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The Best Things
  • My favourite place in brum is the private club in aston £45 entrance fee and you can fuck the girls has many times has you can manage,love going there twice a week.
  • A world class train station & shopping centre. The variety of stores in Birmingham, everything is in a walkable distance (in the city centre), the library is amazing, the canals, parks, lots of museums, can easily access anywhere in the country with our train stations (busiest train stations outside of London) and very friendly people!
  • The Canal, despite that it is heavily polluted with dead creatures and trash. The canal would make a great Red Bull Race for MotorX or trail's bike. Awesome to walk around in summer and there's even blackberries on the tree's if you get stuck for some tuck!!
  • The Private Club in Aston, adult club that holds sex parties!!
  • The best thing in birmingham is the market in blackheath, it has the fantastic NEW aromatherapy stall, Enrapturing sell handmade soap, shower gels, bath fizzers, body scrubs, hair treatments etc etc. I have used their soaps for psoriasis and eczema and they are excellently priced compared to high street shop who sell the equivalent.
  • Botanical Gardens
  • The oasis market, Epic, The Academy, Cadbury World (get in) and where would we be without CEX
  • canals, parks
  • the bullring
  • canals and wide variety of shops
  • Kings Heath High Street: a half mile stretch of cheap and cheerful interestingness.
  • IMAX - fantastic, I'm a regular. CyberWorld is the best & Wild Safari 3D isn't worth seeing at all
  • the Music Scene is huge and well respected in Birmingham.
  • Student life, its the best! friendly and cheap!!
  • Just heard that Editors my fav new band are playing a completely free gig in Birmingham this Saturday at 7pm at the Mailbox tell your mates!!! brilliant
  • Buses 4 20p!!!!
  • Art market in Brindleyplace on the first Sat of the month...
  • Some people mention racism and go on about asylum seekers, immigrants, and refugees, HOWEVER, Birmingham is one of those truly multicultural places, and is relatively safe in terms of racial tension compared to what you might think in a community with more non-whites than, say, Wales. (eg although Leeds has the largest concentration of black people in the country, the racial tension factor is high, and the 'is it safe for me to be in that area?' mentality - (yes, for ethnic majorities too, despite there generally being safety in numbers) - is justified and neccessary.)
  • good skate weather
  • curry
  • Fused Magazine. Of all the mags i've seen this is by far the best of the lot The design is great and the features are ace! and it's made in Birmingham too and free! yowsah!
  • Sumurai swords by paul chen at
  • A busy city, which hosts a multitude of attractions, a wealth of shops and a wide range of various architecture
  • Moseley Park and Pool and The Prince of Wales for any visiting yank that wants to see a real pub in action but don't tell too many of them please. Actress and Bishop is good too. Jug of Ale is great but I'm getting a bit cranky about the yoof!
  • The people and the accent!!! having lived up north and in London (much more of a sh*t hole than brum) i have been called (wrongly) a northener and a southner (im not sure which is worse, southern probably) its just best to be a midlander!!! when will people down south realise that there is life outside the M25!! Also whats best is that all the supporters of the fottie teams actually are from Birmingham, giving a much better atmosphere!!!
  • the people - diverse, down-to-earth, funny, don't turn their noses up at foreigners the shops - loads of them, also very diverse the actual area - technology and modern buildings side by side with beautiful countryside
  • people are generally sound.unpretentious.amazing nite life eg house of god.
  • well the best place i find is netadventure in dalton street near the crown court in brum city center the staff there will play games with u not just show u how to play and u can play on net or lan with ur m8's the manage there ron has a long standing gamers clan that has been going for years [TpR] troopers he lets any one join his clan and its a laugh they have a leased line so no sharing conection its 2 meg thye have most if not all the lates games to try
  • Insane drunken people and groovy charity helpers!
  • Girls
  • Selfridges
  • The amazing amount of alcohol that can be consumed by drinking only one drink in every pub on Broad Street.
  • Brummie humour
  • generally nice atmosphere, cheap drinks can be found, good gigs every so often, many fit boys and regular buses [although they are often late]. and me, of course.
  • People are mostly cool Shops are wicked and the city it self is really nice i think.
  • The sheer ambition of the city with its redevelopment drive. Full marks to the city council and Birmingham Alliance and partners, because of... The Conference quarter (Broad St / Brindley Place etc...) The Bullring development. Pedestrianising New St. Tearing down the Masshouse part of the ring road. The new library to be built next to Millenium point etc...
  • the people are ace and the accent is so opposite to stuck up and arrogant!
  • the best thing about birmingham is its diversity - west indian, turkish, irish, indian, japanese, english, bangladeshi, chinese, pakistani, egyptian, welsh; christian, jewish, muslim, sikh, buddhist and hindu (and any other race or religion you care to think of) people live in birmingham, i know for sure the primary and secondary schools i attended had about a 60% white and 40% non-white make-up. and in mosely you can walk around in a dresing gown with bright pink dreadlocks whilst singing 'oh i do like to be beside the seaside' without much hassle.
  • cadburys chocolate, all the sexy ladies, the clubs on broad street, the good shops and the friendliness of the people. better than them scouse bastards, and all northerners.
  • What about ELO, the Move and Toyah Wilcox?
  • Just a quick comment re the stuck-up nonce who wittered on about the suburb of Handsworth Wood. I wish he'd go f*ck himself. That's all really.
  • Friendly down to earth people who tell it like it is
  • The Irish community.
  • Above average population of gorgeous women, lots of good bars, friendly people, good underground music scene, Kool FM - the best pirate radio station ever, Brindleyplace, Aston University, Manzils Curry House, Chinese Quarter with the awesome restaurants, best curries in the country!
  • the skaters yuuum!
  • I hope that by ''the street cleaner outside the library, the one who looks like an elf'' isn't the same street cleaner we all know and love; Ted. It's just that he's retiring in a few months and is going abroad for the first time in his life, and besides, he wears offensive keyrings and repeats them out loud to old ladies who complain. Where would we be without him...
  • Friendly people, great nights out, plenty of variety.
  • Normally friendly ppl, big rock scene.
  • lots to do loads of different shops birmingham ain't got too many of that high street crap once you get lookin around
  • Our lightning wit.
  • Fantastic Art Gallery, refurbished City Centre, easy to get to other parts of England and Wales for days out.
  • shopping
  • on broad street
  • Where else in the world can you walk down a single street and find Hare Krshnas, anti-capitalists, religious preachers, Sk8ers, Goths, Hell's Angels and people from every other ethnic group or religious sect in the whole world??? And the sk8er chics, without whom life would instantly lose its sparkle...
  • Brummy hospitality & sense of humour
  • Its explosion of city centre regeneration since the 80s. Its such a great place to live now, compared to 20 years ago, especially if you're young and not especially poor. Lickey Hills - a haven of tranquility just 30 minutes away on the 62 bus.
  • I'm from Liverpool but the first time I went to Birmingham I fell in love with it. Don't laugh. Birmingham IS, and it doesn't have to justify itself. Brummies are not cocky and arrogant like Mancunians, they don't have anything to prove. All the concrete and skyscrapers are an asset, as they are in balance with all the trees all through the city. Summers are beautiful.
  • Moseley & Digbeth
  • Unpretentious people Racially very diverse but hardly any of the tensions you get somewhere like London Lots of jobs!
  • HANDSWORTH WOOD, HANDSWORTH WOOD, HANDSWORTH WOOD - this is far the best thing Birmingham can offer! I've moved from London to Handsworth Wood. This affluent suburb is by far the best place in B'ham to live. It also quite expensive for Birmingham prices. What are some ppl here talking about??? To think associating H'worth Wood with crime is absurd. People who think think obviously haven't the intellegence to to distingush between H'worth Wood from H'worth. Needless to say they probably can't afford a detached house here anyway which average at 350K. If there was a south and north divide of the city North Birmingham will undisputedly win as we have Handsworth Wood, Four Oaks, Little Aston and Sutton Coldfield. Also North B'ham ppl are much more snobbier than south b'ham. South Birmingham ppl can just go live in they SMALL 3 bed house with a little drives and a single garage!!! Whilst Handsworth Wood ppl will be living on Hamstead Hill, Handsworth Wood Road and Church Lane, I won't describe the houses as it will be-little ppl from Harbourne and Egdbaston!
  • Walking from New Street Station, through Victoria Square, over Centenary Way, past the Rep, over the canal, and into Brindleyplace. About the only traffic-free place to walk in town.
  • BSA motorcycles the most "kick-ass", guud-lookin', hoags in the surreal world. mfg by Birmingham Small Arms.[ Mackadown Lane and Golden Hillock Road.] "How cin yer ferget H.P.?" Why, houses of parliament sauce, known in every restaurant here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 'cause I personally see to it an I personally ask foe it by name, an yeeaah,-....they all got it now! an' whats mer, theyre a likin' it an' askin' fer it themselves! Bulldog clips. Aah cin git these too! Newey needles and pins. an' these!
  • Brummies are absolute salt of the earth.
  • Lots of canals
  • It's a friendly city
  • That Sutton Coldfield is only 8 miles away, though it feels like another world.
  • The range of skaters around the place. The friendly attitude between skaters. The way in which people approach you to sell you dope for extorsionate prices.
  • The 104X (North Birmingham Busways) bus to Sutton Coldfield. (Avoid TWM buses at all costs! They charge you 85p instead of 70p!)
  • The people, definitely. They are so friendly and cheerful.
  • everything - it all rocks im gonna miss it like hell when i go to uni!
  • M6 Northbound. Tasteless graffiti in the Perry Barr subways. Victoria Turner the Bell End Burner. Oh, and Aftab Is Gay.
  • Birmingham has a wealth of musical talent and most nights you can get to see some incredible talent often for FREE (The Adam & Eve, Bradford St, The Old Mill Northfield etc). The scene fluctuates but if people support live venues it will flourish.SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!!! The best STEELY DAN tribute band ever isTHE DANNY STEEL ORCHESTRA.......look out for us and have a great night!
  • Brindley Place, Broad St
  • I lived in Handsworth Wood for 8 years, until quite recently, and was never afraid to go out at night. It's really quite pleasant there and - perhaps - the south Brum snob contingents who keep plugging over-priced Harborne, and tatty old Selly Oak and the like ought to stop sniping at the northern half of the city (bits that they've probably never been to). There was one shooting in the Wood - and that was an overspill from Handsworth (which DOES have its more troubled parts) but, you know, it's a big suburb and these things happen.
  • brum does have a real buzz these days, especially at weekends. the locals aren't up their own arses (I'm a londoner, I should know about that). unpretentious, sometimes tacky, but definitely a good place to spend saturday night.
  • What's good about Birmingham? In the City Centre, you can find just about anything your heart desires within a relatively small area, and in most cases without the extortionate prices of London.
  • The best thing about Birmingham is the Oscillate Club night, run infrequently at either the Que club (all nighters) or Moseley Dance Centre (err.. non-all nighters).
  • Alternatively, the best thing about Brum is The Rock Face indoor climbing centre, on A B Row (I know, wierd address) near Aston University, but not on the net at all.
  • Being central. Nowhere is too far to go for a weekend away. And you'll need to take weekends away.
  • Musical Exchanges (Livery St, near Snow Hill Station). A huge shop which puts the ones in London to shame. Something for everyone here, although a limited selection of mandolins and harmonicas. Great acoustic guitars department, and huge electric guitar department. There is also a collectors corner, full of old Gretsch guitars including what looks like one of Bo Diddley's. The staff are pretty helpful and will go to great lengths to help if you know what you want.
  • The Broad Street area, including the ICC, Symphony Hall (the best music venue in the country) and the National Indoor Arena. Ronnie Scotts club is good although the choice of acts can be a bit suspect. The new Brindley Place area is full of good restaurants and pubs. Looking back ten years it is hard to believe that this is the same city. The improvements that have been (and continue to be) done make you really proud to live here.
  • Balti. Although no longer unique to Birmingham, you can eat some great food in the area.
  • Hey I lived in Birmingham for the first 19 years of my life and it gets better every time I go back. The town centre sparkles with promise and on a sunny winter morning there's nowhere better than to walk from St Phillip's Cathedral, past the glorious founatins on Victoria Square (the biggest in Europe they tell me), past the statues of Watt and Baskerville on the steps outside the Central Library, and down to the convention centre to watch the canal boats chug past the rich Japanese conference delegates spending their oodles of lovely cash in this fabulous city. And the reason no-one knows about these gems is that yer Birmingham people do not have massive chips on their shoulders like people form up north and consequently do not go bang on about the city. I knew a bloke from Manchester and he was so uptight about his shitehole hometown that no-one dared to criticize it even a teensy weensy bit. Sure, Birmingham's got loads of problems, but at least I know the city is doing its best to solve them.
  • the night life is wicked, lots of nice blpokes, but most gay!!!
  • Broad Street is terrific and the city centre nightlife can cater most tastes
  • Air Adventures in the Pallisades. The shop's too small but there's a great range of kites and a very knowledgeable bloke behind the counter. They also do in-line skates and stuff like that.
  • If you can endure the bitting winds and venture down on to the beach, persevere. For following the coast north past the golf course and up towards St Fergus, the beach is wonderful. The surf is wild and ferocious and that strecth of coast features in some surfers handbooks. The sand is golden white and powdery. Just breath it that bresh air!
  • The Best thing about Birmingham is . . you only have to travel relatively short distances to get into the country. Best area, Rednal/Rubery. Plenty of open spaces (nr Lickey Hills/Clent Hills),and the new Birmingham Great Park development. Close enough for town, without the traffic hassle.
  • The people dont have the Manc. swagger (Up them selves) or the London got to be done now or yesterday. People are realistic.
  • Everything is Brum is cool, the city centre is amazing now, friendly and convenient.
  • Atomic Jam & House of God at Que.
  • diverse mix of people
  • Villa Fans
  • The iron man statue. Don't move it, don't touch it. Leave it where it is. It's much better than some silly tram network!!!
  • Jewelry Quarter: Superb bargains but also beware of cheap rip offs. Black cab drivers.

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