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  • Ferrands- It's an average pub, it's good when they open both floors because sometimes they don't and you're crammed on the bottom floor and can't move for the amount of people. Queens-it's terrible. absolutely boring. the place has no character. the maximum amount of customers they get on a Friday/Saturday is about 5. they play about 6-10 different songs on a loop all the time so it gets extremely repetative and annoying.
  • foundry hill is best new place to go in bingley for safe drinking with adults on leather sofas in cosy sophisticated surroundings... far superior to suburban style bar.... what does that mean anyway...a style bar in the suburbs???
  • White horse is a great night out - great drinks (apple sour shots), jukebox to die for, no wierd regulars
  • White Horse is good, Spoons is like every other spoons, Ferrands is ok, Queens has the worst clientel ever.
  • Ferrands, Suburban Old Library, SPOONS other pubs and not forgetting PORKYS
  • suburban bar is the only nice bar/pub in Bingley
  • queens dont bother, the new owners prefer the younger crew. if you like fresh faced weasels who like drugs go round the back 7 till 01;45 friday to sunday maybe a weeknight if your lucky p.s only morons allowed. trackiez and 2`strippie jumpers welcome
  • Havn't lived in Bingley for years, but I seem to recall Bingley rugby club was a cheap place to get pissed and if you were careful you could have a quick joint in the loos! aint that right bernie?
  • theres some good ones. The Ferrands is alright, but gets a bit busy at weekends. The Midland, good for sport. The surburban, very classy wine bar, spoons is the best pub tho. The worst, The old library or wine bar, dont believe the name, its not, its crap.
  • If you want a good laugh get your self to the Ferrands on a thursday friday or saturday night. If your lucky it will be Kareoke night and a fella by the name of Martyn Crofts will be in there performing his own unique style of Kareoke. His Doors meets the Darlicks rendition of Light My Fire is not to be missed.
  • erm most of then are decent apart from the library
  • if you are looking for a great friendly atmosphere,away from all the drunken kiddies try the star oo york street. its by far the best pint of tetleys for miles around.
  • The Suburban Style bar is a new upmarket addition to Bingley nightlife. The prices are a little higher but there are door droids on most nights to keep out the kids and the trouble-makers.
  • Ah, the Brown Cow, very civilised and a must for the more advanced but still youthfull bitter drinker with no less than 8 Timothy Tylors Bitters on draft. The Cow also boasts an excellent menu. For the younger drinker the Ferrands comes highly recommended as does the Midland which has a pool table. Steer clear of BigFellas if you're attached to your teeth. Wednesdays is ladies night at the Old Library and for less then a fiver you can drink all night.
  • Weatherspoons probably the only decent one, oh and The Ferrands.
  • The Old Queen's Head in Bingley is under new management. Anne & Martin are a cracking pair who have brought life back to our Old Favourite. With DJ Simon on a Thursday and a Friday, live bands on a Saturday night, Karaoke on a Sunday, and poole competitions on a Monday, there is no reason to ever go anywhere else. There are many deals on drinks and they are always open to suggestions...go and check it out!!!
  • get yourself to the witherspoons for a jug or 2 of pinacolada they send your head home, VITESSE!
  • The Star - where you can watch the wanna be Krays pretend to be really hard!!!!
  • I puked my guts out in front of porkys and was sober in weatherspoons ( yes the NEW Weatherspoons )and I would have to say as an american tourist the boffing in front of bigfellas was less painfull than having to endure the antiseptic environs of the too-brightly-lit-no-music-having-personality-devoid-of-spectre that is weatherspoons. cheap beer and the crappy attitude of the door girl are not enough to make up for the ultimately dissapointing atmosphere and surgical room feeling of this monstrosity......enough said.
  • What have they done to Dick Hudsons? It used to be a great place, full of character, very cosy with an interesting varied menu. Now its a themed place with no theme, the menu is boring and there's absolutely no warmth. They have done exactly the same to the Cow and Calf on the Ilkley side of the moor, even down to having the same menu.
  • If you're looking for a good pub, I would suggest Fanny's in Saltaire which is excellent, and has the added advantage of not being in Bingley.
  • i'd stay in the white horse/fleece end of town.The midland and the 'wine bar' should be avoided by all sensible people.
  • now the best pub in bingley has got to be the ferrands arms . great staff nice atmoshere pool table and u just cant go wrong really you can go and sit on the grass outside!
  • The White Horse is the best place to go if you're a student, so will everyone stop going to whetherspoons cause that's crap. And the Old Library, what a joke, well lets just say that the clientel have a remarkably youthful appearance, must be something in the beer?
  • The new Wetherspoons is well worth a visit, Like other wetherspoons there is no music But masses of cheap beer makes for a good night
  • What is that JD Wetherspoon's place all about? Its a too bright, too loud, too expensive, no atmosphere sort of a place. Nice exterior but inside its bland and cold. Give the new Myrtle Grove a miss and try the Old Library next door instead.
  • The Brown Cow serves the best beer in town. The Fleece has a welcome for strangers, and a smashing landlord (sorry to hear he was beaten severely by the many meatheads roaming the place at night) The Ferrands used to be a good place years ago but it's now full of loud youths who seem to get out of their heads on fizzy larger-a loud plastic pub.
  • Alright their all fighty and stuff.
  • The Brown Cow (off the main road at Millgate) and the Ferrands Arms both serve excellent Timothy Taylors, but the 'great pint of Caffreys at the White Horse' is a contradiction of terms (fizzy chemical nitrokeg) and I don't think anybody over 18 frequents the place!
  • The all-new a-bit-too-trendy-for-Bingley Midland is worth a look. The Brown Cow has Black Sheep beer sometimes. Dare I say that Black Sheep's even better than Timmy Taylor's Landlord?
  • The Brown Cow is full of athmosphere, and has the best beer in the region.
  • The best pub in Bingley would probably have to be the White Horse which serves a great pint of Cafreys.
  • The Brown Cow is a good pub, but can get frustrating when it is busy, because the bar is small and there is a lot of floor to get through to reach the bar. (Timothy Taylors Pub)
  • The Ferrands Arms is a good pub for a relaxing evening.
  • The Fishermans is a good pub but it is out of Bingley on Wagon Lane, it's an old gentlemens pub.
  • The Queens Head has just been changed and is now a very reasonable pub, although it is still full of learner drinkers.
  • The Ferrands is great on a Saturday night.
  • Don't go in the Harvester unless you wear a flat cap & have a whippet!

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