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looking for a old school friend by Denise Rooney (Member 10015592) on 16-Sep-2000
My name is Denise Rooney nee Miller
I am trying to find Karen Orford who used to live at Barnfield Close Netherton. She married Paul Lorentz also from Netherton. Karen had a brother called Leslie. I know she had relatives who lived in seaforth. I would love to get in touch with here as I have'nt seen her for about 25yrs. If anyone can help please get in touch.
Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by Peter Kirkham (Member 10016875) on 11-Sep-2000
I would be interested to here from anybody who remembers the Coal Merchants William Kirkham and Sons who carried out their trade in Bootle for about 50 years. As you can guess I am related and am just trying to see if anyone has memories good or bad. Thanks   
  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by Luke McCormick (Member 10011917) on 28-Sep-2000
    I see young Billy most days...Do you want me to pass on a message to him?

  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by mal delamare (Member 10020160) on 13-Nov-2000
    Billy is usually to be found in Bootle village at weekends

  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by Gary Walker (Member 10029573) on 29-Mar-2001
    Is that the Kirkham from Thornton road

  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by Paul McCann (Member 10048567) on 25-Oct-2001
    I remember the Kirkhams there was old Bill & young Billy. they used to deliver coal to my Nan & grandad when we were kids. Old Billy emigrated to Australia years ago, and young Billy still lives local.

  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by jenny oneill (Member 10244019) on 22-Jan-2010
    hi i am also relative of billy kirkham he is my great uncle so any information on the family would be greatly appreciated many thanks jenny .

  • Re: Does anybody remember the Coal Merchants called Kirkham by bernie (Member 10244858) on 17-Feb-2010
    Hi Jenny

    my husband found the site and was interested to see your posting. He is also related to William Kirkham b1903, he is decended from William's sister Frances.


Trying to find old friends from over30 years ago by Karen Tepper (Member 10016860) on 11-Sep-2000
I lived in Bootle from 59 (I was six) until 69. I left for the USA in 69, where I still live. I was born in Warrington USAF base.

I am trying to remember girlfriends that I had. I lived on Harris Drive across from St. Robert of Bellantines with my nana, Peggy Anderson (grandad was Neil Anderson.) One friend I do remember is Pauline Farley.

My name was Karen England. I have three siste... more >>
  • Re: Trying to find old friends from over30 years ago by Paula Clarke (Member 10299193) on 14-Feb-2015
    I was really interested in your post that i randomly came across when looking at Bootle history. My grandad was Billy Lewis and one of his sisters was Peggy Lewis who later married Neil Anderson. My mum is Betty Lewis, daughter of Billy Lewis. We recently lost grandads son, Billy (aged 72) and we were reminicising and came across this old post. We are distant relations and i just wanted to say hel... more >>

looking for old friends by Edwin Powell (Member 10000320) on 21-Aug-2000
Hi all: I went to Grey St school from 59' to 62'. lived in Moore St, My Auntie Dolly lived in Dryden St. Tommy Cook, Glynis Myres, Sylvia Much, Patrick Dunlivie, ect ect. Ed Powell.   
  • Re: looking for old friends by Berylmealand (Member 10023120) on 11-Jan-2001
    hi there... i think i know your friend glynis myers,if she had a sister georgina,and sandra ,then email me and i;ll pass message on to her ,,ok

  • Re: looking for old friends by Ian Abernethy (Member 10026317) on 18-Feb-2001

    I've just found this notice board. I was at Gray Street school at the same time and I remember Patrick - I remember your name but can't put a face to it. I've got some old school photos which I'll look out. I was taught by Mr Roberts and I remember Roy Dowling, John Grey, Stanley Chedzoy, Frank Rowbotham, Eric Jenkinson, John Forshaw, Judith Kirby, Frank Slater from Hood Street, a boy named... more >>

Connie Millingtons by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 31-Jul-2000
Did anyone go to Connie Millingtons dance school in Merton Road. I went there from 1973 to 1981.
Would love to here from anyone

Jeanie (nee Donaldson)
  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Bee Lewis (Member 10012817) on 1-Aug-2000
    Hi there - I went to Connie Millingtons from around 1976 -1980. I used to attend the Latin & Ballroom class on a Saturday morning and I was aged about 10 then. I remember when Connie died and then school was taken over briefly by Jane, before someone called Iris took it over. I was part of the Millingtons Latin formation team...!

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by mab (Member 10013212) on 8-Aug-2000
    Hi Bee,

    Nice to hear from another old girl !

    My name is Jacqui (nee Edwards) I went to Connie's from the age of 5 in 1970, until I went to Margaret Redmonds in 1977. I came back briefly in 1979 and stayed until 1982, when I moved back to Margarets again ... fickle aint I !
    Sometime between 1972 and 1977 and following in one of my uncle's footsteps who danced in Connies formation team in th... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Bee Lewis (Member 10012817) on 9-Aug-2000
    Yes - I remember those hideous orange dresses as well. I also remember my mum staying up until the small hours trying to sew the sequins on before a competition we were entered in at a club in Marsh Lane. I've got to say that I don't remember any of the names you mentioned - I think the thought of the dresses has blocked everything else out!! I still have some photos somewhere..... I do remembe... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by mab (Member 10013212) on 10-Aug-2000
    Mandy Yool !!! used to dance with David Cotton ? I remember them well ! Like you I've not danced for years but my mum still has the medals/trophies/photos & stuff. Judith Travis was the one I danced with in the formation team (orange hell) she had very dark hair and a gap in her front teeth. And do I remember the Marsh Lane fiasco ?! People from other schools kept asking me why so many of us ... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 12-Aug-2000
    I remember Mandy Yool, her mum Maureen, dad Bob, and sister Linda. I remember them moving down south I think but I havent seen her for years. Last time I seen Linda she was a bridesmaid with me for Karen Cole when she got married. Other names I remember are Helen Sinnott, Chris Burns, Elaine and Sue Slater, Ann Wanless and David Wanless, Tommy Brown, David Cotton, John Ball, Janet Murray, Lyn ... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Bee Lewis (Member 10012817) on 13-Aug-2000
    From what I remember, Mandy went into nursing and Linda became a vet. To answer an earlier question, I had two dance dresses - one was white with orange frilly sleeves and a an orange frill around the skirt. The other was chocolate brown with lime green flowers......but it WAS the 70's!!! You may know me as Bernice Cantwell.

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Tom Davis (Member 10009519) on 16-Aug-2000
    Does anyone remember Jean Hayes and Ken Battisby dancing in the formation team on TV in the 60s?Jean is my sister in law.She lives in Surrey now.

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by mab (Member 10013212) on 18-Aug-2000
    Hi !
    I don't recall either of those two names, I don't know if my uncle was an Edwards or married one. I do remember Connie telling me the story of one girl who was dancing in the modern formation team, whose net underskirt dropped to the floor,, showing her legs through the sheer top-skirt. Luckily, Connie said, she had fantastic legs ! This would probably have been in the 60's ... does your si... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Bee Lewis (Member 10012817) on 19-Aug-2000
    Jacqui - you have a fantastic memory. It wasn't velvet, but it did have citrus (lime) coloured frills..... Dou you remember Iam Prout from Hillside?

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by mab (Member 10013212) on 3-Oct-2000
    Sorry for the delay in posting ... sadly Bee, my memory fails me with regard to Ian Prout, I can't say I remember him, unless he did something outstanding at school perhaps ? ...

    There is one thing though, I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers Don Millington, I don't even know if he's still alive. Mab

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by David Jack (Member 10071124) on 18-Jun-2002
    Hi I rembember Don Millington and his wife, blond,. I was in the same formation team with him in the late 50's until i left UK in 1960. Don't remember any of the other names though, not even my partner of 5 years. As I recall Connies husband Jack was in the team for a while.
    JaCk drove me a a couple of others to a contest in Filey one year and his old Fiat caught fire crossing the Pennines. We ha... more >>

  • searching for old friends by Robert Waters (Member 10145120) on 7-Feb-2005

    To Bob Hodgson,nice to hear from you Bob.
    I sent you an email on the 5 Feb.I guess that you have not got around to reading it yet.You were the only one to answermy posting.Maureen and I were married in July 1950 and came to Canada in 1954.We have 2 daughters and they live on Baffin Island in Iqaluit.The eldest Donna, is a biologist,Kim her siter is 4years younger and she is a bookeeper. They... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Diane Kilbane (Member 10196727) on 1-Nov-2006
    I know Jean Hayes and Ken Battisby - they're my parents! Hi Uncle Tom, if you see this. I've come across this thread of conversation some years after it started it seems! This is due to my search recently started for some TV footage of my parents dancing in the formation team. It's their 40th wedding anniversary in March 2007 and as they met through dancing, I was thinking some gift of this sor... more >>

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by elaine amenta (Member 10219147) on 7-Jan-2008
    Jean and Ken Hayes are my Aunt and Uncle. They were brilliant in the Connie Millington Formation team! I used to go watch them dance as a kid. I was bridesmaid at thier wedding and I go see them whenever I am in England. Was at thier daughters wedding in 2002 with my mam and dad.

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by charlotte mayes (Member 10230433) on 13-Aug-2008
    hello everyone, this is charlotte mayes here
    i was just looking at my familys history and i found this. Millingtons dance school is now owned by my nan iris mayes which was connies sister in law, i think it was of that relation. And for the person who asked about don millington, i am sure that he died i will have to ask my nan so yes millingtons is still up and running everybody :)

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by derek mayes (Member 10230546) on 15-Aug-2008

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by mab (Member 10013212) on 5-Sep-2008
    Hey Derek - would love to see those photos of the formation teams. Always remember that you had photo's on the wall in the bar. We knew w'd made it when we saw one of our pics in a gold frame!!

    Was thinking about Ian the other day - so sad. I have great memories of him - his cheeky, mischievous grin! Does Sharon Smith still dance?

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Michael McCarthy (Member 10242162) on 6-Nov-2009
    I used to attend Don Millington's dance classes on Walton Road in 1960/61/62. I remember his blonde wife, they used to win competitions.

    Later he relocated to his father's (Jack Millington) dance studio in Bootle because it was warmer.

    I danced with a tall blonde girl from Kirky called Pamela. She went to Skerry's College and moved away when she married in 1963.

  • Re: Connie Millingtons by Michael McCarthy (Member 10242162) on 10-Nov-2011
    I'd love to know what became of my old dance partner, Pamela Ellis, who lived in Quernmore Road Kirkby in the late 50's/early 60's. Don Millington was our dance teacher at the time.

Does anyone know Lynda Farrell by clive poole (Member 10014979) on 28-Jul-2000
I used to know Lynda Farrell about 30 years ago and have often wondered what became of her. She lived at the top of Fernhill Road opposite the flats and went to Breeze Hill School until 1972 or 73.

Can anyone help?
  • Re: Does anyone know Lynda Farrell by mab (Member 10013212) on 30-Jul-2000
    I used to live in Fernhill CLose and knew her younger sister Diane. I presume their Mum Elsie still lives at the house. Didn't keep in contact with Diane and haven't seen her since prize-giving day at Hillside. I had heard that Lynda married, but don't know any more. sorry if this hasn't been too helpful ...

  • Searching for old friends. by Robert Waters (Member 10015025) on 13-Aug-2000
    My name is Bob Waters and I am new to this computer game. My daughter gave my wife and I this computer for our 50th anniversary.
    I lived at 4 Grainger Ave. Orrell and went to Linacre Lane school in the 30ts then to Bootle Secondary. Then served my apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker at Charles Howson's on the dock road.I married my wife Maureen Anderson at St Andrews church on Stanley Rd. on ... more >>

  • Re: Does anyone know Lynda Farrell by Mark Graham (Member 10088247) on 1-Feb-2003
    I went to Bootle 6th. Form College at the old Bootle Grammar School In Netherton 1972-1974.
    Linda was there and her sister was in the year below.
    She must have made an impression on me since I can remember exactly what she looked like with her long thick red hair.
    I have no idea what happened to her after we left.

  • Searching for old Friends re Robert( Bob )Waters by Bob Hodgson (Member 10052830) on 4-Jul-2003
    Hi Bob Remember me, Bob Hodgson(meaty),WE used to play cards in Jimmy Paynes middle room in Worcester Rd. with a couple of the other names you mentioned in your posting in I know its been a long time since you posted your message, so I hope it reaches you ok Did you get any other replies? I would like to talk with you so please rply if you get this message.

    Bob(meaty)Hodgson ro... more >>

pals.... by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 28-Jul-2000
Looking for Marjorie Hamilton, Stella Rollinson, Eileen Mulholland, Ann Williams, Diane Sutherland....from Bootle Hospital, 1964/68...sheila graham......   
  • Re: pals.... by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 3-Aug-2000
    Re previous message...please read Diane Leatherbarrow...NOT Sutherland....thanks, Sheila.

  • Re: pals.... by Jeany Trew(Nee)Thornton (Member 10053938) on 29-Jan-2002
    hi Sheila Graham.I was a nurse at Walton in 1971.I have been living in Melbourne Australia for 27years.I think I went to Balliol School with
    Diane Sutherland.Also are you related to Anne Graham who was a best friend of mine at Secondary School.

The Foster Family by Nikki Foster (Member 10014958) on 28-Jul-2000
If there is anyone out there who knew my family, mainly my Nan and Grandad, Joan and Bill Foster or my great Auntie Nora please get in touch. They had five children, Frank (my dad), Joan, Stephen, Maureen and Martin. I was christend at St Robert Bellemines and went to school there for 3 months in 1977. It was also my Nans church for over 40 years.

Grandad died in 1993 but Nana is now living n... more >>
  • Re: The Foster Family by KARL (Member 10057618) on 2-Jun-2002
    Hi Nicki,just seen your name and the mention of
    St Robert Bellarmines school,I was at that school
    from 1974 and left 1978,because we moved from Bootle to Southampton.
    My Grandparents lived in 13,Galsworthy avenue
    for over 40 plus years,that was until my nan died
    in 1986 and my grandad was moved to a residential home,but died about 4yrs ago;their s... more >>

Trying to get in touch with Old Mates by Laurie McCarthy (Member 10000335) on 27-Jul-2000
My name is Laurence McCarthy, one time resident at 4 Chester Ave Netherton. Now residing in Western Australia. I have a youngrer brother Malcolm who still lives at Chester Ave. I attended St Thomas Aquinas from 1961 through to 1966. Then went on to an apprenticeship with Campbell & Isherwood on Hawthorne Road. I was also known as POP for many years.... Old mates included Francis Fitzsimmons, Jo... more >>   
martens family. by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 24-Jul-2000
I am looking for the whereabouts of anyone from the martens family. they used to live in gloucester avenue, and I think they moved in the 80's. THeir mum and dad (Angela and france) went to live in holland, but I am really looking for Lisa, who, the last time I heard, went to live in kent. If anyone knows her brother nicky, or sisters danielle or leonie I would really appriciate it! thanks, love, ... more >>   
  • Re: martens family. by Lyn James (Member 10020958) on 28-Nov-2000
    If its the same family me and my sister used to play with Lisa when they lived on Monfa Road in Bootle when we were kids, we last heard from Lisa a few years ago when she was getting married. Her brother Nicky lives in Elizabeth Road Bootle. I now live in Oz so can't be of much more help but I will ask my sister if she can be of any help.

  • Re: martens family. by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 6-Jan-2001
    Hi lyn,
    I'm sorry i haven't replied to your message earlier, my p.c's been knackered! I don't know if the Martens lived in monfa road, i only knew them when they lived in gloucester rd. I'll have to ask my mum. I know that they went to live in kent and then Angela and Frans went to holland. Thanks for asking your sis, if you get the chance i would really appreciate it! apologies again for n... more >>

  • Re: martens family. by KARL (Member 10057618) on 8-Jun-2002
    Hi Karen,
    My name is Karl;I seen your name.whilst browsing;are you the same Karen Williams,who used to live in a flat in Galsworthy avenue back in the 70s,It's just that I used to play with a Karen Williams,when I was young;she also had a nan
    ,who lived round in or near Harris drive,I think?
    The Karen I knew had natural curly blonde hair
    and she used to be a bit of a tom boy,we used t... more >>

  • Re: martens family. by KARL (Member 10057618) on 8-Jun-2002
    Hi Karen,I forgot to give you my e-mail address:

  • Re: martens family. by Maria Kenny nee McCarthy (Member 10116198) on 31-Jan-2004
    Hi Karen,I'm new to this site and just read this.I used to be best friends with a Lisa Martin,along with my mate Jenny McCarthy and Cathy Cubbin.She lived in Glouster Rd,We used to go to St Augustines in 1979-1984.We were all in the same form,Mr Clancy.If she's the same person, I also would love to hear from her!I lost touch with her when I moved to devon with my mum in jan 1984.

  • Re: martens family. by lisa martens (Member 10180451) on 22-Mar-2006
    hi karen its lisa long time no hear,hope you and family doing well tell aunty Cath and uncle George i said hello i am still living in kent my oldest nearly 20 same as yours and youngest now 12 would be great to have a chatlook forward to hearing from you soon lisa xx

Hillside High School by mab (Member 10013212) on 13-Jul-2000

Just curious to see if anyone out there attended Hillside High School on Breeze Hill, 1977-81 ? Jacqui (nee Edwards (Teddy))
  • Re: Hillside High School by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 16-Jul-2000
    Are you the same Jacqui Edwards who used to go to Connie Millingtons? and your mum Jessie, I dont know if you remember me but I am Jeanie nee Donaldson, and you used to dance with Judith Travers. E mail me back

  • Re: Hillside High School by NEILO`H (Member 10064379) on 8-Apr-2002

St. Martin's College by dmcnulty (Member 10014319) on 12-Jul-2000
Anyone out there who went to St Martin's in the 30's?
Or to Bootle Grammar School in the 40's.

I'm trying to locate an Old Boys' Assoc. for either of the above.

  • Re: St. Martin's College by dave thurston (Member 10023571) on 12-Jan-2001
    were you asking about a Bootle GS Old Boys assoc ?
    I probably have details , if you still need them.
    I went there in 64-69

surrey street by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 10-Jul-2000
can anyone please tell me where surrey street was? I recently did a presentation at college, about the bootle blitz, and I know it was destroyed by two bombs falling together. I'm just curious about where it used to be! thanks!luv, kagsxxxxxxxxx   
  • Re: surrey street by Tom Roberts (Member 10014271) on 10-Jul-2000
    Surrey St was off Hawthorne Road, near to Aintree Road. All the streets in that section were "counties". Rutland, Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and Kent. I think some of them still exist, with new housing.

  • Re: surrey street by eric wilson (Member 10202546) on 10-Feb-2007
    Hi Karen. Ilived in the prefabs in Surrey St #10they were built after the war, two land mines were dropped at the gas works but they missed they knocked all the houses down and the prefabs were built to replace them.

St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by Hawk Wood (Member 10014137) on 7-Jul-2000
I taught English and Geography 1970-72.
Does anyone want to say Hello to an exile?
  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by john flood (Member 10001418) on 27-Sep-2000
    Hi, My name is John Flood, my teacher I remember was Tom Oconor.Live in Aussie now. Does school still exist, we where sent to Salesian after one year.

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by julie murray (Member 10033390) on 1-Sep-2001
    hi john i to went to st augustines high school when i went it became an all girls school but later merged with saletian boys to become savio high mixed school

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by GARY KEENAN (Member 10257850) on 11-Feb-2011
    I take it Hawk Wood is not your name. I went to the guzzies from 1970 - 1975

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by anne thompson (Member 10286797) on 21-Jul-2013
    Hi My name is Anne Thompson (Dutton) I was at St Augustine's 1966-1971.

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave Bootle by corriene Tiffin (Member 10305654) on 2-Jun-2016
    Hi guys my name then was Corriene Foster, i lived in Compton walk bootle i went to St Augustines school from 1974 - 1975 be great to find some people from there during this time for a catch up .

    Thanks .
    P.s find me under Corriene Tiffin now in Facebook .

St Augustine's School Kings Ave by Hawk Wood (Member 10014137) on 7-Jul-2000
I taught English and Geography 1970-72.
Does anyone want to say Hello to an exile?
  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave by Carmel Moshier (Member 10011150) on 10-Jul-2000
    Hi Mr.Wood!!
    I went to St.Augustines 79-85 so i don't remember you! but just wanted to say hi-ya to someone from me old school!!

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave by Richie (Member 10046731) on 10-Oct-2001

    Ileft St Augustines in 1965 so Idon`t know you , but still live in same street as school I`m guessing you know its been knocked down.
    Iremember I went to ST Monica`s infants then juniors as did everybody else,
    we all went to St Monicas seniors in the 3rd year we moved to St Augustines,anyway tarra and goodluck. Richie

  • Re: St Augustine's School Kings Ave by Rita Owens nee Butler (Member 10298496) on 7-Mar-2015
    Hi, I went to St Augustine's from 1969-74 my name is Rita Owens was Butler. Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me x

The Wirral Noticeboard by Wirral Noticeboard (Member 10013335) on 10-Jun-2000
Share it with the Wirral on the Wirral Noticeboard at   
  • Re: The Wirral Noticeboard by Berylmealand (Member 10023120) on 6-Jan-2001

Harland & Wolff, Regent Road, Bootle by Frank McCormick (Member 10013296) on 10-Jun-2000
Anyone have 1940s/50s info re Harland & Wolff Liverpool? There are two Harland & Wolff Shipbuilding and Engineering Works buildings on Regent Road Bootle - the Dock Road. One is dilapidated, the other(H&W Foundry)is still used, for warehousing/distribution.

Anyone point me towards archive records for these places, particularly workers at either of these locations? Any snippets welcome. Thanks.
  • Re: Harland & Wolff, Regent Road, Bootle by Tom Davis (Member 10009519) on 16-Jun-2000
    I was a mesenger boy in the time office in 39/40.
    I remember the Scots Guards on duty at the gates.I used to play with the AA guns in the engineering shop.H&w were converting trawlers into minesweepers.A French liner,just launched(the pasteur)was stripped to convert her to a troopship.Part of my job was to deliver items to the timekeepers and bring back information from them.One of the major cust... more >>

  • Re: Harland & Wolff, Regent Road, Bootle by Frank McCormick (Member 10013296) on 19-Jun-2000
    Thanks Tom, Just the sort of info I was after. More please! Did you work at the H & W site on Regent Road, Junction of Howe Street(I think)? Roughly how many workers there in 1940? Reply here or email me direct. Thanks for info.

    Any one else add to Tom's stuff re Harland & Wolff, Liverpool? All info welcome. Thanks. F.

  • Re: Harland & Wolff, Regent Road, Bootle by Berylmealand (Member 10023120) on 8-Jan-2001
    my two brothers worked there many years ago ,email if you like to know more ,there name was lancaster,,,,,

LITHERLAND by howard minns (Member 10011726) on 5-Jun-2000
Long lost relatives Curtins, Kirwans & Summers by John F. McKeown (Member 10012941) on 3-Jun-2000
I am trying to find the descendants of long lost relatives who lived in Bootle and/or Liverpool. Lawrence Curtin was a merchant seaman who died in WWI. His siblings were Patrick, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Helen, Agnes, Ann and John F. John F.'s children were Ann, George, Joseph, John F. and Elizabeth (Lilly).

Elizabeth Kirwan married John F. Curtin. Her siblings were Thomas, Edward, John & Ma... more >>
  • Re: Long lost relatives Curtins, Kirwans & Summers by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 10-Jun-2000
    there is a road in Bootle called Keble Road, is this the road? It is off Stanley Road by thhe Hugh Baird College

  • Re: Long lost relatives Curtins, Kirwans & Summers by Joyce Wladron (Member 10121015) on 30-Jun-2004
    There is a road called Keble Rd and it is off Stanley RD by Hugh Baird College. What is it that you want to know?

  • Re: Long lost relatives Curtins, Kirwans & Summers by Joyce Wladron (Member 10121015) on 30-Jun-2004
    Sorry, didn't read the full message. I don't live far from 52 but I don't remember anybody called Summers and I have been here for 29 years. I coul ask some of the other neighbours who have been here for longer if you are still interested.

Paddy Flanagan by Bee Lewis (Member 10012817) on 31-May-2000
Does anyone remember Paddy Flanagan who was a general merchant and had houses and a yard on Litherland Rd around 1940/50? He was my great grandfather and I am desperatley seeking information on him and other realtives. If you know of any related Flanagans or Caves, please contact me. Thanks, Bee   
  • Re: Paddy Flanagan by Pamela K Benich (Member 10000733) on 10-Jun-2000
    Dr Flanagan lived on Moss Lane for many years and I believe his son took over the practice.


  • Re: Paddy Flanagan by pat mawdsley (Member 10116025) on 21-Jul-2007
    I remember two brothers who lived in Litherland Road one was called Paddy but I can't remember the other one's name. They used to go to Saint Monica's church and one was a collector for the church.

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