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Anyone Know the Dyton Family by g.hines (Member 10011579) on 8-May-2000
Could anyone Please HELP i am looking for my mothers brothers. William - Frank - Albert step brothers of Maureen Elizabeth Dyton.
Maureen left Agra in India and moved to Nottingham England and then to liverpool between 1947-48.
Frank and William might have returned to the uk in 1967.
As far as i know Albert moved to the USA.year.?
Thank you for any information you may send.
WLTH from you. Maureen
Looking for old mates of mine! by Carmel Moshier (Member 10011150) on 28-Apr-2000
Wonder if anyone remembers me? I lived in Galsworthy Avenue for years. I was Carmel Matthews then, live in USA now. I went to St.Robert Bellarmines school on Harris Drive. Then to St.Augustine's on King Avenue 79-85.
Would love to hear from any old friends or neighbours.
  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by Pamela K Benich (Member 10000733) on 10-Jun-2000
    Carmel, did you know a Gladys Barrow? The Murphy family? I lived on Masefield Crescent in the 50's.


  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by Jim Diamond (Member 10013670) on 18-Jun-2000
    Errrrr...... I think I may remember you Carmel - Hello Again! I used to teach computer application installations at the school in Bootle. Were you the little girl at the back of the class who kept ignoring me during lessons. I seem to recall you were hardly ever there. I also remember you used to have a bit of a tatty 'ed - is this you? I think so! Bet life is great in the States - I'm stuck here ... more >>

  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by Carmel Moshier (Member 10011150) on 3-Jul-2000
    Well 'Hello Again' Mr. Diamond!!! It was very nice to see your reply to my little ad! Yes i do remember you!! But i've got news for yer..... i didn't listen to yer computer lesson cos you weren't a very good teacher!!! In fact it was very hard to keep concentrated on what yer were tryin to teach us! i ad a lot of other things on me mind.....besides yer can't teach an old dog new tricks!! and... more >>

  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by KARL (Member 10057618) on 1-Feb-2002
    Hi carmel,I used to live in 5,captains from 1974-1978;my name is karl smith,my nanna&grandad used to live at 13,galsworthy avenue,your name rings a
    bell,there used to be a Mathews family who lived in captains green to,the sons name was Johnny,he had a sister who's name I can't remember,but my
    elder sister Tanya used to hang around with her.
    Yes I remember St robert Bellarmines,I was there when ... more >>

  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by KARL (Member 10057618) on 20-Feb-2002
    I mentioned in a previuos reply to a carmel mathews,that there was a mathews family in Captains green and the name of the son was a John mathews,well I made a mistake about my sister hanging around with his sister,"wrong",there was a family,who lived near them called witfields;it
    was mrs Witfields daughter,my sis used to hang around with;mostly round at the silcox field!

  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by evelyne hedley (Member 10253278) on 21-Oct-2010
    Carmel mathews I remember you you went to st robertbelamines with me we made our holy communion together then on to st augustines but you left for a year then came back and you was put in an other year so didn't see much of you so you went back to the states how good is that you lucky thing :) do you hear from lyndsy I think she was your friend in Galsworthy lovely girl xx

  • Re: Looking for old mates of mine! by John Evans (Member 10291712) on 25-Feb-2014
    Hi Carmel,
    I'm John Evans, I lived at 47 we were neighbours,

Bargain day trip to London this Saturday April 29th by nigel (Member 10010794) on 27-Apr-2000
Rail tickets - Depart Liverpool Lime St. 6:45, Depart London Euston 16:50;

4 tickets available, 10 each or all 4 for 30, or make me an offer;

0845 333 6085 (Birkenhead)
THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by idd (Member 10011093) on 27-Apr-2000
It is coming up to the anual HOWLING on Captins Green, facing the MOUNT HOTEL IN GALSWOTHY AVENUE.
At the first full moon in May of each year, at approx 2am, the figure of a yet unidentified male is seen pushing a wheelbarrow around the GREEN, whislt howling with joy.
Faint echos of "more" "more", can also be heard.
Does anybody know the identity of this mystery man.
AND NO his name is not DAVID BANNER.
  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by jezz (Member 10011099) on 27-Apr-2000
    hey I,ve heard about this dude, that was no wheelbarrow.

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by alf berrington (Member 10007662) on 28-Apr-2000
    And the screams were not of "more", "more" but "Sore", Sore". Could you see any sparks from his round supports???

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by Carmel Moshier (Member 10011150) on 3-May-2000
    I lived right on Galsworthy Ave all my life, never heard of this! and i should ave if there was such a thing! Unless it was Beryl who owned the sweet shop on the green!! Maybe it was Joey Hollis and old mate of mine, anyone remember him?
    If so let's know!

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by Pamela K Benich (Member 10000733) on 14-May-2000
    Never heard of it.....what year are we talking about here? How far back has this spectre been seen? I lived in Masefield Crescent, off Captains Lane and never heard of such a thing.

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by alf berrington (Member 10007662) on 14-May-2000
    You're too young to know about such things, Pam. It was prpobaly some drunk after being thrown out of The Mount

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 10-Jun-2000
    Don't believe it...anyone got a photo??:))

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by Nikki Foster (Member 10014958) on 28-Jul-2000
    Is someone starting rumours about my "Auntie" Beryl??? :-) !!
    Haven't been in touch with her for a while, so if you see her tell her Nichola (Nikki), Joans grandaughter and Franks daughter says Hi!!

    Dad ran the shop for a while a couple of years ago so that Beryl could have a few weeks holiday (her first proper holiday in years!!) Does anyone out there remember ... more >>

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by john dolan (Member 10028510) on 16-Mar-2001
    I certainly do not remember the beast of Captains Green,does any one remember the name of the man who lived in the Goldesworthy flats and run the Phoenix you club? They where always hanging around Captains Green.Perhaps the beast was only seen late on Fri. and Sat. nights by the patrons leaving the Mount.My mother was attacked one night one Captains Green and robbed, it was not the beast though, b... more >>

  • Re: THE BEAST OF CAPTAINS GREEN by Leon Moore (Member 10038286) on 20-Jul-2001
    I have reason to believe that this so called "BEAST" is in fact 2 people who were involved in nocturnal happenings on the green, please believe me when I say that they are regular drinkers in the pub opposite (the Mount) and do have beastly tendancies!!!!

THINGS TO DO IN MERSEYSIDE by harry J. Green (Member 10000548) on 22-Apr-2000
THE INKLINGS are one of Merseyside's premier (well, we think so) writers groups. Live meetings, every
Wednesday 1pm to 3pm, in the Roscoe Room at the Central Library, William Brown Street (between Museum
and Walker Art Gallery). Visitors and would-be members welcome (we are a friendly, informal bunch). OR.
Visit our web site at for writing-related ... more >>
  • Re: THINGS TO DO IN MERSEYSIDE by Nikki Foster (Member 10014958) on 28-Jul-2000
    Is someone starting rumours about my "Auntie" Beryl??? :-) !!

    Haven't been in touch with her for a while, so if you see her tell her Nichola (Nikki), Joans grandaughter and Franks daughter says Hi!!

    Dad ran the shop for a while a couple of years ago so that Beryl could have a few weeks holiday (her first proper holiday in years!!) Does anyone out there remember ... more >>

  • Re: THINGS TO DO IN MERSEYSIDE by Nikki Foster (Member 10014958) on 28-Jul-2000
    Whoops sorry about that...posted the reply to the wrong message!!!

  • Re: THINGS TO DO IN MERSEYSIDE by Berylmealand (Member 10023120) on 6-Jan-2001

Old Mates by Tricia Weston (Member 10010426) on 14-Apr-2000
I used to live in Cullen Avenue until 1976. Still keep in touch with Kathy Steers who was Dogson and Chris and Kath Swords and her gang. Does any one know my friends who to name a few ( sorry if I forgot to mention someone -getting old). Michelle Ross lived in Cullen Avenue as did Sue Mason. My sister was friends with Sue Mears from Fernhill Road. I also remember Dave Rimmer from Southport Road. I... more >>   
  • Re: Old Mates by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 10-Jul-2000
    tricia forgot to say that her maiden name is williams! i should know, i'm her sister! Hi trish!xxxxxxxx

  • Re: Old Mates by Berylmealand (Member 10023120) on 6-Jan-2001

  • Re: Old Mates by tricia weston (Member 10023374) on 9-Jan-2001
    Hi Beryl, Sorry I haven't replied to you I know my sister Karen spoke with you. I'ts great to hear all about Michelle and thanks for getting in touch. I think of her loads and you know how maudlin us olds get (well maybe you don't sorry)
    Hope Michelle's ok I believe she's got 5 kids its hell isn't it I'v got 6 but managed only to deliver 3 got some daft sod to have the other 3 then borrowed them.... more >>

Temporary work wanted by student (Member 10009873) on 1-Apr-2000
Medical student, 19, seeks vacation work in Wirral or Liverpool. I have English and Science A-levels and am computer literate with good keyboard skills. I also have retail experience and have worked with children. Available until April 23rd and from mid-July. Please contact Anna by email or ring 0151 653 9928 or 07931 796724.   
Shandley by Tom Davis (Member 10009519) on 24-Mar-2000
my message comes from canada.we have some shandleys mother was a shandley.we lived in distant cousin in victoria has developed several shandley family trees & we had a shandley roundup about 4 years ago.
among your messages is a query about shandleys.want to follow up on this?
cullen avenue by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 22-Mar-2000
my family and me lived in cullen avenue until 1976,and my sister wants to know if anyone knows the rooneys, who also lived there, particular peter rooney, who she used to play with. he would be about 27 now, he also had a sister called karen.if anyone knows them, please reply as she'd like to know if his mum remembers him and my sister(julie williams)playing on the zebra crossing by the fernhill r... more >>   
  • Re: cullen avenue by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 30-Mar-2000
    I used to play near the zebra crossing near the Fernhill road shops, in fact my mam was the reason the crossing was put there many, many years ago. We used to stand for hours near the crossing waiting for the Bootle Carnival to go by, I have many B&W photographs of the carnival....they were good times:)....Sheila Graham....108 Fernhill Road. now South Aust.

ST GEORGE OF ENGLAND HIGH SCHOOL by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 11-Mar-2000
I went to st George of England High School from sept 1980 to June 1985. My name then was Jean Donaldson and I lived in Marion Road. I would love to hear from anyone who was there then or remembers me.
Jean Tinsley
Coughlin, Shanley/Shandley, O'Toole by Mary (Member 10008073) on 5-Mar-2000
Joseph Coughlin is originally from or near Athlone, Ireland and worked for the White Star Line in the early 1900's.

He married Norah Shandley/Shanley, who was born in 1885 at 53 Armstrong Street, Bootle.

Their first child, also named Norah, was born at 8 Aber Street, Bootle, ... more >>
  • Re: Coughlin, Shanley/Shandley, O'Toole by Stephanie Coughlin (Member 10058212) on 6-Feb-2002
    Hi my late Grandad was also called Joseph Coughlin although not the same generation i think. I'll ask my family for more info and get back to you

Memory Lane by Tony Gibbon (Member 10000135) on 29-Feb-2000
I was born (1938)(parents Joan and Matt) and brought up in Balliol Rd. Went to St. Winefrides and later to St. Mary's Crosby. I was a St. John's Ambulance Brigade cadet and left Bootle in 1954.
I would like to hear from anyone of the same era(early post war Balliol Rd)
I now live in the USA but will be in the UK, visiting my mother in Crosby March 11 -14
Bootle Grammer School at Netherton by KEN NACINOVICH (Member 10007962) on 22-Feb-2000
Is there anybody out there that goes back to Bootle Grammer Boys school that did Ordinary level G.C.E.s in 1964 along with me. I have been in Sydney , Australia since 1968 and although I have been to Europe on several occasions, have no contact with any Old Bootleians. My brother , Merrick, who has been in Sydney since 1964 also wnt to the Grammer. He mentioned to me that he had seen the nam... more >>   
  • Re: Bootle Grammer School at Netherton by Arthur (Member 10021045) on 1-Dec-2000
    I am membership secretary of Old Bootleians Association. Membershipis open to all those who attended either the Secondary School or Grammar School for Boys. For more info. e.mail me on Norman Gwyther is one of our members.

  • Re: Bootle Grammer School at Netherton by brian morse (Member 10113453) on 28-Dec-2003
    Hi I was in the same class as "ninny" his nick name and knew Norman Gwyther, I used to play golf with him at Bootle golf couse, I have a picture of him and I taken in 1959? at a golf tournement I did my GCE o levels at Balliol Road Grammer
    Brian Morse .

Kiwi seeking help by John Ryan (Member 10007937) on 17-Feb-2000
I am seeking help with information / pics / maps
about Mathews street in Bootle. My grandfather (John Patrick Ryan) was born at No 20 on 30 Oct 1899. His mother (Bridget Ryan) lived at No 6 and worked in a <>? factory.
My grandfather came to New Zealand with Thomas Farley, as crew on a merchant ship 1927-28.
Bridget Ryan married ? Peterson, no other data available.
Any Ryans or Peterson... more >>
  • Re: Kiwi seeking help by Joann (Member 10027617) on 5-Mar-2001
    I saw your post about the Ryan gal marrying a Peterson. I am trying to find the Peterson line that emigrated from Ireland to possibly NY. They both would have been born in Ireland and had eight children. He was a laborer. I imagine they would be deceased by now, as I believe they were born about 1908 or so. If you could shed any light on this area it would be appreciated. Thanks, Joann

Netherton (Late 50's / early 60's) by alf berrington (Member 10007662) on 12-Feb-2000
Does anyone out there have any photographs of the old shops that used to stand opposite The Square?

I lived in Sherborne Avenue from 1955 to 1978. I seem to remember there was a Co-Op, a doctors?? The library and, maybe The Maypole? Can anybody open my mind to the correct "running order" from left to right?

I remember the waste ground to the back of the shops was used for HGV's to park overn... more >>
  • Re: Netherton (Late 50's / early 60's) by Dennis Cain (Member 10005922) on 16-Feb-2000
    Lived on Westminster Avenue from 1955 until late 60's. Then moved to Marion Way (the maisonettes
    Opposite the Grammar school-which I attended-until 1969 when I got married.
    We may be about the same age
    Sherbourne Avenue was a big hang out of mine in the early 60's
    Margarate Redvern. Costello's,Ian Kilpatrick,Colin Jones, Pagsy.
    I remember the old shopping strip you are talking about althou... more >>

  • Re: Netherton (Late 50's / early 60's) by daveyt (Member 10008906) on 11-Mar-2000
    My father in law lives in Sherbourne Avenue and he will try to remember the order of the shops.
    Coop, conroys, post office,ross,woolworths,shoppers paradise,bookies,liptons, said he'll find out more.

  • Re: Netherton (Late 50's / early 60's) by Colin Davies (Member 10009265) on 18-Mar-2000
    Dennis: Just read your posting with interest. I think maybe we're around the same age.My name is Colin Davies. I was born in 1947 on Hawthorne Road. Moved to Netherton around '57. Lived on Assissian Crescent (My Mum still does). Went to Warwick Bolan Academy of Higher Learning ...LOL.

    I remember the kid drowning in the cut also. His name was Dave King. Also remember the Costello's, Maureen in p

    ... more >>

  • Re: Netherton (Late 50's / early 60's) by Tom McGivern (Member 10054805) on 6-Jan-2002
    IS Still a member as i tried to send him a Email but it was returned.

My Bootle by Barry Clayton (Member 10007082) on 3-Feb-2000
Lived in Longfellow St. until 1970, moved to Vaux Crescent (mum still lives there),went to Salisbury Rd. infant, then Gray St. juniors, finally served my time at St.George of England and was released in 1974. Hi to anyone who knows me.   
  • Re: My Bootle by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 11-Feb-2000
    In response to Barry Claytons message- My family and I lived in Cullen avenue from the sixties up until 1976.We lived at no. 14 and you'd probably know my sisters better than me, Paula and Tricia williams, although they went to st augustines catholic school. I dont remember many names except for Cath and Chris Swords at 9 spence avenue, with their daughters Vicky and Cathy and their sons David and... more >>

  • Re: My Bootle by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 5-Mar-2000
    I used to live on Fernhill road/Ainsdale Road. I left in 1970. When I worked in Walton Hospital on night duty in 1978/9 I used to give a lift home to Cathy Sword who apparantly knew my brothers, but I didn't remember her from my earlier years. I arrived home today after a month in the UK and took a walk around the old neighbourhood. South Australia.

my dad's old house by karen williams (Member 10007043) on 26-Jan-2000
Can anyone answer a puzzle for me? my dad used to live in a flat above some shops in stanley rd,opposite the strand. his parents lived there up until the late 80's. He says he remembers the flat as number 272a, but on a recent visit the flat he used to live in was now number 274(i think) anyway, has it changed for some reason or is my dad going mad?! I'd be really grateful if anyone could help. ch... more >>   
"The Peerless" by Paul Wain (Member 10000234) on 23-Jan-2000
Has anyone out there got any fond memories of the Peerless refinery on Dunningsbridge Road?
well they'll have to stay as memories it was demolished just before Christmas it's now a brick field. I never worked there but know a few people who did.
  • Re: by Ray Banks (Member 10006924) on 28-Jan-2000
    I have fond memories of "The Peerless" I served my apprenticeship there as an Electrician from 1975-1980. Would like to hear from anyone from the Peerless from that era remembers me.

  • Re: Peerles by alf berrington (Member 10007662) on 12-Feb-2000
    I remember The Peerles very well. I used to live "downwind" of the factory, in Sherborne Avenue, by The Eden Vale pub. Used to get some really pongy smells if the wind was in the wrong direction. Passed by the factory, just before christmas and noticed they were in the process of pulling it down. Another landmark gone!!!

    My mum used to work in Scotts Bakery, over the road. Another landmark gone... more >>

  • Re: Scotts by dave thurston (Member 10023571) on 12-Jan-2001
    My dad was an office manager in the Bakery - Wilf. Anyone remenmber him ?
    Names I remember : Betty Bootle, Les Duncalf, ..
    We used to live in the old 'cottages' in Browns Lane, Nos 2-8, which became 32-38.
    Next door was the Pinders, the Brehennys, Mr Walker,...

  • Re: Peerless by Charlie Hannah (Member 10122621) on 29-Apr-2004
    My dad Luke Hannah used to work in the Peerless when I was a kid. The only thing I remember of the place is the smell.

  • Re: by GARY KEENAN (Member 10257850) on 10-Feb-2011
    Hi Ray The Peerless has a lot to answer for remember thursday nights on the ale from 5 until 8 the next morning then trying to get through the day, which we never could, so we would book half a day off work or make some excuse not to come back from the pub and start all over again. Like the time we rung in from the Albion to say the dray lorry had smashed into us and we couldn't move the car and t... more >>

Reply by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 31-Dec-1999
Happy New Year to all in Bootle....Sheila, Adelaide..South Australia   
  • Re: by Rochey (Member 10006121) on 1-Jan-2000


    Go an do wharr ever yiz whanna do!

  • Re: by mary emmerick (Member 10004053) on 12-Jan-2000
    happy new year, to all from south australia, especially the Grimes , Nelson, and Jones families in Bootle.

Old Friends by Donna Conlon (Member 10000047) on 27-Dec-1999
Hi there,
my name is Owen Conlon and I used to live at Hereford Drive, netherton and went to school at Our Lady of Walsingham (Infants & Juniors) and spent one year at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School (which I now understand is St Ambrose Bartholomew)

I left Liverpool in 1975 at the age of 12 and was just wondering if anyone out there remembers me. Some names that I can recall from my early... more >>
  • Re: Old Friends by mary emmerick (Member 10004053) on 12-Jan-2000
    I nursed a billy rimmer at walton hospital in the early 50s

  • Re: Old Friends by Sheila Graham (Member 10000762) on 29-Jan-2000
    I worked with Jackie Rimmer in the Smelting works (Williams Harvey & co) in the early 60s, and her dad was named Billy..They lived down the Gray Street area....I trained in Bootle Hospital, 1964...sheila.

  • Re: Old Friends by jane smith (Member 10106688) on 2-Oct-2003
    owen, stephen maher still lives in his mums old house on salisbury avenue.

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