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Skateboard Shops in Birmingham, West Midlands*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Ideal's the only place i can find. 175 corporation st. btw
  • ideal, run by skateboarders for skateboarders no argument who im givin my money to
  • always suggest ideal
  • For decks and other hardwear go to Ideal on Corporation st. It just off the fire station island, and you might see some skaters by the underpass or on the paved area opposite Ideal. For blades and other crap Warped is a good place, there is one based in Wolverhampton where they do all the paintballing and stuff. Other than that you can get some good deals off the net, the cheapest is :D
  • Ideal is closing down,70% of ENTIRE STOCK, get in kwik kiddies as we have a load of shit gear we want to shift call the shop now....... 0121 236 3900
  • Ideal, nuff said, right in the city centre and run by guys in the know.
  • Oasis Market, all your alt needs. Theres also a Freespirit,Billabong and O'Neils all in the main shopping area.
  • Ideal. Simple as.
  • ideal is the best skateshop in the West Midlands!
  • ideal
  • I go Ideal because it's the only real skateshop in Brum.
  • go to ideal fuckers its the best
  • ideal. don't buy from chainstore shops, they're just sucking the life out of our scene so go to ideal and check it out. they sell really nice ideal decks. they're made buy the same wood as third foot. they're basically the same as third foots only with a different graphic. only 35 too.
  • Sorry to break the news but Warped sports are going out of buiseness and are selling off all the goods as i speak!
  • cult clothing is just one of those "trendy" shops where people can buy pixie shoes and kelly osbourne style clothing. i aint a great fan of bringin back the 50's hair and clothing trends and it looks ridiculous. (don't know if i can spell!) this is very critical but its an opinion which i am entitled to!!! Warped is ok when they decide to have shoe sizes that fit, unfortunately i have size 12 feet. clothings ok, and so is the hardware. apparently they is to be moving soon. Legends it a bit too trendy for my liking, not gonna say anymore! Ideal is quite an affordable shop in terms of hardware, t-shirts and hoodys. shoes are a bit more expensive and jeans very rarely come in a long leg(33" inside leg)
  • free-spirit[rip-off], warped ideal n jim
  • ideal!
  • I have to say that Birmingham is freakishly overun with shaz's and kevin's but there are still places like cult clothing, legengs, yo yo, ideal, and most definetly oasis market where you can escape from the extensive use of hair gel and tacky over the top gold crap!
  • gotta be ideal its the only way to fly (175 corporation street nr the law courts). avoid going to legends especially. warped is ok you should avoid if possible but its ok to go there evry now and then to buy some cheap shoes or sumet.
  • erm warped freespirit there kool im trying to get sponsred by warped
  • There are clearly enough shops in Brum to get your skate stuff. In fact it's getting close to saturation! Ask someone where to get their skate stuff and they'll most probably say ideal ask them if they really go there and they'll say No, It's far too pretentious and would rather shop in legends or Freespirit. For relaxed shopping go to the afore mentioned and if you can't find what you're looking for then ask for the member of staff that skates regularly. If you really want all the advice you can get on skate without the pretention and ignorance of stores like ideal then go to Solihull Freespirit and ask for Ali who works in the week. Top bloke, encouraging and bloody helpfull, knows his stuff and probably one of the best skaters in Solihull and ranks pretty high in Brum too if he could ever be arsed to mix himself up in all the pretention of it all - which he won't, i'm sure!
  • Warped sports.Mike can cut in your grip ne design for free. SKATE FOR LIFE NOT FOR FASHION !!!!!!!!
  • ideal is all good, skater owner and cheaper than other chainstores. legends is ok, free spirit is full of shit. cult clothing does not sell skateboards it is the epitomy of poncy wannabe skater boys and girls. get a life!
  • k so here goes, freespirit is a shit shop!!! Run by wannabes for wannabes!!! i hate all these shops that have sprung up because of the new 'tony hawk generation'! End of bloody story.
  • asylum in solihull down by mcdonalds on the high street down a tiny alley
  • Ideal , the only decent place in town.
  • Where is ledgends in b'ham?
  • thanks i care there a few but we need skate parks
  • Ideal is a great skateboard shop. Alternitivly go to the Oasis for skater cloths (dready and stuff in there) they are pretty cheap as well. Freespirit in Solihull is expensive but they sell some pretty wicked decks.
  • Cult Clothing, off New Street
  • Ideal - the well renowned shop sells everything you could possible need also provides information about anyfin sk8er based in birmingham if u ask
  • Warped sports, legends , ideal
  • Legends (second floor, City Plaza)
  • warped on temple street,expensive but you can dream!!maybe it's juts me with no money!!
  • Warped, cool 4 blades and the like. Allsports sell a few united sk8es. Legends r cool, they als ostock snowboards. Ideal is good! (175 coporation street)! they even let you skate IN the shop!
  • Ideal on corporation street. this is the best skate shop ever. Sells homemade decks for 30. Free stickers and bolts. sponsers Norman
  • cult is soooooooooooo cool! not majorly expensive either. they sell the stuff wit' them cute monkey faces on em, i cant think of the designer to hand!
  • Ideal is a good shop down Corporation St. near the courts. Towards Aston (scum university)
  • Warped Sports - Head towards Argos in the centre - find it yourself - Skateboards + BMX + Skates + clothes - rocking shop - Owners of Vertical Extreme Park including FOAM PIT
  • Ideal is great they even ley you skate IN the shop dammit!! those guys kick ass
  • Main sk8shop is Ideal. Corporation St. Small, but v. friendly and will give good advice on products. Also warped sports, too many bladers though.
  • you missed out 'Legends' - pretty funky lil shop - in that plaza near Pigeon Park
  • Ideal 175 Coroperation Street
  • Air adventures sells skateboards & inline skates it is situated in the palasades at the top of corporation street.
  • Cult Clothing, big selection of stuff, not too expensive either.
  • Ideal, Corporation Street.

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