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Hookup Spots
  • The private club,A brilliant swingers club in Aston
  • Birmingham Night Life: Panic, Jump Around.. Digbeth.. Barfly Sanctuary.. Snobs by Mailbox.. Subways city for resurrection
  • Down my PMT (professional music technology), its a great music shop with loadsa great guitars and that. But by it theres the bridge and a lotta quiet places, specially if you walk thru the trading estate....good erm private places VERY QUIET
  • Snobs on a thursday or sunflower lounge any day of the week. lots of cool cats throwing some shapes on the floor.
  • outside central libray is always a good spot cos anyone whos anyone knws where it is!
  • Fletchers, take a left at the fourums and go down the stairs, its an anawesome place 2 chill with your mates and hav a laugh just watch for the security guard tho
  • An awesome place 2 chill is fletchers walk car park, take a left at fourums and go down the stairs, take a right u can get wasted all you want n hav a quit smoke lol
  • places in wednesbury
  • The best place for us to hang is the Clifton Bingo in Great Barr. Yeah ok, not exactly where were dreaming to go, but the car park around is bomber. Great for night skating. If not there, Aldi in kingstanding, there's a kick ass waxed curb which we did. Its shit though, all the chavs usually hang there too.
  • Brummy men and women ready to meet up for friendship, love or SEX.
  • Selly Sausage in Selly Oak, ace atmosphere and good food, open till 10.30 pm!!
  • I Dont think you mentioned the gardens behind the icc/centenary square
  • Coleshill is a great place i just wanted to put its name here. It has a great chippy and stuff!!!!!!!!
  • Brindleyplace on the first Saturday of the month
  • Used to hang at the steps by McDonalds/Library, progressed to the gardens round the back of the Rep, then moved into the pubs when legal, though if you're okay with the Corporate aspect of things, one of the many many Starbucks always has room for your group!
  • The piss place behind paradise forum is the winter skate hook up spot, and the REP is the summer one. Don't get caught in the REP trap though, it's too easy to get stuck there all day...
  • Me Puvan Kale and my mate Ellis Bowen like to hang around at the bins behind netto in dudley its awesome.we like to eat to eat sweets and drink milkshake.and the occasional 2.5 volume salt crisp packet. also we'd like to note that SOLIHULL SKATERS SUCK!
  • jubilee park and hobs moat clinic (home of eddie cotton)
  • ello my names nelly i hang by forum. it used to be ok but its full of mini moshin lil pricks im a rocker my self and the best way to pass the time is to get a fat spliff on anyway if u see a lil fat dude in a distillers hoody skining up cum chat
  • the graveyard by st phillips is great (the pigeon-park as my sister calls it- beside colmore row) to hang out in. the grassy area in brindley place is good too.
  • i remeber the days when i dreamed of getting into pubs in brum..then i realised i could...
  • Whoever put the back of touchwood as a good place to hang out is wrong!they people there are sad losers, with nothing to do except bitch about everyone who isnt part of 'the bodum bunch' if u wanna go somewhere decent,go to birmingham,not solihull!!!
  • the middle of touchwood in solihull seems to be a popular place for the local riff-raff to hang out
  • used to hand out in pidgeon park.then i started getting pussy and started hanging out in girls bedrooms.
  • me and ma friends find Paradise easiest to meet up. its out the way, and generally safe!
  • The bingo and libary in great barr by the libary on the 51 bus route full off
  • WH Smiths or the Odean cinema seems to be a popular rendezvous point when arranging to meet friends in town.
  • hmm...try any kev hangout. they're always full of hopeless, no-good desperate freaks waiting to beat up some goths or skaters, and getting their ass whipped in the process! but most of them are easy...
  • outside the back of touch wood by bodum is a gr8 place to meet loads of goths skaters
  • central library, floozy.
  • Outside McDonalds on the Highstreet
  • Central Library, hence the need for women only tables because of all the lechy blokes who try to pull you while you're studying. By the fountains, if you like asylum seekers.
  • the best place to chill is in the churchyard by colmore row. you can cotch on a bench with your woman and just let the world go by. and there are no wankers with skateboards or flat shoes in there. god that lot of buffoons piss me off!!
  • Outside the Odeon - that's always been the foolproof place
  • Centenary square at the war memorial or the fountain outside the Symphony Hall - always a load of skaters there and people like myself making a right tit of meself falling off all the time (I've only just started learning - if you see a shaven headed lard arse in a bright orange Gul hoody falling off a board a lot, give me a break and don't laugh too much!)
  • if you go by the swan ceter in b ham by the co road then you go round the back an on the roof there are loads of skaters chicks/dudes skevin
  • ok, outside the central library, thats a wicked place to meet new people. Also if you are willing to get the number 6 bus from outside raw in town to solihull, then touchwood is the best place to hang out, they have lots of comfy seets, and lots of local goth/skaters that are there every weekend (including me) they are very nice people. Also near cult clothing is great to meet people.
  • relatively knew Star city, arcades, bowling, cinema, restaurants, shops, etc,
  • the steps in victoria square outside central library
  • The Steps (outside the Central Library, behind Victoria Square)
  • the benches by the canal at the flapper and firkin!!good place to chill in the evening!!
  • out side central library on the steps or on broard street or brindley place or out on queensway. (well maybe on it)!!!!!!!
  • The bit by paradise forum with the ledges. god for lunch
  • by the BIG library, where all the fit skate lads hang about. if u ever see me, (im the tall one most probably wearing my superstar shell toe trainers and alotta pink) come and talk to me! im friendly!
  • Carrs Lane Churchyard
  • Vertical closed down, it never had a concrete bowl and they did let BMXers in. It was still great though and I miss it. Does any one know where Ozzie Ben is? If you know ask him to pop in on Mike at Bristol street and leave his number for me. Chairs, David A
  • It must be Victoria Square, because all day there are cute boys jumping off the steps on their skateboards.
  • If you're at Birmingham Uni., the Vale is a mint place to meet up and chong weed during the summer!
  • The church square near the town centre... lots of gravestones for youth types to hang around in a gothin style of teen misery
  • Central, fastlands
  • the best place to chill is defintely 'Pigeon Park' and thsat bit behind the library where you can go for a quiet snog..
  • paradise forum
  • Atlantis Amusement Arcade

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