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Anything from pukka art galleries to craft shops. Trendy and twee both welcome.

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Arts, crafts and such
  • Boston's own Medieval re-enactment society 'The Knights of Skirbeck' recreate the life of a military household during the first half of the 15th century, as well as helping re-enact major medieval battles from British history. New members welcome -
  • in the town center
  • hmm well theres and adult shop near cash gen?
  • There's a good jewellery shop down the lane near lloyds tsb..... just past the lickle sandwich shop! Nice silver jewellery bits n bobs and v reasonable. great for prezzies for peeps!
  • CraftiesPhotoStitch A local based business offering photograph to cross stitch kit service. Exciting online shop visit
  • You can buy ethnic art and artifacts from Katmandu on West Street, especialy good for an interesting present!
  • china painting
  • Artizan on High Street. Top quality curios
  • The Regal Centre has a good arts shop.
  • erm little shoe box sized shop in the regal, i think that covers it
  • Blackfriars again usaully has a couple of pictures up
  • Again...yer best bet is by the river or out at Freiston Shore when the tides out. You can pick up all sort of bits 'n' bobs that everyone else has to climb/fall into skips for.
  • Theres a really great Art Gallery called 'The Town Pump'. Lots of post modernist real life sculptures and performance art of slappers and thick lads.
  • Bizarre Bazaar has shut down but "spooky's" sells same type of thing and does body piercing. Next to footbridge
  • Blackfriars Art Centre often runs exhibitions of local artists.

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