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Skateboard Shops in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Legacy   
  • The mighty mischief in stockton but only 10 minutes away by bus or car   
  • MIMIC fuck me wat a shop that big guy that ran it was great he would send u to the galley to get a him a brew then the ramp was yours to use lol awsome guy awsome shop   
  • Mimic whenit was open, now everyone goes to Mischeif in stockton   
  • sexy mimic, with sexy cam in it   
  • there is a skateboard shop in billingham. next to the banana boat near ASDA, seeing as there is only charity, travel and pubs, there is only 2 pubs in the centre   
  • If your going to buy a new skateboard then its gotta be that dodgy shop in boro centre near 'the great rack n rail swindle' got my first deck there and some phat t-shirts.   
  • One in the town centre next to the banana boat fruitshop, selling allsorts of dodgy clothes and shoes that you wouldnt wear to get cremated in!!   
  • In the centre near Asda, its a small shop but pretty cool   
  • Footwork in The town centre sells Skateboards and accesories.   
  • TEARS! for mimic man that was a shop u could feel comfortable in foot works is a fuckin sell out man it should be burnt to the ground! wheres cam at wen u need him with a brand new mimc2 come on lad!   
  • the chief   
  • mischief...think its a skate shop.boyes for good value.   
  • mimic was the the best by far, the mini ramp was a great idea... footworks is balls... just full of shitty gear   
  • MIMIC OH WHERE ART THOU MIMIC u where like a beacon in the darkness   
  • once again we are back on the subject of "foot works",mimic,now there was a real skate shop(until dirty smackheads broke in!)   
  • The only one in Billingham; in the Town Centre, you cant miss it.   
  • Footworks is actually a really good skate shop.   
  • Footworks is an excellent skateboard shop..near Asda!.   
  • the one redeeming feature of billingham - the skateboard shop in the upper precinct! so good in fact it has its own mini ramp in the back!   
  • Cammo's store is ok, I guess. Ramps indoors are purdy cool.   

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