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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Oasis Market and Blue Banana
  • A treasure trove of vintage goodies located at the custard factory- 5 mins walk from bullring in Digbeth. Individual stalls with a relaxed atmosphere to browse, haggle and strut. Also for vintage shops in brum the Urban Village and Top Banana in Kings heath-very friendly and great stock! The owner Kevin is a cool dude who will pander to your every need.
  • Psyclone.. got a beautiful dress i am craving in the window Freespirit.. good for surf, skate and ski.. working here is pretts boring though cult bargain clothing was amaze but i think it's shut now Urban villiage clothing just behind arcadian in china town Urban outfitters - nice but pricey billabong, o'neills, animal. TK Maxx.. awesome" Lots of H&Ms! Loveee. 98p shop in pallisades if funky blue banana is like a mini oasiss in pallisades,.. things are like 2 cheaper OASIS.. can't beat this
  • A good place for piercings is blue banana. Their myspace is:
  • Charity shops best place to pick up cheap clothes and the holes are usually already in the jeans!
  • Oasis Market- all your goth, punk, grunge needs,shoes, Dr Martens, new rock you get the idea.O'Neils, Billabong,Free Spirit,Animal(all in main shopping areas)
  • Oasis!!!
  • Just say the Bull ring
  • LeVI's store has moved to that row by the Bullring where Throntons and Pavillions are, but, the staff in there are hot and friendly, will help you with style without being pushy, and know their jeans really well - you can say things like "indigo denim, tight on the ass but flared to cover my skate shoes" and they'll help you find a perfect fit, especially great for those who find it hard to find trousers to fit them. Not just jeans though, jackets and belts and tees and bags etc too.
  • Ideal.
  • Puvan Kale -- asda (george-wear man its so beast)
  • Yoyo sells funky second hand and new gear for girls and boys - be warned if you're over a size 12 girls - is on a street just off New Street - the same street as Chez Jules restaurant!
  • Where is cult clothing in the b'ham? I love shopping in birmingham, but never seen a cult..? Shelleys is an amazing shop - loving the boots! Bullring in general...Miss sixty, jane Norman, Selfridges.. H+M another great shop - love the jewellery and prices there! Fallout is sweet deal, lots of lush guys- the staff r pretty good looking too!:P, cool punk/skate/emo t-shirts/hoodies made designed by the lovely Travis Barker (famous stars + straps) and macbeth shoes etc! Hurley, atticus...its all good!
  • cult, the oasis market and ledgends
  • oasis market down corperatin street nxt 2 gamesworkshop. gr8 cloths plenty of goths/skaters inside (no kev's!)
  • cult clothing, yoyo (just off new street by pizza hut). h&m is always good for a bargain! there are some great shops in the custard factory as well- lots of great vintage stuff.
  • check out Yoyo for vintage stuff, especially jeans jackets and accessories
  • yo yo, is by the pizza hut, the one by cult that is...:)
  • Where the hell has Gladrags gone??
  • d2 in the bull ring greatand super shoppa kings heath is great espically the 2nd shop on the lrft just as you go in
  • there's a gorgeous blonde working in elle in the bullring
  • Wot about Psyclone for the serious goth clubber types. Fantastic clothes. Bit pricey but worth it for something different. Down by the old Law Courts. Check it out!!!
  • Can I just say that O'Neill is overpriced? Everytime I walk past there, there seems to be no one in there! If you want O'Neill stuff, go to Free-Spirit (nextdoor) or Legends (by Accessorize). They both sell O'Neill cheaper. Oh, and try Bank in the Bullring! It's cool.
  • Oasis....But I go there for Goth stuff...
  • the oasis...but ive yet to find clothes for people with larger frames there....
  • Check out the Mailbox for top designer stores previously exclusive to West London. Hugo Boss, Iceberg and Georgio Armani are brilliant. Tim Little for handmade shoes. Versace and Nicole Farhi are said to be opening up here soon as well.
  • French Connection, although everyone I know has suddenly moved into Primark land. Very cheap.
  • topshop is brilliant, cheap and cheerful. Even better for bargains tho is the rag market open tuesdays fridays and saturdays
  • Cult (very expensive but nice stuff- DON'T BUY PUNKYFISH, IT FALLS APART!!!) in Temple Street The Oasis market....swing by Anna Bee's and see my mate, then go to Mojo and see my exgirlfriend H&M nice and cheap!
  • LURVE H&M!!!
  • Limeys
  • Cult!! we love Cult, although we can't really afford Cult. H&M is more in our price range.
  • Warehouse , Cult clothing , Legends and of course Topshop!
  • clothing stores you mentioned we didnt have a tk max in birmingham well guess what we have in one-stop perry barr. laters
  • All the best designer gear shops (like Deisel etc) are just off New St and bordering Navigation St. Or in the Mailbox at the other end of Navigation St.
  • yo yo is in birmingham, as you walk towards the art gallery from th train station, when you go past pizza hut it is the shop next door to grandma takes a trip ( a vintage style shoppe ) JUst an update!! Loads of lovely love Clairey
  • Hypnotic, all clothes are 6, the sharons love it. The Oasis market is great for individual designers.
  • H&M, although a chainstore, always feels like a one-off boutique-y type place and the staff are generally nice -outstanding value for money too - and there's now a 2 branches within walking distance of each other (next to gap opposite the pallisades and the newer one on the corner of - and -)! wooopeee :) also worth checking out for shoe-aholics are shelley's, schuh, raw, ravel.... for retro second-hand cool try finding 'grandma takes a trip' which is near(ish) to cult clothing.
  • any where in the city plaza. all the heavy shops like MC's and capolita. Muji on new street does some quality clobber as well.
  • Anyone been to TK Maxx in Merry Hill even though it is not in birmingham just an hour away depending on where you live. Its in Dudley but have not seen one in Bimiingham YET!Trendy clothes at trendy prices and designer wear at discount prices!
  • Reiss in town centre. Envy in Pavillions. Fire and Ice, Minories (Temple Court).
  • free spirt solihull tochwood
  • Someone please tell me where yoyo is?
  • The usual, some interesting ones: Cult Clothing - overpriced, but cool!
  • The oasis market is the best place to go if you are into any thing that will look differnt. They sell amazingly baggy/flared trousers, and cheap piercings (they are good quality i have had a few done there and nothing has ever gone wrong) also they have a 'beadasaurus' which sells loads of weird patches and beads...also a great place to find some cute boys!
  • oasis markett has all da grungey stuff ya need-it gre8!! also the bead shops iz gd -they have evrything u want in there if yer a grunger!
  • Dunno if you've got this one, but specialist shop for all us tall girls, Long Tall Sally, is to be found hiding in North Western Arcade next to Rackhams.
  • City Plaza a must for all designer clothes lovers beware though you can do some real damage to your credit card. (Versace, Hugo Boss, DKNY) also check out some of the shops on cannon Street like GAP and Ted Baker have some great Shirts for blokes
  • oasis not the high street one the other one near virgin does piercings sell amazing boots and some cool clothes also a load of cheap jewellry, you'll fing sommat that you need
  • It's got to be the new rag-market. Smaller than the old one, and not as smelly and dusty (it's just a matter of time)
  • you missed one quite important detail. oasis market is just that. a has different stalls, personally i think that fallout is the best and cheepest place to buy surf/skate clothes and band wear in the whole of birmingham. it also has the fittest male staff. then theres a load of other shops that sell allsorts like s+m wear and 'new rock' goth boots, and mobile fone bits and bobs. theres also a cafe but i wouldnt go there unless you desperate.
  • the oasis and surrounding markets. ive picked up many a nylon vest there for a quid! bargainous. altho the oasis itself gets a little full of sweaty goffs who moan, but most of the people are brum as a whole!
  • Warped sports, ideal, oasis market, legends
  • The bottom floor of Oasis. Everything from dog collars to Billabong shirts.
  • Cult LCothing, th oasis, yoyo, warped, bankrupt clothing co, the priory sq. markets (but they're going soon)! jade and raw and schuh and shellys sell v.v.v.v. good shoes at affordable (well maybe) prices!!!!!!
  • Cult Clothing, Oasis
  • Cult Clothing, Yo Yo, The Oasis, A2, Republic, Acid Jazz, Legends, Slater's are all good.
  • Felicity Hat Hire of Harborne is a great place indeed the ONLY place to hire a top designer hat at sensible affordable prices.
  • Oasis market has some good stuff... ledgends ( is that how you spell it?) city plaza
  • cult clothing, yo-yo both near pizza hut
  • there are loads of cool club wear shops round the arcadian
  • Peterhead has been anticipating the eighties fashion revival throughout the nineties. Look out for the ever popular nautical influence.
  • flea market(back of the bull ring)-very large indoor/outdoor market,worth a look
  • YoYo has some cool reclaimed stuff (Hawaiian shirts/Airline bags etc.) on the cheap. Diesel is in the same area, but i'm not entirely sure of the road name. Sorry.
  • I'm a shopaholic student at Aston and being ten minutes crawl from Karen Millen, Diesel, Oasis and all the other highstreet chains, aswell as the temple to shopping that is Rackhams, means serious poverty. You'll probably see me on the streets begging for enough money for just one more top. Shopaholics, beware!
  • None notable apart from Oasis, a maze of market style shops in a place I guarantee you will lose your direction (Corporation Street).
  • Bankrupt Clothing Company in Martineau Square is good for cheap jeans.
  • All of the major high street shops have branches in Birmingham.
  • The best clothes shops are for women (Karen Miller is good on New Street).
  • Smart shops dominate Stephenson Street, Ethel Street, Lower Temple Street and The Arcadian in Hurst Street, including The Razors Edge (used togs, good value), Diesel's own store, Cult Clothing (obscenely trendy), Life, Heaven and Midlands veteran Limeys. For shoes there is Raw on Corporation Street and Schuh on New Street. Surf and skatewear ahoy at Legends in chic City Plaza.
  • Autograph on Ethel Street, plus check out Piccadilly and Great Western Arcades for shops springing up the whole time. Harborne High Street has some shops worth looking into as well.

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