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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • My uncle Alec Stevenson ,was a player for Everton .Lived at 209 Stanley road .Wife Ethel and two daughters Wendy and Sandra ,does anyone remember him ?
  • My uncle Alec Stevenson ,was a player for Everton .Lived at 209 Stanley road .Wife Ethel and two daughters Wendy and Sandra ,does anyone remember him ?
  • Roy Evans, Liverpool football club man and boy, attended St George of England, I too, we played footy together for Bootle Boys, our mentor/coach was maths teacher Mr Peter Hurley.
  • The Cheqwin family - Keith and Jeffrey would walk to Christ Church Primary school with me often. We all lived on Aintree Road in Bootle.
  • Tom Baker (Dr Who, 1970's)
  • CARRA,,,,we see him all the time on knowsley rd goin 2 see him mum & he never 4gets his roots & always givs my lads the thumbs up wen he see's them !! WOT A GUY...
  • CARRA,,,,we see him all the time on knowsley rd goin 2 see him mum & he never 4gets his roots & always givs my lads the thumbs up wen he see's them !! WOT A GUY...
  • Derek Acorah, famous psychic, was born and bred in Bootle
  • lewis family
  • god him self jamie carragher
  • you must know steve mcnulty played for liverpool now playin for real madrid reserves earning 85,000 euros
  • Kevin Gilligan who lived on Knowsley Road Won the 5000metres World Student Games Twice and represented G.B. In International Track Events. Ernest Latimer Stones also lived on Knowsley Road and was the World Record Holder of the Pole Vault. He won the AAA Championships twice, the Scottish Championships three times. Also the American, Canadian and Irish Championships.
  • Derek Acorah (Medium on TV's Most Haunted) was born in Bootle in 1950 and attended Warwick Bolam School
  • well only the good come from here, so whilst there are celebs we are not doing the slag off thing, ok
  • jamie carragags mum lives on knowsley road some times c him but not much
  • I went to school at St. Winefrides RC Primary and was on the swim team with Margaret Kelly who went on to become an Olympic Silver Medallist at the Breaststroke.
  • Tom Baker, he of the Dr Who fame , born in Fountains Road Bootle
  • Billy J Kramer (Billy Ashton) lived in Hankey Drive near Wolfenden Avenue, He was a pupil of St George of England. His Brother was known as "Mick" because of his bloody pidgeons.
  • Billy J.Kramer real name Ashton lived in Hankey Drive, I lived a few yards away from him on Rainford Ave. He had a number of brothers and sisters who were friends with my family The brother closest in age to him was Ronnie, we all formed a gang and played games such as "Whip the can" and " Lallio" My mother always remembered Billy breaking our kitchen window when he threw a stone at me and I ducked. Great memories.
  • Jaffa and Window
  • ste mcnally a member of the famous trio of best band in thw whole wide world! who else of course! BBMAK! lives ( or used to live ) off county road.
  • Steve McManaman, Jamie Carragher
  • Jamie Carragher, fair play to the lad, he's gone from the 'classic' scally lad who was the best footie player at the jimmy's to an outstanding defender for the best team in the world. I can remember he was a striker at first and i played for his rivals, Tommy Gray. He wasn't as good then cos i remember megging him...the ultimate p1ss take!! Anyway, well done JC, even though you're still a 'classic' scall!!
  • everyone must remember ashley hardaker from bootle, lived just up by the mons(now the hilltop) well, now he is a very rich and famous stand up comedian in America, apparently 4th highest paid comedian in the US, he lives there with his wife leanne north from captains lane
  • the comment about Tom O'Connor was not fair. He was a sad loss to the teaching profession in Bootle. He taught me from 1967 in St James' off marsh lane. He left to try and make it in " showbizz" at the same time that I left to go to St Joans. He only lasted a year and then joined St Joans for a further three years.He taught me every day and was the best teacher in the school by miles. He had the local thicko's working their best which was no mean feat.More importantly, he never forgot where he came from !!.
  • Adding to the Chegwin saga Keith and Jeffrey went to St George of England school, Janice went to St Edmunds College I know this as I went to Eadie Clarks school of dancing in Carisbrooke Rd with all three.
  • What about 'the searchers'? I grew up with them. I lived in Brasenose Road.
  • George Davies (of "Next" and "George"in ASDA fame)went to Bootle Grammar School back in the 60s
  • OK this is not very exciting, and I'm no sure if she actually lived in Bootle, but Alexandra fletcher (Jacqui Dixon in Brookside) used to attend Millingtons Dance Academy on Merton Road Bootle. We were in the same disco dancing team together, dancing to a record by Hamilton Bohannon ... I forget the exact title but it was something like "Lets Start The Dance". I left before our team made it's debut in a competition, to pursue Latin American and Ballroom, she stayed and went on to become regional disco dancing champion !
  • I once lived at nO. 51 Aintree Road, Keith Chegwin lived in No 33 or 35, Janice Long went to one of the posh girls schools in Waterloo or Crosby.
  • The Shine The Real People And KEITH CHEGWIN (Oh God!)
  • Billy J Kramer, lived with brother Freddy, in Hanky Drive Bootle. Near the Library. Freddy worked in the box works, Billy went to St George of England School. I spent a full day with Billy after he recorded his first album. his best mate was Teddy Swift.
  • Gerry Marsden DIDN'T live on Bailey Drive, I know 'cause I just done the guys website
  • Dean Sullivan aka Jimmy Corkhill, Brookside Close, Liverpool. Started his teaching career in "Roberts Drive Junior School" Pennington Avenue. Not in Brookside Comp'. But were his qualifications fakes ?
  • brian mcnerney. known as the history man. produces history programmes for t.v. he did go to the salesian as opposed to cheggers.
  • The Chegwin Family Saga: I remember Keith and Jeffrey Chegwin going to Hillside High School in 1973. I also sang with both of them in Christ church choir. The reverend was a Reverend Dennis.
  • Steve Macmananan (let's just call him Macca) comes from Bootle, la...
  • As well as the reference to Bootle Golf Course in Red Dwarf, Bootle is also mentioned in series 7, when Lister is parade naked in front of the Bootle players...... from sad ex-Bootle spod.
  • On subject of Tom O'Connor, he used to teach at Our Lady of Walsingham RC Primary School on Park Lane West / Dunnings Bridge Road. His ability at maths was marginally better than his ablity at humour...
  • I know a teacher who worked at St Georges who caned Cheggers for being a royal pain when he was about thirteen. Sadly, he let him live. Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge, the Ashton family ( Billy J Kramer's real family) still live around Fernhill Road. Whatever happened to Bogsy Ashton?
  • Henny Youngman, famous American comic born in Bootle.
  • Tom O'Connor
  • The Chegwin Family Saga
    • Keith Chegwin went to my school (Salesian, Netherton)
    • [But there's some debate about this crucial matter...] Keith Chegwin went to St George of England in Bootle, as well as his twin brother, also their sister Janice, who was older than the boys
    • The proud residents of St Helens also lay claim to Cheggers. Perhaps he was bussed as a child? It could explain much.
    • Cheggers was from Fernhill Road, as I know someone who belted him with a cricket bat, round about the time he was first on telly, not for that but just a general kids barney! He still has a scar from where their Janice came out and hit him with it!
    • [Here's the answer.] Keith Chegwin did go to St Georges (my old School!), he lived somewere around Fernhill Road, so did Billy J Kramer.
    • [Meanwhile:] The claim that Janice Chegwin went to St Augustine's School in Bootle cannot be true! She was in the year below me in Christ Church Junior School which was a C of E school - St Augustine's was a Catholic School! Did she convert at the age of 11?
  • Janice Long went to my sister's school (St Augustine's, Bootle)
  • I also come from Fernhill Road, not the posh end, the other end near Ainsdale Road, went to Orrell School with Billy J.Kramer. See yiz.
  • On the subject of famous people, Andy McCluskey from O.M.D. apparently lives at the top end of Fernhill Road by the Derby Park.
  • The great academic Dr A. Peloe was born and raised in Bootle. Having studied at Bradford University he went on to be a prolific writer on housing and asian mobility. A credit to Bootle.
  • Liverpool's manager, Roy Evans, is from Bootle; so's another of their coaches (Hughie McCauley - Captains Lane).
  • Ian McNabb - Icicle works (St George of England and Warwick Bolam, suspended from the first school, I think).
  • Jimmy Hughes - drummer with Black - on the Wonderful life album.
  • The Cherry Boys, minor hit in the late Seventies with "Kardomah Cafe", all Bootle Bucks.
  • Andy Rankin - Everton goalie from the Sixties is from Galsworthy Avenue.
  • Alvin Martin (West Ham and England) is from Simons Croft.
  • Other local notables are members of the Farm and Frankie goes to Hollywood (the rythm section), and of course me!
  • The Page 3 model & Tv celeb. Kathy Lloyd is from Bootle, she used to drink in the Walnut Tree pub.
  • Stan Kelly, who wrote the "Liverpool Lullaby" (Oh you are a mucky kid dirty as a dustbin lid etc), a hit for Cilla Black, came from Bootle.
  • Gerry Marsden lived in Bailey Drive. Wasn't Henny Youngman (comedian) born in Bootle?

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