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Record Shops
  • HMV lol
  • tempest is good for alternative music.. there's a shop just off tesco new st that do some funky beat dance and other stuff.. alotta records there. Music zone's good for a bargain
  • theres a real cool tempest records i think its called the far corner of corporation street opposite virgin
  • Swordfish. Just off New Street. Best by 2 country miles.
  • music zone bull street, and diskery bromsgrove street
  • Local secret: If you're in Kings Heath down off the high street is a place called international stock, it sells old liquidated or fire sale stuff, used to be really REALLY dodgy in there but it's cleaned itself up a tiny bit and whats more has piles of CD's which are all 2-3. If you can stand to rummage through all the slightly charred Val-Doonigan and Burt Bacharch discs there's always a few gems in there, Life of Agony, I should coco!
  • go to tempest... always tempest
  • Word of warning Redingtons are rubbish they are V.unhelpful they try to rip u off, took my GSTQ sex pistols vinyl on A&M label only worth a tenner ill give u a fiver trade he said????? real value of record 2500
  • Tempest, Swordfish, Polar Bear....Quality!
  • Music & Video exchange on smallbrook queensway - the best selection for punk & hardcore noise!!!
  • For the record, both Virgin and HMV do 10% student discount, though for more obscure music, Tempest on Broad Street is quite good at finding things. There's no real excuse for not finding or being able to order music you want in Bham, if all else fails, go the the internet caf in the Pavillions and order it from the net!
  • Oldies unlimited because our crackhead Si always hangs round there.
  • Tempest Records used to have a great selection of hard to find Rock and Metal stuff, but lately caters more for Jungle and Drum N Bass stuff...
  • The Diskery, on the corner of Bromsgrove Street and Bristol Street has a vast sellection of music on all formats at excellent (reasonable) prices. A FANTASTIC RECORD SHOP! The shop stocks everything from 78s to LPs, tapes, CDs etc. All musical tastes are catered for, i.e. Jazz, swing, punk, rock, modern etc. An excellent shop.
  • Polar bear, york road, kings heath. Just mention Throbbing Gristle or Whitehouse and the guy with long hair will pull out his "special" collection of real industrial records. Not this pussy Ministry or Nine Inch Nails shit!
  • Plastic factory is packed with a wide variety of genres and the guys working there WILL let you hear stuff, unless of course you don't act like an adult.I've stacked up my cd+vinyl collection with tons of their recommended products with a let-down percentage of sub-10%
  • swordfish is ace for variety and hard-to-find stuff, cd and vinyl; plastic factory for secondhand classics, mainly vinyl
  • Good record/tape/video stall in the Bull Ring (indoor rag market). Interesting selection of LPs, 45s and a whole range of videos. Also try Reddingtons Rare Records and Music and Video Exchange for classic videos and records.
  • hard to find records is wicked
  • tempest have loads of cool do reddingtons but there quite up there own arse sometimes.
  • I think HMV have a decent selection of records, cd's, dvd's and more. It really is the top dog for music.
  • near ideal, a good shop like a coupkle of doors down.yo the la
  • Punch Records in Perry Barr is the best for Garage, Hip-Hop, Soul and House. Depot in town is also really good. Then Tempest and Swordfish I guess.
  • swordfish is a great shop and to that girl saying 'the blonde guy is cute', I know sam and went to college with him, want me to hook u up?
  • Tempest Swordfish Reddington's
  • Reddingtons (Digbeth), Plastic Factory (Corporation Street) and Music Exchange (Smallbrook Queensway) are all good for secondhand records.
  • Massive records , tempest and old skool daze in selly oak all do a wicked selection of hip hop , d&B etc - v helpful and nice too!!
  • There's that new place on Pinfold St...
  • *new record shop alert!* massive records, where the old cult clothing was...(nr new street) a wicked dance section upstairs, a phat hip-hop section downstairs... friendly+helpful staff, ashtrayz, water coolerz, NUFF flyerz.... nice stools to sit on whilst you spin their wax... downstairs includes an extensive ukhiphop section (ninjatune etc) PLUS "alternative" section.... peaches + co. the finest!
  • Tempest (bull st), Swordfish (temple st), plastic factory (corporation st) = all amazing. even andy cash in harborne i have a soft spot for.
  • hard to find records is the ONLY place to get your high quality vinyls: speed garage, funky house, you name it theyve got it!
  • Tempest Records on the corner of Bull Street with Rackhams on it. Stonkin ickle place with loads of good vinyl and CD's, and very friendly staff.
  • Swordfish - superb
  • Three Shades was always good - got a horrible feeling it may have closed though shich is a shame as it was top quality. DMF (Dance Music Finder)in Digbeth is ok as a shop, but better on the web ( I think). Jibbering Records in Moseley sell all sorts - Jazz, world music, reggae, dance, local stuff, or you can nip in for a coffe and a smoke.
  • virgin shop up tochwood
  • Music First in the Custard Factory, Digbeth - probably the only drum n bass specialist shop in the whole country, always has all the latest DnB releases too!
  • Swordfish is probably the best place to go for your records. HMV has loads but they is a bit mean on the prices!
  • Tempest and swordfish are good for punk/metal/alt music as well as releases for lesser known local bands, prices could be cheaper though. Virgin megastore is nice since its been refitted, good offers and an internet cafe too.
  • tower records is pretty cool as is tempest worth a look if you want some odd punk stuff
  • Dance Music Finder 2nd Floor, Smithfield House, Moat Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham. Dead friendly staff who will serve you on a one to one basis. As the name suggests, they specialise in every type of dance music new and old. Park opposite in the multi-storey (about 40p for an hour). Don't take the missus!!!!
  • Reddingtons now moved to opposite Police station near St Martins Church. looking for that hard to get record also exchange shop in Smallbrook queensway.
  • Swordfish is ace - theres a REALLY CUTE LOVELY bloke in there. the blonde one. hes lovely. ahem, yes, and it sells decent 7". The Tempest is also really good for 7" and has BAZILLIONS of cds u cant find anywhere else. The lift in HMV is really fast and cool. ooops showing my age there.
  • BEWARE! Don't think about buying or selling anything at Record & Tape Exchange. Guaranteed to rip you off, won't exchange faulty goods, and obnoxious, unknowledgeable staff.
  • Tempest - probably the best place for punk and hardcore in birmingham situated opposite Virgin
  • Bear Grooves, Bearwood - cool
  • Swordfish
  • Try tower records or swordfish. Both sell cool dance, r&b and cool alternative sounds. Both have that urban underground style!
  • Highway 61, Fletchers Walk is no longer there (moved to Wolverhampton I think)
  • Swordfish, Tempest, Plastic Factory, Hard to Find Records
  • Plastic Factory, Corporation St. Swordfish, Temple St. Tempest, Bull St. The Depot, arcade off New St. All good!
  • Plastic Factory - they write a short record review on the sleeve... but then don't let you listen to it Swordfish - although don't go in with a hangover on a Saturday afternoon or you're liable to pass out Tempest - thorough shop with suitably anal staff
  • Plastic Factory next to ideal Reddingtons rare records goodfellas in kingsheath they are safe and dont rush you polar bear in kings heath (10 York rd)
  • Tempest- opposite Virgin megastore. Fairly small, but has large selection of metal, punk, alternative etc...
  • Polar Bear in Kings Heath. And Goodfellas on KH High Street?
  • HQ records mentioned doesnt actually exist anymore..its some crappy leather shop:o(
  • Redingtons (?) is on cherry street
  • forget the indie shops, there is a wicked dance shop by the pub sam wellers on hill street
  • Swordfish has now moved from Needless Alley to Temple Street (the street parallel) and is still the friendliest shop in Brum!
  • Apart from Woolies ..... John Menzies
  • Reddington's Rare Records behind the Bank of England (sorry, can't remember the name of the street) off Colmore Row Swordfish (Needless Alley)
    CDs and vinyl cheaper than most other places. Great shop. Loads of obscure stuff you can't get anywhere else. Good prices on the stuff that you can. Very small shop, can get crowded.
    Plastic Factory (Corporation Street)
    Loads of second hand stuff: cheapish and two doors away from Ideal. The only shop I know that has a browser heading (you know, a musical category) called 'DIFFICULT'. Has a few bootlegs and promos, interesting and worth a look.
    HQ (Piccadilly Arcade)
    OK: not much choice. Cheap CD singles here but not much else.
    Highway 61, Fletchers Walk.
    Good for US guitar groups.
    Same Beat (Lower Severn St)
    Concentrates on Hip Hop?
    Tempest (Bull St)
    Decent prices, good place for concert tickets. Very good 'indie' section (downstairs) but the staff in there have the 'indie' attitude i.e. don't talk, grunt, laugh at you if you aren't buying the 'right' thing, very spotty, horrible.
  • One of the best vinyl/cd dance music stores in Birmingham is now on-line.
  • Tower Records on Cannon Street: loads of choice and high-ish prices.

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