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  • Anyone know about photo archives for the 50's Bootle rosebud competitions ?
  • Anyone know about photo archives for the 50's Bootle rosebud competitions ?
  • I too know about the air raid shelter on Stanley road (but it was an underground shelter not an Anderson which was a tin shelter half above and half below ground). It was on the corner of Ash street and my Mum tells a story about how one night during a raid her and my grandma were sheltering there and my grandad who was working on the docks came in for some reason and took them down the road to another shelter that was at the King Dicks pub on Litherland road (it's real name was the Bridge inn I think)Later that night the Stanley road / Ash street shelter got bombed and a water main burst flooding the shelter and most if not all of the people inside got killed. Years later as a kid I used to play on the rubble at the corner of Ash street where the shelter had been and spent many hours there so you can imagine my shock when in the 80's they excavated the site to put in a petrol station and discovered that the shelter had been hit by TWO bombs but only one had exploded and for years I had been playing on top of it!
  • i remember the whale, me and my friend went to see it after school, it was inside a huge tent you had to pay to see it cant remember how much, wqas it 1971-2
  • i lived above the old Prince of wales pub a while. A while before the mad irish pissheads who had it had bothered to finish putting in stairs and leccy n that. loved it though, living round there. Not from L'pool or there now but i yeah that was class times!
  • Bootle is the place,,, no matter what happens 2 me in the future i will never move, EVER !!! Proper Bootlite....
  • Bootle is the place,,, no matter what happens 2 me in the future i will never move, EVER !!! Proper Bootlite....
  • marsh lane in the 60 s
  • hi im daniel morris an i jus realised i am gay, ad me if u want 2 "hook up" it'll b wild!!!!!!
  • hi im daniel morris an i jus realised i am gay, ad me if u want 2 "hook up" it'll b wild!!!!!!
  • Regarding Cheggars - I went to St George of England in 1973 - I was in the third year and my sister Suzanne was in the first year, and despite my advancing years I cant remember Cheggars at all. Was it that he was up at the Roberts Drive annexe? Also is it true that the West Ham footballer Alvin Martin went to St.George's? Barry Sealeaf, aka Stick
  • does anyone live in any of the roads in Bootle that are due for demolition? I.E Wadham Road, Exeter Road, Queens Road, Keble Road etc I am trying to find out when the houses were built, I have been to library in town, but can't find out much about them. I think they were built by Welsh builders in the mid 1880's to late 1880's if anyone knows I would like to hear from you.
  • simply bootle is boss, take care of it, take care of people around you be aware and take care!
  • ha high schools are boss st george of england and savio have been rivals for years and they will never stop ha most fights happen by fernhill, derby or the northy n e way
  • magrte kelly carnt swim it was her sister christen
  • All Heroes - The War Dead of Bootle
  • if anyone has any info on when the huge line of houses in st edmonds road, just off oriel road station were love to know, my nans if haunted...
  • St Wilfred's School and Linacre Mission are in Litherland and not in Bootle.
  • I have memories of a German mine parachute hanging in the Bootle Town Hall. I think it was from a mine that landed on the railway embankment behind Ryder's milk bottling plant (corner Aintree/Hawthorne). It had a square cut out of it,this was cut out by an old friend Jerry Mc. Does anyone remember it? Does it still exist somewhere in the town hall? Frank Brown.
  • Does anyone remember the " Corky " going up in flames (Irlam Rd) or the Dee oil, again on Irlam rd. some time around '67 or '68. they were the biggest happenings in my youth. Now I am living in northern Ireland and the things I have seen over here put those into the category of none events.
  • It's essential Bootle has a web site but I find it dead funny to see stuff about me and my family and none of it is right. All the best......Janice Long
  • I too remember the whale at The Strand in the 70's. My brothe took me to see it and I remember someone telling me it was the largest whale ever caught. I was fascinated by the rows of teeth. It was on the back of a huge trailer in what is now the new bus station. My dad used to tell a war-time story of the Anderson shelter in Stanley Road. He and a friend were out one night when the air raid sirens went off. They tried to get into the public shelter at Stanley Road but it was full, so they went to one a bit further away. Anyway the shelter in Stanley Road suffered bomb damage that night and the firefighters were busy the next morning. The firemen soon realised that as they were hosing the fire they were actually flooding the shelter, I'm not sure if anyone got out. It was believed that the site could not be excavated as it posed too great a threat to the rescue services, quick-lime was poured in,the site flattened and new buildings built. Years later the shops on this site were knocked down and excavations began on the site in order to build a garage. My dad used to like to scare the young builders on the site, by asking them if they had found any bones and then recounting the story. I keep meaning to investigate and find out if it was reported anywhere, or whether this is just local folklore. My dad believed it anyway, he always touched his cap whenever he walked past the site, and used to say there but for the grace of God ...
  • Re:The whale at The Strand. I rememember my brother taking me to see it, I must have been about five at the time. It was a blue whale I believe and was on the back of a huge trailer in what is now the bus station. Someone told me at the time that it was the largest whale ever caught. I also remeber the man who used to walk around The Strand with a capuchin monkey on his shoulder, which was dressed in alittle knitted suit. For a small fee he would take a polaroid of you with the monkey. Of course my mum insisted on me having my photo taken with the beast, which promptly bit me on the finger.
  • i remember seeing the whale (moby dick it was called)at the back of the new strand about 1970, also the submarine was in the bus station, no im not on drugs.
  • This is true - when I was a little girl my mum took me to the New Strand shopping centre and there was a (real) dead whale in a huge truck on display for all the Bootle-ites to see. It was on the site where the bus station now stands at the back. If you know anybody who remembers when this happened please provide a little more info! Nobody else remembers this but I know that I definitely saw it. Bootle is a little special, you know!!
  • For it's size Bootle was the most heavily bombed place in the country during WW2 .....and you can't blame Cheggers for that The longest unbroken pavement in Liverpool runs down Stanley road from approx Bankhall goes left down Melrose road and into Hawthorne Rd!!!!

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