go very far. They are playing at the Army & Navy in Chelmsford again on 11th May, we have to go to chelmsford to see them because there are no music venues in billericay.
  • running across lake meadows when its frozen , smashing my rc boat up on one of the islands when it's not
  • Green Park Bench, from Billericay, won The Billericay School Battle of the Bands competition, not -ISM. Playing @ the Army & Navy in Chelmsford on 30th March 2001
  • Miny meadows (reportedly haunted by a black dog, who returns to life in its dangerous physical form every Sept 23 - I think - never spotted it though in three years of trying!)
  • The really nice peaceful graveyard in Little Burstead (is that Billericay!) and sitting on Blunts Wall cricket ground in the summer nights, just staring at the stars
  • Billericay Town FC
  • Billericay Town Football Club, the mighty blue army.
  • I`m sorry but i do think Woolworths deserves a mention - i mean have you ever noticed that if you `pop up the high street` you ALWAYS end up going in Woolworths at some point?
  • cycling around queens park before it was built - there were fields there you bastards (and not poxy golf courses), getting drenched by the ford between billericay and ingatestone, the small boats in lake meadows with the dead fish hanging around for months, the wooden hut in lake meadows that hired stilts in the summer and sold warm panda pops, crazy golf at lake meadows, the sick memories of a child in the late 70s/early 80s
  • After a brief spell in Australia my husband and i really missed the local pubs. I think we are lucky to have such a safe quiet place to live, but good access to the bright lights of London.
  • Day's playing in the open spaces that surround Billericay. Mill meadows when there has been a decent fall of snow. Gathering chestnuts in the woods. Lake meadows on a sunny summer's day. Driving full speed through Buttsbury Wash. Horror movies on a Sunday night at the Ritz (long since gone, but what fun it was)
  • Billericay Town FC's all singing "Blue Army" fans.
  • Fun loving and pretty Essex girls (of a better class than those in Basildon>)
  • Billericay Baptist Church, meeting at Perry Street, Queen's Park (Hannikins Farm) and South Green School.
  • Hangin' out in parks in summer.
  • Going up on the hills at night and looking out over The South Essex Plain. All the lights of Basildon and the rest of Thameside shine before you and the flare of the oil refineries are on the horizon. Essex is vibrant and dynamic,many of the houses are big like ones in Florida.It's a good place to live.
  • Billericay Town Football Club is class. Last season they beat Hereford United and Rushden and Diamonds a run for their money and a big new stand is being built in their ground which is the only proper sports stadium in town.
  • The suburbs of Billericay,such as Sunnymede,Great Burstead and Tye Common are lovely and quiet with nice houses.
  • Billericay Town Football Club-The Pride Of South Essex.
  • The town's ok most of the time but the Blue rinse brigade do rule it a bit sometimes. It is clean and has enough green space so that you can get away from it all from time to time ie Norsey Woods, Queens Park Fields etc.
  • The Pilgrim (on Sun night)
  • I think that the best things about Billericay is about the lights at Christmas time down our road. It is very funny to see them all try to out do each other. Who can be the brightest? Last year it was my friends house by far. He used to own the big white house in Norsey Road. Another good thing is the memories of meeting your friends in Wimpy or going for a coffee.
  • The familiarity - a homely place where you smile and get smiled back
  • The people are terrific. Wherever you meet people from Billericay, they are fun and outgoing. I met one bloke in a 747 above the Indian ocean and it turned out that he lived two streets away from my house. Top geiser ! The concert in Lakemeadows is great fun even when it rains like it did this year.
  • I used to hate Billericay but now I am travelling through Australia and have started to reflect on my childhood. Billericay was a great place to grow up and as much as I moan I had a lot of good times hanging around on street corners with nothing to do!! Claire Phillips
  • In defense of billericay, where else can you find peace and quiet, so many pubs, decent curry houses, and a train to London in little over 30 minutes? Suits me sir!
  • Iain Dury and lots of summers drunk on jungle juice ('79 - '84)
  • Trains, Slipped Discs, Petsway Petshop, Respectable families in nice four bedroomed houses, with two cars in the driveway. Seeing everyone you know shooping in the High street on Saturday afternoon. The lake every morning at 9am which always looks beautiful in any weather. Knowing we are marginally better than Wickford and wipe the floor with Basildon as a good place to live.
  • The best thing is that there's not much hassle from adults and police.
  • The best thing about Billericay is the station: regular leaving trains and buses and for the rich among us taxis which will get us out of this hole. And the Offies we love you we love you.

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