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  • The bar's and club's are hideous. The staff have cunt-brain syndrome. The dose of tack is awful and just doesnt fit with the overall entirety of B'ham's alienated sloppy image. I got got refused 3 out of 4 nightclub entries in one night and was asked if I wanted to go in, I said no! The place's were dead!
  • For rock/metal/alt - Barfly & acdemy saturday night
  • Snobs-Indie, DV8, nightingales, route, angels, villiage... all around gay quarters.. arcadian.. indie and dance.. broad st.. varied music.. jump around at bar fly is good for 90s overload. Panic is funky/... 6 rooms of difference.. electro, indie, old stuff, etc. Custard factory is good for music.. tonnes of stuff on.. rooties is an afterparty which starts bout 3! GR bar.. bash bar.
  • its gotta be vodka bar around. failing that 52 degrees.
  • the best of the clubs have now gone eg zanzibar reflex is ok 80s bar both the broad street and arcadian one Bar Risa also Flares on Broad St the old church
  • Scruffy Murpthys is the place to be it's much better than any other pub being as the atomsphere is nicer an alittle more mature than the under 13's acadamy.
  • TC's in Selly Oak, new rock/indie night started on Friday nights(good live sets too), Selly Sausage do a few sets(very intimate).Usual places, Subway City(Friday nights)Academy:RAMSHACKLE FRIDAY, SUBCULUTRE SATURDAY.
  • Birmingham Academy!! Subculture saturdays, Birmingham Barfly (opens thursday with reuben, so can't be bad)
  • if u want a cheep night out on a tuesday head to aussie bar, mucky duck night rocks its 1.50 on bottles and 2 for double vodka and red bull really its ace c you all there.
  • Cube
  • Edwards No.8 - punk & ska room cool!!!!!! Plenty of industrial noise upstairs too!
  • Resurrection at Subway City (off Lionel Street) - fridays fortnightly - is great for 60s/70s, indie and what's now deemed as 'alternative', thought they now host Rock Kitchen on the non-Resurrection Friday nights which is comparable to Subculture if you like the venue and the *sandwiches* mmm Flapper and Firkin has a jukebox and is a good hang out for those of us who look like they need ID but are lacking it legally. Mainly 'cause it's a trek and the more aged clientelle can't be bothered to go there. It's not a place where you'll be annoyed 'cause the Year Nines are getting served though, lol. No bouncers, but the owner'll wander around every so often. Pool table and overlooks the canal too, especially good to chill in on a quiet night, though I suggest you don't let the more vulnerable of the group wander by themselves.
  • hmmm, Snobs seems to have gotten saturated by all that garagey wank, what's next, emo? Ramshackle is a good safe bet, it can be a bit poop if it isn't full but usually it's all good. Oh yeah, and Snobs tends to ID everyone nowadays, so if you look a little young Rams is the safer bet.
  • Puv Kale -- Happy hour At Gun makers arms
  • Friday nights at Bar Academy, next door to The Academy on Dale End, hosts Tumbledown - a night of very cool breakbeat/d+b - come as you are but don't bring attitude. Usually open til 2, or until the last pre-clubbers have gone next door. Tumbledown also organise a few excellent club nights at the Custard Factory - you have to watch out for them because they only happen about three times a year! The last one was in November and they had a massive marquee outside around a drained pool - loads of people just doing their own thing and from all backgrounds. The night is called Drop Beats Not Bombs - it's an anti war thing and the door money - only a couple of quid - goes to CND. People traveled from all over o be there and there's a really cool, no agro vibe in there. Advice is to get there early-ish - they only have a two thousand capacity and they have to turn a lot of people away!
  • Edwards No8 (aka Eddies)is the only place to really go. Worth the entrance fee just to go upstairs and giggle at the goths and transvestites...
  • Snobs defacates all over ramshackle. You won't see anyone in snobs wearing a scarf indoors. If you like having fun as opposed to posing, hit up snobs on wednesdays and saturdays.
  • Zanzibar was by far the best club ib birmimgham. It had 3 rooms, dance room, cheesy funky house room and a r n b room, so ther was sumthing for everyone. However, some idiot has decided to close it down because of a raid by people with guns. We are starting the campaign to reopen zanzi! REOPEN ZANZI. It puts all the other clubs to shame!
  • ramshackle moved from the sanctuary a few years ago to the academy. its a great friday night out though- indie rock, nostalgia music etc, etc. i cant remember the last time i heard dont worry be happy on broad street!
  • SNOBS!!!! This is the only place where you can play air guitar without being stared at by everyone, and they play the smiths every time. All you ramshackle heads are just posers, the musics got poo in there. Let it all hang out, go to snobs. They've started cracking down on ID, though, so that fake NUS won't cut it anymore.
  • the Medicine Bar @ the Custard Factory, Digbeth, is fab for special hip hop/breakbeats/funk nights. Mr Scruff does many a set there, as well as the likes of DJ Yoda and scratch perverts - really worth a look
  • Midnight Mass is a new Goth and industrial night in birmingham, starting on the 12th of march in The Sanctuary. Good place to hook up, or meet new people. 5 entry and good atmosphere.
  • the works - samey, expensive, sticky floor. subway - can be fun risa - good
  • XL's has closed-down now after some fiasco involving vindictive bar staff and police raids. it was a bit rubbish anyway. but the old-skool metal room was *hilarious*. particularly when drunk.
  • BANG it san occasional party for those in the know. You have to look out for the flyers very select and ofetn free for those pissed off with the corporate club dance scene. Next one at Mongolian Bar 8 Nov. details from
  • Edwards No.8...:) they have a Goth room....
  • New Student NIght Laucnhing in Birmingahm. Friday 3rd October 2003 4am bar extension. Funked-up-Friday, with vodka girls!!! Playing the freshest funky house tunes! Hosted at Level 3 - The NIghtingale CLub, use entrace oposite DV8 to avoid the gays
  • XL's used to be the greatest club in Birmingham, but it is now closed down due to a police raid...
  • don't go to premonition, you've been warned!!!! it's the shit-hole opposite the dome and the sign's lost it's p now says remonition. is v small, claims to be a trance club. in fact is too small to call itself a club!! don't go into the toilets!!
  • THE WORKS, wednesday night aka student night. Free champagne from the djs, broken glass on the floor, oh the memories, followed by the hangovers!
  • que club is always good, but they keep trying to scam us by saying its 'the last rave ever', don't buy that! they've been saying this for years. que club lives on!
  • XL's on a Friday or Saturday night. Saturday's better to be honest, as more people tend to turn up- CONTARY TO CURRENT RUMOURS, XL'S IS NOT CLOSING!!!!!
  • medicine bar not as good as it was several years ago but proably the best in town
  • Some wicked clubs in Brum...especially loving Risa at the moment. Student night Wednesday 1 vodka - very messy. TigerTiger on Tues...another student night also good, many an offer on cocktails, music can be a bit cheesy and a little bit repetative, but do play some wicked towards the end of the night is a lot better!! Bobby Browns on Wed..excellent fun....tho dangerously situated next to the canal...3 entry and loads of rooms to get lost in.Good drinks offers. SNOBS!! wicked on wednesday nights, 50p shots and poles to dance round..also v freaky head things as you enter..many a drunken memory...nice kebab shop outside. Sports Cafe, Rat and Parrot...good music on Thursday..good drinks..Sports caff a little expensive but good fun. 80s bar on broad street...for those of us who can remember Tainted love by Soft Cell..poles to dance with AGAIN!!! Friday night..Ramshackles@ the Academy...really good night...go with lots of people or you will get lost...i guarentee it...tho it is a good way to make "new friends" ;o) Flares is good on Saturday but you need to go in numbersif you are under the age of 30...or you will feel like a child. So many good nights out and lots of cheap alcohol...but one of the best nights has to be VODBULL...slightly expensive to get in, but 1 double vodka redbull, reef, pints before 10pm then 1 singles after...wicked fun was better at the Academy, but pretty damn good at Zanzibar. :o)
  • Snobs on a Wednesday, Heducation at the Medicine bar on Thursdays, Ramshackle or the Medicine bar on Fridays. XL's can be quite good. Risa and Tiger Tiger can also be quite good, if you are drunk enough to stop you seeing properly and hearing anything. Then it's quite possible to have a great night there.
  • QUE CLUB is amazing, supposedly closing but they keep re-opening! , sanctuary's good also, med bar's good for chillin and hip hop nights on a thurs, snobs wed and academy fri - indie, rock and alternative.
  • Snobs (Just behind the old Town Hall) on Wednesdays. 1 a bottle of beer / alcopop. Get there early though unless you like queing. Stricktly for the Under 25s though. Bit of an Indie/ Alternative night. Two rooms, great mosh pit in one and a more chilled-out room in t'other.
  • snobs- yes it *is* a dodgy sticky dirty club... but every month on a thursday there is a wicked hiphop nite.... it gets pretty messy! its called "lifestylz" aka "love da life". watch out for it. its a phat one! everyone should check out BAR ACADEMY (next to the big academy, dale end),on saturday nights from 10 to 3. its a pure hiphop nite, the purest in brum. very friendly dj's+ mcs, and open decks+mics! sometimes feels a little "too cool" in there, but after the beer has been flowing, the people start dancing. give it a try, its only 3 pounds!!
  • the gay clubs are all shit. they all play identical music: either hard house, or cheesy housey gay remixes of pop songs. it needn't be like this!
  • stoodis, risa, bar260. bo! pure funky house and speed garage by some class names in the scene. joe hunt and dino (of silk city fame) also do a friday night set at the arca bar in hurst street, some top class tunes get spun up there.
  • Wednesday - Snobs
    Thursday - JB's in Dudley
    Saturday - XL's
  • Does anyone else feel that the genuine alternative crowd is just not catered for by B'hams clubs? Ok so the Academy/snobs does usual Brit pop/baggy/comedypunk/dad rock selection but what about new stuff - hives, stripes,strokes,weezer,detroit cobras,peaches etc. We're trying to start a new nite and want your opinion - let us know wot u think at - or look at for playlist/venue updates.
  • I can't think of a single club in Birmingham that I'd willingly patronise. Its all hard house and cheesy commercial trance. Nowhere plays decent progressive house or tech trance. Do yourself a favour and find a pub with a late license.
  • Que Club - best raves EVER!
  • XL's is the best place to go, the bouncers are not very strict and Saturday nights are wicked for good music. Also there are loadsa fit people who go there, (most of them are in Solihull on the weekend) also the flapper is great (providing you look 18) some weird folk around there but well worth visiting!
  • Hi, just quick comment about the club DNA. Widely regarded by many brummies as teeny boppers paradise to be avoided by those over 16 at all costs. On a more positive not, Club Zanzibar (Arcadian) is a fab place to go, easy to get to, music for every taste and fab atmosphere- particularly for groups of girls looking to have a great time, after a bar or something.
  • Edwards (no8) on a fri, plays punk, metal, ska etc. Sat nites is more grungy kinda stuff. XLS on a sat is good, 3 rooms - main room: typical rock stuff, metal, alt, punk - NOFX to Limp bizkit to system of a down. Indie room playing alien ant farm, sum41 and some hiphop. 80's room playing classics - metallica, iron maiden, guns n roses etc. Entrance fee is a bit pricey tho, come armed with flyers.
  • Birmingham - the sanctuary on sat nights now holds sundiessential. gods kitchen is now at code. code is also home to insomniacts 4am - 12pm sunday morning and bambobska on a sat night. chrunch is now on fridays at premonition. the bar on broad st is now a flares. - much of your info on birmingham needs uop dating this is just a snippet of what you have wrong.
  • The Que Club. It's big, it's old which means it has a soul, it hosts some of the best nights in the country, and it's like a rabbit warren inside. Don't lose your mates.
  • DV8, Essex Street. Mix of camp trash music and latest dance hits, two main rooms, back room has heavier dance music. Gay/Mixed.
  • Zanzibar Hurst Street nightclub with rooms with al types of dance music inc cheesy. Thursday nights they are reasonable on dress code. quite a good time you will have here will be busy when new Hippodrome theatre opens
  • Ramshakle - indie funky shit pretty good situated at the academy Snobs - pretty cheap 50p to get in 50p for shots etc
  • the whole of Broad street, Que Club,
  • Academy, near Aston University
  • the truly excellent techno club House Of God is now residing at currently in its eighth year & still going strong..... drop in & say hello
  • Bar 260 on Broad Street. Goes on until 1 or 2am, get in free if early enough. Must dress nice though - bouncers a bit fussy, but worth it once you're in. Not a big place, so its cosy, and the clientele is rather pleasant to 'admire'. Sports Cafe is obvious place esp. during the week as its open until 2am every night - stick to the 'cheap' lager or burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Blast off in wolverhampton. i know thats not birmingham but its close enough
  • ELBOW Room - located some 3/4 miles out of the city in a less than attractive area, though offers an excellent evening for those clubber's who know the words to all the songs (no dance!) just ABBA,soul and my favourite at the Car Wash. Does some bar food at the rear of the club. * even open until late on a sunday
  • House of God ( one of the longest running techno/house/breaks nights )usually found @ Subway City once a month ps its loads better than Atomic Jam
  • SNOBS on a wednesday is the best esp if you want to get completely ratted on shots. Big room with indie+stuff then the small room is 60's. Best of all if you manage to catch the cameraman you might get yourself onto the snobs website! quality. Mondays is slushpuppy, much the same except on a monday.
  • Que Club - Atomic Jam,Flashback & Sundissential
  • Dome - is good on Monday nights yes it is full of kevs + sharons, but you have to warn people to go in large groups firstly, it's more fun, secondly, you run the risk of being gang-banged/seriously beaten up.
  • Ministry Bar - on Broad St. Mint - good on any night. Expensive at weekends but MoS residents play - Erick Morillo, Judge Jules etc. Snobs - Paradise Forum. Indie, 60s etc. 50p drinks Wed. cheap at other times. Cool. Bobby Brown's - Gas St. (off Broad St.) Not bad. Student night Wednesday. Dome - Horsefair. Mostly poorly mixed cheesy shite. Monday is student night. Generally full of Kappa slappers and Kevins (scallies/townies/wankers). Que Club - Corporation St. Superb - Sundissential, Atomic Jam, House of God are all good nights. Stock up on Jack and Jill's beforehand, know what I mean? The Venue - Branston St. Crunch, Wobble, NuTonik and Floored are all great nights. House and breakbeats. DNA - John Bright St. Student night Tues. is top (and cheap) but strictly students only. VIP room is nice and easy to blag into. Sanctuary - Digbeth High St. near Medicine Bar. Fridays - Godskitchen (Coxy, Jules, Tall Paul etc.) Saturday - Ramshackle (indie and 'chemical' beats) Bakers - Five Ways (end of Broad St. towards Birmingham Uni.) Student night on Tue., B1 on Wed., Friday is 'Horny' with Dave Pearce (Radio 1) and Sat. is Republica (trance).
  • Edwards. Plays no dance music (relief). Has punk, alternative and metal. Good for an alternative Saturday evening.
  • its not dance - but its way cooler....Xl's Five ways - sat night - be there..
  • the HUSh i recommend this to anyone, its all night, it has a cinema showing films like scream and porn, free playstations and top underground dj's
  • Fiddlers
  • Heroes - Saturday nights (upstairs) Latin - salsa, merengue etc etc - where people go to DANCE not POSE!!! XL's on fridays (Club Salsa room) - see above
  • Edwards No.8, not to be confused with Edwards, is the indie kid and rocker hang out. If we're going out as far as Aston then check the Elbow Room, but make sure you're armed.
  • Student night at the Dome is not Tuesdays now, apparently. Fridays rule as it is 70's night and the music is excellent (if you like 70's stuff , and let's face it everybody is going 70's mad at the moment (just listen to the charts and you'll hear 70's samples and songs everywhere)
  • Brum is sorely lacking in decent rock clubs but Edwards and XLs are still good
  • Girls, if you're going to God's Kitchen at the Sanctuary on Fridays the dress code seems to be "cheap and not much of it" as the girl in the queue wearing just a white bra (honest, you could even see the M&S label) and a pair of grotty hotpants said. The music was alright though.
  • Xl's in Auchenleck Square, Five Ways. Saturday night, 3 rooms - Rock & Goth, heavy rock (death metal, thrash etc.) & dance/alternative. Dress code? No smart dress, jeans a positive advantage. There are penty of trendy clubs around, Xl's is for those who like it loud and dirty. Has a special Jack Daniels Bar, we worship and enjoy. Major rock bands have been known to hang out here after a gig. Good vibe with sympathetic door staff.
  • Simply Blue, Newhall St - Saturday Nights - put your tight dress on and strut your stuff to salsa.
  • stoodibakers
  • Club Cactus at The Circus, 450 Moseley Rd., Moseley.
  • Edwards, Lower Severn Street (0121 643 5835).
  • Freak Scene (every other Friday) at Snobs, Paradise Circus (0121 643 5551).
  • Catapult Club (Thur-Sat) The Jug of Ale, Alcester Road, Moseley (0121 449 1082).
  • Razzle, Fridays at Westendbar.
  • The Institute (student night Thurs).
  • Pigeon Hole (Tues). Shag (Weds) The Foundry, Beak Street. (0121 643 6843)
  • The Que Club, Corporation Street. (0121 212 0770)
  • Toots, behind Liberty's, Hagley Road.
  • Crunch and Wobble are both legendary nights out (The Venue, Branston Street, Hockley), as is Mrs. Moneypenny at Bonds (Great Hampton Street) which zealously emphasises exclusivity. Atomic Jam and House of God are both popular at Que which also boasts a monthly night from Cream. Also: Republic at Bonds and look into Subway City, a well cool place on Livery Street.
  • ramshackle at sanctuary (sat)- indie and big beat. cracking venue with a separate 'quiet' bar. has now been discovered by drunk students that only want to dance to The Verve, or song 2 by Blur though. SO catch it over the summer while they are away working in shoe shops, or whatever.

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