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  • west end is supposed to be good
  • West End Cinema - does the job. The seats are fine, shows up to date films.. don't bother buying the food - just get your sweeties from the Asda up the road! Blackfriars Art Centre show a selection of more arty type films too.
  • west end
  • Go the Bostons west end cinema if you wanna sit on a used sringe infected with H.I.V, btw go wiv plenty of cash cuz its about 4quid for a medium coke. (plus the prices go up every other week)
  • WEST ENd
  • west end god place tad overpriced
  • Yeah.. its small and it sucks... watch out if dans serving popcorn, you may find a bogey in it:)
  • WEST END KICKS ASS!! if u haven't been there yet, shake ur little odd asses on down ther!
  • Yey! Forget the regal that closed years ago! Boston now has a luvly 6 screen (me thinks) cinema with it's own car park and everything! yes, boston has finally come into the 21st century where cinema shanigans are concerned!
  • I's sure the new multiplex in Boston is ok - but I still travel to Peterborough to see a film - what's that all about?
  • The West End Cinema, u can't beat it, plus there is a fit guy there at the box office.
  • West End Cinema, Still pretty new and comfortable.
  • West End Cinema is the only one between here and Skeg! Blackfriars down Spain Lane is good for arty flicks
  • What have they done with the West End Cinema?!!! I'm embarrased about it. No style, no thought, typically Boston.
  • West End cinema on West Street near Katmandu is pretty good, considering what we had before! It has lots of leg room, good staff survelance, and best of all, A BAR!
  • old coop, a marvellous multiscreen experience
  • The haven cinema has improved greatly recently now it is a drive in
  • New multiplex "West End", excellent. Looks tacky from the outside, don't let this put you off. The Auditoriums are as good if not better than Peterboro/Lincoln
  • There is the New West End cinema that is really cool, it has five screens and double seats at the back if you are there with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Non-existent! One meant to be opening next March and even better than Peterboro. Tenpin bowling centre is gud.......sum dodgy guy staff are there purely for comedy value........ if u want a laff, take a visit!
  • Theres a bowling ally miles out of town and a cinima in Peterbourgh thats bout it
  • Time to mourn ....the regal cinema is no is now another pointless club in a town where good music can only be found in the Axe...It can now be found as 'Flames' nightclub, although i have been most reliabley informed they have kept all the steps..useful when uve had one too many i bet...
  • Alas, the long lamented Regal has gone. Bet you all miss it now.
  • What Cinema???? Travel to Peterborough's multiplex is a must if you actualklly want to hear the film. The sound quality is PANTS and so is the picture quality, if you get bored, and you're bound to you can always listen to the exciting information at the interval about how rthe cinema was built in 1666 and the bloke who built it is still there!!!!
  • Boston is mean't to be getting a new 5 screen cinema, yeah like in 10 years time, but we have got the regal cinema on west street where u can take the piss out of divy simon. ohhhh bad boy
  • Blackfriars is the only decent place to see a film in Boston and that is extremely small and very hot in the summer.
  • Boston Bowls is qite small, but Boston itself isn't that big so what can you expect!
  • The Regal cinema, a cinema from days gone by. Most people dislike the place but I love it, it's one of the few real old cinemas left in the country. You can still smoke on Tuesday nights!
  • Yes, folks, drive all the way to Peterborough to the Multiplex and experience phoney americana at its very best- buy a burger and a shake for a couple of bucks, and watch a movie for a few dimes more... pathetic, really.
  • For a good laugh goto the regal cinema. Wait for the interval and you will be warned not to throw rubbish on the floor, and if you see anyone doing it please tell the manager!! If the film is not too good you can always throw things at the Simon (The Usher.
  • The worst in Britain (official - voted as such last year). Got to go to Peterborough (36 miles) for decent multiplex
  • What can you say about the Regal Cinema it was built pre-war and hasn't been redecorated since, the sound quality is barely audible, the seating uncomfy and picture quality poor take my advice make the trip to the Showcase multiplex at Peterborough and for the same money have an excellent night out at the cinema
  • The Boston Bowl is situated about a mile out of Boston on the Skegness road.A good place to meet people have a drink and a bowl.

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