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  • There is a Blackheath Big Meet on the 15th July 2005 from 6pm onwards outside the princess of wales pub on the heath.bring music,food and drink,games,blanket etc....see you there!!!Lottie and Hannah -
  • The Crown followed by O'Neils for a drink after 11 at the weekend. Hare and Billet also excellent and zero degrees for something different and excellent food. New railway may be better than the Firkin but is still miles behind the original railway.
  • Used to be the Railway, but it's been taken over again and is (hard to belive I know) worse than when it was a firkin pub. Princess Of Wales and The Hare and Billet are the best.
  • Oneils in blackheath village is the best pub you could ever go to the bar staff are great and it a place you can relax weekdays and go mad at weekends
  • The Firkin has changed its name to the Railway and is apparantly a great Pub. Zero Degrees serves a great home brewed beer and excelent Pizzas. It is very busy at weekends.
  • Flame bar sucks - terrible decor, overpriced, full of smart casual poseurs. The Railway is pricey and trendy, but at least it's done well - good decor, not bad atmosphere (and, in a previous incarnation, was mentioned in Squeeze song 'Up the Junction'). Never been in O'Neil's (why do people queue up to go in dull chain pubs with bouncers?) Hare and Billet, The Crown and Princess of Wales are best - not posey wannabe bars, just traditional pubs.
  • The Firkin is NO MORE! Summer 2002 it was refurbished and returned to its previous name: the Railway. Was under-illuminated last time I went in there - could hardly read a newspaper. Not a cheap place to drink, but probably cheaper than the new, trendy-looking Flame Bar that opened in the old bank building across the road!
  • Princess of Wales serves good food and you can drink on the heath in the summer or in the beer garden
  • Princess of Wales....Nice pub in the summer shame about the Bruce Forsyth lookaliky behind the bar :)
  • O'Neill's O'Neill's O'Neill's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand it used to be The Three Tuns but now it's O'Neill's and it's wonderful... A bit pricey but always worth it! The staff are lovely and ALWAYS friendly (please tip them), it has a late licence at Weekends which makes iteven more wonderful for the punters and it's just generally a great place to go.
  • Avoid the Firkin unless you want to watch sport on the big screen. O'Neals does good Irish food.
  • Always good in the Princess of Wales - sit on the heath outside and get the oldest looking to go into the bar
  • The Crown is about the best of the lot. Princess of Wales is great in summer cos you can sit on the heath with your beer. Hare and Billet - good if you are into ale. Firkin - less said about it the better!

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